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Treat Your Pet: 7 Dog Foods Canines Crave

Dogs love food!


Well, same reason you do!

It tastes delicious!

Word of WARNING!

Before we begin I would like to say that these foods ARE NOT necessarily the best foods for your dogs.

They are simply treats and foods that I have found dogs love over the years that I’ve lived and worked with them.

So some of the things in this list you need to view the same way we humans view pizza, candy-floss, pop-corn, chocolate, cheese, beer, wine, cakes and biscuits! They are naughty but nice and we still eat them occasionally.

So whilst they are not specifically that good for us, we still eat them. They are a treat!

Okay, let’s get into it…

Between you and me, I believe my older dog, Peanut, has a bit of an addiction to food. She will drool as soon as we start to prepare her food so badly that we need to move her out of the kitchen BEFORE we even begin to get her food ready!

If we don’t, we end up with a lethal-sized puddle of drool on the polished wooden floor in a matter of minutes, and that’s seriously slippy!

If you have a hungry hound, then that may sound familiar!

Clearly, my dogs love their kibble. And every day when mealtime rolls around, they get excited to chow down.

That being said, I have to think that eating the same food day after day must get boring. I know I’d get bored if I was stuck eating the same cereal for my breakfast, lunch and dinner my entire life.

So I got thinking and I thought, “What would make my dog’s tail wag for joy?” And I decided that occasionally serving them up one of my favorite dishes was the answer.

Many dogs love human food, and when given in moderation, there’s nothing wrong with serving up your dog a treat now and then so long as it’s not a food that’s bad for dogs.

NOTE: Safety First – You do need to check what you are giving your dog because there are things that some dogs are not okay with (like some dogs can’t eat dairy just like some people can’t, so do your homework before feeding them anything new and even then I suggest you start off with a small treat or piece of anything new!).

To give you an idea of how to treat your dog every once in a while, I put together a list of my dogs’ top 7 favorite foods!

I bet your dog will love them, too!

And again, before we go any further, I just want to advise that it’s important to be very careful about what you feed your pets. Some ingredients may make your dog sick.

Always check with your vet before treating your dog to a new snack, especially if your dog has any health problems.

All right, now onto some delicious foods you can feed your dog!

Food #7 – Pizza

Ever gotten that mouth-watering feeling where you just couldn’t wait to bite into a slice pizza?

I know I have…and I’m pretty sure dogs feel the same way!

In fact, I know dogs feel the same way. Here’s a funny little story about my dog Peanut and her first encounter with a pizza…

My wife Jenni and I had just taken two lovely pizzas out of the oven, and we’d had some friends over who were just leaving, so we left the pizzas to say goodbye to them.

As we waved goodbye, I turned around to Jenni and said, “Where’s Peanut?”

At this stage, Peanut was only 1-year-old, and was a large, hungry dog with only some basic training!

I mean she knew not to take things off the table, but this was the PIZZA test!

I raced into the kitchen and saw the pizzas on the table. One was fine, but the other was just hanging over the edge of the table.

Every little piece that had been hanging over the edge had been nibbled! As if to say, “these bits were NOT on the table!”

Peanut looked at us like she was a very good dog. And I was quietly very happy…after all, she could have easily pulled the whole thing off and eaten it in a few bites!

How funny is that!

(If you have a dog that would have pulled the entire pizza off the table, I encourage you to check out my training program called The Dog Calming Code here!)

The next time you are enjoying a slice of pizza, give your dog a bite!

(Not a whole pizza…just a bite – or maybe a piece!)

Food #6 –Roast Chicken

Roast chicken is a safe and healthy treat all dogs love once it’s been properly cooked.

In fact, if your dog won’t work for chicken, then they are probably not food motivated…(or a little spoilt!).

There is one thing you have to be super careful about though…chicken bones!

Don’t ever throw your dog a piece of chicken with the bone still in. Chicken bones are small and can fracture, which makes it easy for dogs to choke on them, and if they are swallowed, they can tear up your dog’s insides.

I recommend pulling small pieces of meat off the chicken bone to serve to your dog.

Or, if you get a chicken with the giblets inside, let your dog enjoy them!

Last but not least, you can always use the juices from the chicken to whip up a savory gravy to put on top of your dog’s meal.

Or if you have a “nutri-bullet” blender or something similar, you can make a chicken broth with all the bits left over.


# 5 – Tripe

You might not enjoy chowing down on tripe, the stomach lining of a cow, but your dog sure will!

To a human, tripe is stinky and gross, but to a dog, it’s a delicacy.

You can find tripe at grocery stores. If it’s not on display with all the meats, ask the butcher if they have any in the back.

#4 – Cheese

People always ask me, “I thought cheese wasn’t good for dogs, and my response is, “It isn’t good for humans!”

I believe cheese is basically mouldy fat. But boy, do both humans and canines love it!

My one piece of advice for feeding dogs cheese is to watch out for lactose intolerance. Yep, even dogs can have sensitivities to the foods they consume.

Also, be wary of feeding a dog too much cheese as it may back them up when it comes to using the bathroom.

Like any tasty treat, moderation is key.

Maybe a sprinkle grated onto their dinner is a nice balance!

Note: Cheese is also an incredibly powerful motivator for training.

#3 – Peanut Butter

Natural, unsalted peanut butter, made without artificial sweeteners is a tasty treat for most dogs. And for the most part, it’s a healthy snack.

There is one big thing you have to watch out for when you feed your dog peanut butter, though. Always check the label. If it contains Xylitol, DO NOT feed it to your pet.

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that has the potential to kill your dog. So please, be very careful.

One of my favorite ways to feed my dogs peanut butter is by putting it in their toys. Doing this will keep your dog stimulated and entertained for a good bit of time.

If your dog has a hard time with peanut butter-filled toys, simply spread some peanut butter on a plate and let your dog lick it off.

If you’re feeling really generous, spread some peanut butter on a slice of toast with butter.

# 2 — Meatballs and Rice

Now many of you who have been to the vet with a puppy who had a sick stomach will have actually been sent home with a special food for your puppy consisting mainly of rice and minced meat.

Because not only is it a healthy meal option for your pet, it’s safe, and your dog will really enjoy it. And meatballs are exactly the same thing!

It’s actually one of my favorite dishes, so every once in a while, I make it a point to cook up an extra serving of meatballs for my dogs.

I do have one word of caution though…

If you make your meatballs with onions, be sure to leave them out of the meatballs for your dogs. Dogs can get sick from eating onions.

#1 – Raw Liver

Haha! Yes, you heard me right…raw liver!

And yes, that is what it looks like raw.

Dogs’ no.1 food, in my humble opinion — bet you never thought of that one!

Now a word of warning: You need to only give your dog it in very small pieces rather like cheese, as it does have some high levels of iron and other vitamins in it.

Never feed your dog liver if they are also on vitamin A supplements.

And if your dog is not used to raw food, you’ll need to take it slowly at first so they don’t go rushing off to the toilet!

For the majority of us who are not liver lovers, this may seem like a disgusting dinner option. But to your dog, a chunk of raw liver is heaven on a plate.

It’s what the dogs and wolves in the wild will often eat first if they make a kill, which says it all really.

I’d love for some of you to take the effort to buy some raw liver (after checking in with your vet!) and see what your dogs think of it!

My dogs get so excited they go cross-eyed as I’m preparing it!

And the good thing is that it’s actually super cheap.

Yep, they actually go into a catatonic like state…it’s quite odd, like so happy they just look at each other drooling!

The only downside to this treat….it isn’t a treat you can take to the park in your pocket.

However, if you realise your dog is obsessed with liver, you can buy freeze-dried liver treats that you can bring along with you. These are not as messy or stinky.

One day I’m going to do a test and give the dogs the choice of all these 7 food on a plate and see what they eat first!

Okay. That’s it!

I’d love to know if you think I’ve missed on the list of foods that dogs will love.

Enjoy preparing your dog’s next “special meal.’

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