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Dear friend,
Does your dog...

Not listen to you when you call? And wish they would come to you right away when you called their name?

Jump on other people and frighten them? Would you love it if they calmly greeted visitors on all fours instead?

Bark at, and act aggressively around other dogs? Wish your tail-wagger would go about their business in a calm manner and relax around other pups?

Pull on the leash while you go on walks - or get extremely excited before you get out the house? Want to know a simple trick to get your pup of any age to follow you?

Well if you’re experiencing ANY of these challenges then read this letter to the very bottom…

Because you're about to discover the most simple technique which turns ANY dog (young, old and rescued) into a respectful, obedient “good boy/girl” … often within just minutes!

And if you’ve got a young pup, then this is the perfect time to understand how they think…

So you can ingrain amazing habits now! You see…

You Don’t Need to Send Your Pup to an Obedience Workshop… Instead Your Dog Has to Understand You’re The Leader of the Household (Because if They’re Misbehaving in ANY Way, They Currently Think They’re The Leader and in Charge)

You see… If you’re to watch wolves out in the wild…

You’ll see that within every pack, there is ONE leader (or a male and female leader).

Put another way it’s NOT like a shoal of fish

The leader eats first, protects the pack from danger, calls all the shots, runs the show…

And all of the other wolves listen to it.

Not the other way around.

Well… As you know, dogs are descendents of wolves…

And dogs have the same “pack leadership” psychology ingrained into their DNA…

Which means: they’re always trying to figure out who’s the leader of the pack which they are in.

NOTE: Being the pack leader does NOT mean being dominant and physically aggressive with your dog… Nope!

Rather there’s just 5 gentle psychological techniques that you need to use, which demonstrates to your dog that you’re the leader.

When applied, your dog will simply understand that you’re the boss…

And like flipping a switch, once your pup sees that you’re in charge, they will begin listening to you… without using any aggression or dominant behaviour (I can’t stress this enough: this is a very gentle method :-)!

These psychological techniques are what I call the “5-Golden Rules”. That helps you to think like a dog…

And if you’re disobeying ANY of these 5 rules which I’m going to share with you in just a minute…

Then your dog is going to think they’re the one who's in charge of your household!

THEY’RE going to think THEY’RE the one calling the shots, and running the show…

What Happens When Your Dog Thinks They’re The Leader?

When your dog thinks they’re the pack leader, they will assume the role as your protector and leader…

(As they would in the wild) Which means they’re going to:

Not follow your directions on command, not come when you call… and have total disregard for anything you ask your dog to do (since you’re not the leader).

Jump on people and invade their personal space (this demonstrates that they’re the alpha).

Bark at and act aggressively around other dogs… and do whatever they think they need to in order to protect you - because as the leader, that’s their job.

Chase people or other animals despite your command to sit or stay

Run away whenever a door is left open… and only come to you when called if there are no distractions.

Pull on the leash and run the show when you’re out for a walk

Hi, I'm Doggy Dan

I was once a police officer, an engineer and a sales manager… Until later in life I discovered my deep passion for working with dogs. I went through every single dog training course I could find, and I realized there wasn’t a holistic, gentle approach that was being taught to get to the root cause of bad doggy behaviour. It was after I learned how to “think like a dog” for myself, that I found the most effective dog training method on earth (and you’re about to learn it yourself in just a few minutes)… Because dogs think like dogs… However, most humans treat dogs like humans! And this simply doesn’t work 🙂 Now, over the past 10+ years I've personally worked with thousands of dogs and puppy owners…

I’ve been around the block with owners who thought they somehow grabbed the most stubborn pup of the lot...

Yet almost every single time, it was just one simple behavioral mistake causing these dog owners to feel helpless... and feel as if their dog was just non-responsive to all dog training known to man...

Having trained dogs of all types and breeds, with EVERY type of problem, there are now thousands of happy dog owners all over the world – everyday – using my training methods with excellent results.

After having helped countless families discover how to “think like a dog” I decided to put everything I learned into a simple online course in order to help others around the world…

And the results have blown me away! The Dog Calming Code™ which you’re about to discover has now helped over 88,000 dog owners (and counting) to turn bad habits into good, calm pups.

I’m excited to share these simple techniques with you.

There’s 5 Golden Rules To Follow Which Tells Your Dog’s Subconscious Mind That They Need To Listen To You

And when you apply these 5 golden rules consistently…

It tells your dog’s subconscious mind that you’re the one in charge.

This allows your dog to relax, quit barking, jumping on people and to come on your command…

Because they now feel SAFE, knowing there is someone in charge… that’s YOU.

These 5-Golden rules have nothing to do with being aggressive, using “tricks”, domination, or manipulating your dog. Nope.

Rather this has everything to do with understanding a dog's “pack psychology”, and applying it.

This is a very gentle, safe and easy to use method which tells your dog “I’m the leader”… and makes your dog WANT to listen to you… while still being your best friend.


“The Dog Calming Code™”

The 5-Golden Rules To Become Your Dog’s Pack Leader And Quickly Fix Any “Bad Dog” Behaviour

If you have a dog of any age, this is the most important, yet simple dog training course you will ever go through.

As it will teach you the 5 golden rules to become your dog's pack leader.

And once you’ve become the leader in your pup’s eyes, they will diligently listen to you at all times.

Without understanding these 5 rules, nearly no training or tricks will help…

That’s because without earning your dog’s respect as the leader of your pack, they will reluctantly respond to anything you have to say or try to teach them.

The Dog Calming Code™ is a short, yet extremely effective 2-3 hour long online video course, which you can watch with your whole family to understand dog psychology, and quickly turn any bad behaving dog into a well behaved good boy/girl 🙂

Within every Golden Rule you’ll not just learn the theory… you’ll also get to see Doggy Dan in action training dogs, and applying the Golden Rule he just explained.

You’ll see dogs' behaviours transform right before your eyes… from “bad boys” to “good boys”

Here’s what you’ll discover inside The Dog Calming Code:




Cracking the Code - Here’s How To Establish Leadership in Your Dog's Eyes

The first thing Dan will teach you is how to think like a dog. This is critical because dogs do not think like humans… yet most of us make the mistake of treating them like humans. This is the ROOT cause of all bad doggy behaviour. [VIDEO TIMESTAMP - 01:05]

Here’s how to win your dog’s mind so you can win their body, and have them respond to you every single time you call them. [01:55]

Do not say you have a difficult dog until you’ve applied this simple pack leadership technique. It will instantly tell your dog that you get them, and you’re the boss [03:20]

Many dog owners get frustrated with dog trainers and think there’s no hope for training their dogs… well it’s very hard to train your dog when they think they’re the alpha and decision maker, here’s how to reverse that FAST.

You’ll discover the Doggy Dan “success formula”... it has 3 pillars: Training, Energy and Consistency… when you apply this success formula you will have a good boy/girl for years to come.

Within these first 13 minutes you’ll know how to start thinking like a dog, so you can connect with your dog on an even deeper level.

Here’s Golden Rule No.1:

The leader of the pack controls the food. (If you’re going to be the leader, you must control the food)

Food is the MOST important resource to your dog… the in the wild, the pack leader eats FIRST. So here’s how you MUST use food to become the pack leader in your dog's eyes. If you do NOT do this, they will never respect you as the pack leader, and listen to you. [0:01]

Here’s how and when you should feed your dog. Follow this closely as this will let your pup understand who’s the leader… YOU. [01:05]

Discover Dan’s “Gesture Eating” trick. This will allow you to feed your dog at any point, while still remaining the leader in their eyes. This is a great trick especially when you’re in a rush and need to go out in the morning [01:45]

Chances are at first your dog will not eat ALL of their food right away. They will leave some in their bowl. This is a way they assert their dominance. If you ever notice your dog leaving food in their bowl this is what you NEED to do RIGHT AWAY [02:30]

Be careful, your dog will try to outwit you and play tricks with you. You’ll discover the most common tricks dogs play with food which asserts their dominance over you. [03:03]

Is your dog not eating? Do not worry, here’s what to do in this situation… chances are they’re fine and they’re just playing another game with you. But if you get worried, Dan has a great recommendation for your dogs well-being [03:45]

Do you give your dog treats, bones or pigs ears? You need to know what to do with them… because this is one more way which dogs assert their pack leadership. [06:00

Golden Rule No.2:

The pack leader takes care of any danger

Does your dog bark? Here are Doggy Dan’s 2 magic words to calm a dog down and let them know everything is OK. [01:01]

When your dog keeps on barking, there's a simple 3 step method to let them know everything’s OK. Dan reveals it here. [01:27]

Discover the #1 mistake dog owners make when their tail-waggers bark… [03:02]

Dan shares his 3 step process on how to calm any pooch down, which conditions them to follow your lead, quit barking, and relax with just the use of a few words (hint: it all boils down to one “non-verbal” behaviour) [04:35]

You’ll See Golden Rule #2 in Action: A Video Demonstration

Watch Doggy Dan in action showing how to calm two barking dogs.

As he uses the 3 step process, the two barking dogs start taking Dan’s lead, and within minutes they stop barking.

After 2 rounds of this 3 step process the dogs stop barking with only Dan’s secret 2 words.

You’ll be amazed at how fast your dog stops barking when you apply this method yourself!

The best part? It just takes minutes to take effect.

Golden Rule No.3:

After every separation your dog will check who is the pack leader (Here’s What to Do)

Whenever dogs meet, they decide who’s in charge… so here’s what you need to do EVERY single time you greet your dog. This lets them know, you’re in charge, so they can relax and follow your lead. If you do NOT do this, they will walk all over you [03:05]

Body language is what dogs respond to. Here’s the most powerful non-verbal cue you need to demonstrate in order to tell your dog that you’re the leader. Unfortunately most dog owners make this mistake… which explains why their dog misbehaves. [03:41]

Golden Rule No.4:

Everything must be on your terms

Every interaction that you have with your dog is either on your terms or your dog’s terms. Getting this bit right can have a huge impact on whether or not your dog listens to you or not. [01:00]

If you’re like most dog owners, you’re making this one tragic “affection” mistake with your pups… and it's diminishing your status in their eyes. [02:00]

Want your dog to come on command? You must be picky with your affection. Here are Dan’s “do’s and don’ts”... which will get your dog to value your call and come every single time. [05:05]

Does your dog get aggressive around other dogs? It's perhaps because you’ve done this ONE thing too much... so it becomes protective of their human, here’s what to do. [06:00]

Golden Rule No.5:

The Essential Walk

Discover the importance of the walk to your dog, how they think about going on a walk and how you must treat walking your dog (hint: it’s as if they’re going on a hunt in the wild) [01:00]

Does your dog get excited when you’re getting ready to go on a walk? This is not good. And unfortunately most dog owners reward this behaviour (with a walk) without correcting the behaviour. Here’s exactly what you need to do and how to do it. [02:15]

Here’s how to desensitize your dog about walks so they don't get too excited, and pull on your leash when you’re outside.

Most dog owners let their dogs sniff and pee… however should you let your dog do this? Dan settles this question and offers you 2 types of walks which will let your dog know that you’re the leader, while also giving them some freedom.

You’ll See Golden Rule #2 in Action: A Video Demonstration

Demonstration Video 1: Calming your dog down inside the house:

Demonstration Video 2: The Walk : Outside the house:

Dan demonstrates how to calm an excited dog who sees the leash and gets excited.

If your dog gets triggered by their leash, your “walking clothes” or certain things... you’ll see Dan in action, calming a dog quickly and effectively before heading out for a walk.

Watch as Dan uses the “isolation trick” to calm this dog down… in this demonstration, one isolation turns a dog from a jumping, excited dog, to a significantly calmer dog (from a 5/10 level of excitement to 2/10 within minutes)

If your dog thinks they’re in charge inside the house, they’re going to think they’re the boss outside. Master the first 4-Golden rules before jumping into this 5th… and they will make walking your dog a “walk in the park”.

Watch as Doggy Dan takes a dog who’s pulling on the leash outside, and within minutes gets him to sit, calm down, and follow Dan’s lead instead.

Dan shows how you can give your dog the message that you’re the one in charge. This trains your dog to follow you on your walk, instead of pulling on the leash. [03:45]

Should you give your dog a lot of leash or just a little bit? Here’s the answer and it might surprise you. Remember: You have to treat your dog like a dog, not a human.

Watch Dan using the “turn technique” to get this dog to understand he’s the leader on this walk. This also helps calm them down.

What kind of collar does your dog have? It can make it a huge struggle if you’ve got the wrong one… here’ what Dan recommends to use for dog training.

There’s one harness in particular which Dan recommends for training your dog. It actually uses pressure points, almost like acupuncture to help it relax. It works miracles for walking.

You’ll see how within 10 minutes a misbehaved dog turns into a docile follower on their leash and obeys both Dan and their owner.

The Dog Calming Code Is Easy & Fun And Works For ALL Breeds

Unlike many dog training programs that either cost a fortune or offer you information that doesn’t really give you the results you want, The Dog Calming Code™ gives you PROVEN methods that you can learn, step-by-step, for successful dog training.

You can watch the instructional videos online, at any time, and the best part is… it’s easy, fun and quick to learn.

Plus, this training will work for ALL breeds, and ages of dogs… its just as effective for rescues, since all you’re doing is tapping into the ingrained “pack psychology” within every dog.

*She was an AGGRESSIVE NIGHTMARE! You saved us:

*So EASY to leave our new  puppy  home alone:

*They're best mates after only THREE DAYS:

*Love it…The whole family thinks I'm a HEROo


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