CBD Oil for Dogs: The Key to Training “Untrainable” Dogs

CBD-Oil-for-Dogs-The-Key-to-Training-Untrainable-Dogs-HEADLINE-IMAGEDo you have what you believe is an “untrainable” dog? You know the kind that…

  • Has failed every obedience school?
  • Won’t listen to you, even when bribed with treats?
  • Constantly causes chaos in your home no matter how much attention you give them?

Managing a dog who simply won’t calm down and focus on you is a very frustrating problem to have, especially when it leads to obsessive barking, jumping, chewing on furniture, leash pulling, or other unpleasant behaviors.

So how did you end up with an “untrainable” dog when it seems like everyone around you has the perfect pooch? Here’s a little secret…

There’s no such thing as an untrainable dog! And, regardless of how you feel right now, I know for a fact that your pup can learn how to behave appropriately both in your home and while out and about.

What’s the big secret to finally getting your pup to listen to you? Well, the best solution is implementing a solid training program that uses kind and gentle training methods. However, if you feel you’ve tried everything and you’re at your wit’s end I want to offer you some information on a training aid that I find very helpful…CBD oil for dogs!

What is CBD oil for dogs and how can you use it as an aid to properly train your dog? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know…

CBD Oil for Dogs: A Brief Overview


Over the past decade, CBD oil products have become very popular—so popular in fact that many CBD oil supplements are now available for pets…most commonly for dogs!

Surprisingly, the products for humans and animals aren’t very different! So what are they made of?

In a nutshell, CBD oil is oil pulled from a cannabis or hemp plant. The oil is processed and purified into a liquid supplement that is safe for consumption.

***It’s important to note that there is ZERO THC in CBD oil supplements so there is no “high” associated with ingesting the products.***

Once consumed, the cannabinoids within the oil interact with the endocannabinoid receptors located in the central and peripheral nervous system of your pup, which provide a calming effect to the brain.

When your dog is calm, it’s much easier for them to focus on you, which is a major help when it comes to training your dog.

So how can CBD oil help you train your dog? Let’s take a look at that next…

How to Use CBD Oil to Train Your Dog


CBD oil is a wonderful dog-training aid. Keyword here…AID!

Here’s why…

CBD oil treats or tinctures have the ability to safely relax your dog. In the short term, this calmness can prevent your dog from exhibiting naughty behaviors like barking or chewing.

That being said, after a period of time the oil will wear off and your pup will be back to his/her “normal” self. Unless you medicate your dog 24/7 (which is NOT safe or healthy) nothing will permanently change about the behavior of your pup.

However, when you use CBD treats or drops for your dog as an aid, they open up a window of time where you can teach your dog how to behave properly while they are calm and focused.

When you put the time in effort into training your dog how to trust and listen to you when they are calm and focused, those skills will carry over to times when your pup isn’t medicated.

Eventually the goal is to not have to use CBD oil once a solid training foundation has been put in place!

The system is pretty easy. Provide your pup with a CBD oil treat or CBD oil drops before you begin training and/or before doing an activity that can over-excite your dog or make your dog anxious.


If your dog is really bad at pulling on the leash, give your dog a CBD oil treat before going on a walk. Then while you’re on the walk and your dog is calm, work on the training techniques your dog needs to master to walk nicely on the leash.

(Not sure how to gently and effectively train your dog? Check out my Dog Calming Code™ program here!)

Over time you can lower the CBD oil dosage and rely more on your pup’s training foundation while you’re out for a walk.

CBD Drops and CBD Treats for Dogs


You think CBD oil might be the solution to helping you train your dog…now how do you get your pup to take it?

Most CBD products for dogs come in two forms…CBD oil treats or CBD oil tincture drops.

Both options are equally effective…which one you pick ultimately comes down to what your dog likes best!

CBD oil treats are easy to give as most pups won’t turn down a little snack! However, drops can be easily added into food or placed directly in your pup’s mouth for quick absorption.

When I created my line of safe, natural CBD oil products for dogs, I created both CBD oil treats and a CBD oil tincture! You can check out both of my products here (20% Off Introductory Offer)!

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The Many Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Dogs

Aside from training, there are so many reasons why you might decide to try using CBD oil products for your dog! In fact, I could spend all day talking about the many benefits of angel oil products!

CBD-Oil-for-Dogs-The-Key-to-Training-Untrainable-Dogs-BLOG-IMAGES-5However, instead of continuing to blabber on, I think it might be more helpful for me to simply link a few resources you should check out below!

If you’re considering using CBD for your dog, I highly recommend you continue to educate yourself on the many ways you can use CBD oil to help your dog live a calm, happy life!

Follow the links below to learn more about…

CBD Oil for Senior Dogs

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