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Whatever your problem, we’ve got you covered with our top 3 courses

Puppy Coach™


$147 Now only $27

The Perfect Puppy Program That’s Everything Your New Pup Needs!

  • The definitive program to help you get it right, from the start
  • Potty Training
  • Crate Training
  • Command Training
  • Daily Schedules
  • Stop nipping & chewing & misbehaving
  • Weekly Video Diary of Dan raising his puppy from 8wks to 8mths
  • Mobile App convenience, only login once

Dog Calming Code™


$147 Now only $27

Quickly Get Your Dog To Obey, Listen And Relax—Using No Bribes Or Force!

  • For ALL dogs, this course very quickly solves Barking, Jumping, Leash-Pulling, Not Listening, Aggression, Separation Anxiety & MORE!
  • Creates permanent results, treating the root cause, and not a band-aid for symptoms
  • Build the loving, respectful connection between you and your best friend!
  • Mobile App convenience, only login once

Complete Pack™


$1218 Now only $197

Instant Access To All Doggy Dan’s 6-Core Courses

  • Perfect Puppy Program
  • Project Moses Video Diary
  • Dog Calming Code™
  • Everyday Tools & Techniques
  • All Dog Problems Solved
  • Dan’s Dog Training 101
  • Mobile App convenience, only login once
  • Get all 6 Individual Courses Valued at $1,218 now only $197 (Save over $1000!)
Doggy Dan’s Online Courses

The Easy Way To An Obedient Dog

Discover the quick and easy way to an obedient dog WITHOUT spending hours of training and thousands of dollars!

Potty Training Made Easy

How to STOP your puppy from peeing on the carpet and get them FULLY potty trained, the quick and easy way!

The Complete Pack

Our core-course collection and BEST-SELLER for over 10-years, eliminates ALL dog and puppy issues, plus advanced behavioral training

The Dog Calming Code™

Doggy Dan’s essential course for calming dogs and getting them to listen, as they first choose to follow YOU as their leader

Puppy Coach

The video diary of Doggy Dan raising his amazing puppy over 8 months, plus all the fundamentals of training your new puppy

Classic Collection - 8x Full Consults

8 full-length videos (2hrs+ each) handpicked from the Dog Trainer Academy to showcase my “best-of-the-best” dog training consults

Maverick & Ruff - Full Consult

Go behind-the-scenes with Doggy Dan performing this full-length consult (2hrs+) – see a Staffy and Collie X cured of growling, lunging and pulling on the leash.

Stella The Blue Heeler - Full Consult

In this full-length consult (2hrs+) you’ll see Doggy Dan solve Stella’s dominant aggression, barking around the property, lunging and leash-pulling.

Dog Trainer Academy

Future proof your career and become a professional Dog Trainer – the Dog Trainer Academy is an affordable, global certification program from renowned dog trainer, Doggy Dan.

Doggy Dan’s Audiobooks + Products

The Dog Calming Code™ Audiobook

Condensed down into 1hr, this audiobook deals with the underlying cause of dog aggression, barking, leash-pulling, jumping up, not listening and general naughty behavior

What The Dogs Taught Me About Being A Parent Audiobook

Doggy Dan’s narrates his best-selling book, sharing his philosophy, insights and tips on how working with dogs has helped him raise his family

Doggy Dan’s Angel Oil CBD Treats & Drops

Speeds up your training by getting dogs to calm down quicker, and delivers amazing health benefits, helping to settle your dog’s emotional and physical issues

Doggy Dan’s No-Pull Harness

Loved and trusted by thousands of dog parents around the world, the Doggy Dan No-Pull Harness helps eliminate leash-pulling, giving you more control on the walk

The Doggy Dan Whistle

Improve your recall and stop yelling for your dog. With a range of up to 500m you can now relax and enjoy your walks. Easy to use, reliable and dogs love them!

Whistle Training DVD + Free Whistle

DVD Bundle: includes a FREE dog whistle & lanyard with Doggy Dan’s Whistle Training Masterclass DVD, helping you turn your dog whistle into a Recall Machine!

Doggy Dan Recommends

Embark Dog DNA Test

Discover your dog’s DNA story, and know exactly ‘what they’re made of’, plus you can discover what potential health issues your dog may have

Doggie Lawn

A potty solution to feel good about, this subscription service sends environmentally-friendly patches of grass to your door on your own schedule

Baskerville Dog Muzzle

Dan’s go-to muzzle which fits almost every type of dog. The dogs can breathe easily and drink through it. Totally reliable and super dog-friendly

Greenies Dental Treats

The unique texture of Greenies Dog Chews cleans down to the gumline to fight plaque and tartar and freshen bad dog breath. Vet recommended!

Midwest Dog Crate

With 2 doors for easy access and secure bolt latches, this is the crate I recommend most often to young-pup owners. Crate training is essential in the early settling of your dog

UNNI Dog Poop Bags

Made from plants, these are 100% compostable with the highest Earth Friendly ratings. Plus they’re extra thick to handle any job, AND they’re kind on the pocket