Sit. Stay. Celebrate! Doggy Dan Releases New, State-of-the-Art Membership Website


Over the last 11 years I’ve had the privilege of helping so many dog lovers transform their good dogs into incredible dogs! 

A sincere thank-you to everyone who has been on the journey with me since we launched The Online Dog Trainer in 2009. It’s because of you and your amazing pups that all of this is possible! 

I knew I wanted to do something BIG as a thank-you to further help dog parents and their pups. What started as a small idea quickly turned into a complete overhaul of my Online Dog Trainer membership site and mobile app, and I can’t wait to share it with you all! 

What’s new? How do you use it? And why is now the best time to restart your dog training journey if you’ve been on a break?

Keep reading to find out all the details…

What’s New In The Online Dog Trainer Membership Site

First things first…

I want to make sure you’re aware that The Online Dog Trainer is still packed full of the same amazing content that was there before! So, no worries if you’re still in the process of consuming the information! 

What is taught in the online courses is tried and true, so there was no need to scrap anything and start over. 

This being said, we have added a bunch of new and exciting things. Think of it as getting a big bonus with all the updates that were made. 

Here’s what’s now available that wasn’t accessible before…

New Dashboard with Course Progression


Tracking your progress and completing the courses has never been easier with our updated dashboard and course progression feature. At a glance you can quickly tell where you’re at and where you’re going next so you can easily visualize what you need to complete! 

Better yet, the new lesson layout further ensures that you’re completing the courses in the most effective order for optimal training! This is key to your success; after all, dog training requires various foundations that must be built in a thought-out order. 

Most importantly we’ve created new pathways that make it incredibly easy to work your way through all the materials without getting lost! Check out how the site guides you step by step, as shown in the image below! 


Personalized Competition Certificates


We all need a little pat on the back from time-to-time and our personalized lesson completion certificates deliver just that! 

Now you can feel accomplished as you’re awarded certifications while completing course lessons. How fun!

Dog Training Level Indicator and Points System


Need a little extra motivation to get the training work done? You’re not alone. 

Putting the time and energy into training your dog can be a lot of work, so we thought it would be fun to incentivise everyone to follow through and get the work done. 

We did this by including dog training level indications (start at “good dog” and work your way up to “The Lassie of Dogs”). But that’s not all…

As you complete the courses (and various other tasks) you’ll be awarded not only with points but also with Doggy Dollars! Which brings me to the next awesome feature…

Doggy Dollars


As I just mentioned, completing courses and other various tasks will earn you what I call “Doggy Dollars.” 

These Doggy Dollars can be collected and used to “purchase” awesome prizes like additional training modules and audio books or discounts on products like my line of Doggy Dan Angel Oil or my No-Pull Harness. 

There are a ton of prizes you can pick from, which makes earning your Doggy Dollars while completing course materials so much fun! 

Daily Goal Tracker


If you’re a goal-oriented person my new daily goal tracker tool will be sure to make your tail wag. 

Select your goal for earning points each day, and track yourself to make sure you’re reaching your personal goals.

Beautiful New Mobile App


If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on the go! That makes watching courses and tracking your progression from a desktop incredibly difficult. 

Good news…

When we overhauled the membership website we also built a beautiful new mobile app that contains everything on our updated website. It’s almost ready for use, and we are so excited! 

Learn more about the mobile app and when it will be available here!

Bigger, More User-Friendly Forum


I truly believe one of the most valuable things for dog owners is to have a community where you can share your struggles, successes, and ask questions to solve all your difficult dog training problems. 

Over the years we’ve built a beautiful community forum for doing just that. 

While the forum is mostly the same, we’ve expanded it a bit with new and exciting dog- related threads for people to enjoy. 

How big do you ask? 

We’ve got…

  • 28 Forums
  • Over 10,000 dog-related topics
  • Almost 40,000 posts

Over 77,700 members

That’s a lot of incredibly helpful resources! 

Best of all, the updated look and feel makes it much easier to use so you can share your stories, ask questions, or help others quickly and easily.

How to Use the New Site: The Online Dog Trainer Membership Site Video Tour

I could write on and on about all the cool new features of the updated Online Dog Trainer website, but we’d be here for ages! 

And trying to explain how to use everything via text probably isn’t the most efficient way to help you out! So, I created a quick video tour that will give you a much better idea of how to use the site and how everything works. 

I encourage you to check it out above…

Work Smarter Not Harder: A More Intuitive Way to Train Yourself AND Your Dog


As you know, my entire online platform is all about training your dog. But, here’s a little secret…

If you’ve been with us for any extended period of time you know full well that training your dog is really all about training yourself! That’s why we’ve developed so many features for the platform that are designed to keep you engaged and excited as you continue your dog training journey. 

First and foremost, everything is SO easy to track! We hope being able to see your progress motivates you to stay on track and reach your goals! 

Second, we’ve “gamified” the training courses to make them more interesting. The ability to unlock new content, earn doggy dollars, and achieve certificates definitely makes the platform more engaging! 

Oh, and don’t forget the virtual confetti that will fall when you reach various course milestones! 

Last but not least, the slick, modern updated website is so much easier to use and enjoy. From fresh bright colors to a better navigation system, the user experience has been improved 1000%!

Why Now is the Best Time to Continue Your Online Dog Trainer Membership Journey


Once again I want to thank you for being part of the Online Dog Trainer Family, whether you’re still with us or you’ve been a member in the past. 

Your willingness to believe in what we do has made it possible for us to help so many dogs and their human families around the world. 

I think it’s an important reminder for us all that dog training is a life-long process. In fact, daily training and allowing your pup to continue learning and growing is essential to your dog’s mental health and well-being. 

More importantly, continued training allows for the continuous strengthening of your relationship with your pup! 

If you’ve been on a break, there’s truly not a better time than now to restart the program. 

For the same affordable price, you’ll get access to all of the new and exciting things happening inside The Online Dog Trainer Membership website includes opportunities to…

  • Connect with a community of passionate dog parents
  • Earn incredible rewards and unlock bonus content within the program
  • Continue on with your training using an easy-to-follow, trackable system 

And SO much more! 

Adopting a new puppy? Tired of your dog’s naughty behaviors that still haven’t been fixed? Unhappy with your current dog-owner relationship?

Restart your dog training journey inside The Online Dog Trainer today! 

Join now


Doggy Dan Signature

~Doggy Dan 🙂

Doggy Dan

Doggy Dan is the founder of The Online Dog Trainer, a wildly successful online training program for dog owners. His goal is to continue to share his unique approach to dog training with like-minded people who wish to make a difference in the world of dogs. His training methods focus on creating and building the connection between dogs and dog owners, and are shared and used around the world.

6 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your new website!
    I have not seen it yet in the Ap store here in the US but I’ll keep checking. Can’t wait. I’ve been immersed in the sections about barking. We’ve recently sold our house. Ruby’s (my 1 1/2 year old Aussie mini) main observable reaction has been to bark at everything and everyone. She is particularly vocal in the car. This presents a real challenge to utilize some of the suggestions made in the videos: I can’t get between her and the people she’s barking at (everyone) from the back seat of the car. Any idea what I can do from here. I feel sorry for her. She was always a great traveler but/and it’s unnerving and scary to anyone that happens to park next to us. Thanks, Sandy

    1. Thanks Sandy!
      Moving home is a BIG deal for our dogs, even more so than we realise. It can leave them feeling unsettled and vulnerable and a result of this can be a change in behaviour. Reassuring Ruby, in the right way, that she is safe and has nothing to worry about can help get things back on track far more rapidly. If you are a member of my membership website then we do have a topic that covers barking in the car, and practice is an important factor in helping Ruby overcome her behaviour. If it’s safe to do so then you could try a Calm Freeze until Ruby is quiet and calm, or if you are driving then pulling the car over and stopping can help too…..again, this is why we practice as it’s not always easy to just stop the car on a busy road…quieter roads are where we start. Pay close attention to how Ruby is put in the car as well, we cover this in our barking topics. All the Best, Doggy Dan

  2. I’m confused, Is the “dog calming code” seperate from the main course? Are you not able to access it via the regular full monthly paid memberhip?

    1. Hi Margie,let me explain how thing work!
      The Dog Calming Code is the ultimate learning course for our foundational method of the actual 5 Golden Rules of the Code explained through the use of videos and articles. You have unlimited access (meaning you can access it whenever you like for as long as you like- but only from 3 devices) and can watch and re-watch as often as you like…and learn at your own pace. The videos can only be accessed inside the website and again your access is a lifetime.
      The Complete Pack is the full suite of training courses inside The Online Dog Trainer, which already includes the Dog Calming Code, but sooo much more!
      Dog Calming Code
      Everyday Tools & Techniques (Contains easy tools you can implement into your daily training routine)
      Puppy Training
      Project Moses (Realistic expectation of the milestones your puppy is achieving)
      All Dog Problems Solved (Covers over 30 behavioral issues and gives impactful solutions that solve those problems)
      Dog Training 101 (The basics every dog owner needs to train and form a trusted relationship with their pup)
      Payment is monthly, but can also be upgraded to a 6-month or 12-month subscription.
      The Complete Pack also has the forum which is filled with thousands and thousands of puppy and dog issues that have already been solved by our team of Pack Experts. It’s an amazing community full of passionate dog lovers unlike any other community out there!
      Hope that explains everything! All the Best, Doggy Dan

    1. Thanks Patricia!
      We are really proud of the changes we have made to the website,and I’m glad you like them too! All the best. Doggy Dan

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