Tonight is red carpet night for Moses - The Online Dog Trainer

Tonight is red carpet night for Moses

Puppy training videos

So the day has finally arrived. Today is the official launch of Project Moses. The movies are up on the website, and above is a 1 minute movie of some of the highlights. Enjoy.

As you can see he has had a lot of fun, experienced so much already and is going to be a great ambassador for calm and gentle dog training. It is always full-on being dropped into puppy training again and reminded of the intensity and all the highs and lows!

The unconditional love that he has, the trust and the pure joy for life, such as when he found a golf ball in the grass, are in contrast to the howling on the first night, the taking him to go toilet every 30 minutes, his upset tummy and his nipping your ankles when you aren’t looking !

Puppy Training with Doggy Dan and Moses

The plan

The plan going forward is to record every important event and make the footage into short videos for everyone to follow. Some of the videos shall be on my YouTube Channel (you can sign up here to be alerted when a new video is loaded.) However, all the videos – the whole video diary – will be going inside my membership website

Inside The Online Dog Trainer there are about 13 Project Moses videos already, covering his life from 8-10 weeks. Here are some of the videos:

  • Bringing home your new puppy
  • Moses meeting the family
  • Puppies crying at night
  • Crate training Moses
  • Chew Toys
  • Redirecting Chewing
  • Remember Pavlovs theory
  • How to leave your puppy at home alone
  • A short separation and a chew toy
  • A very important rule to follow
  • Dealing with friends and visitors

Free podcasts

I have also begun producing the Doggy Dan Podcast Show (dog training podcasts for listening from iTunes) which is going extremely well and I look forward to sharing them with you all. Most of these shall be free so you can listen and learn where ever you are. I’ll update you here on the blog and give you the necessary links and steps to download them.

Your ideas are welcome

If you have any burning requests or ideas then feel free to send them to me… I am very happy to make a movie or a podcast on a topic if I can, although I can’t promise I’ll get through everyone’s requests! Just leave a Facebook comment below.

I hope you enjoy this little movie (I almost have enough for a full length feature film already!). Please share it around, and spread the word with your vets, dog clubs and rescue centers. Project Moses has begun. Thanks for you support, it is greatly appreciated.

Looking for additional training help? Check out my Puppy Coach training program here!

All the best,

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