A Dog’s Sixth Sense: The Unexplained Power of Dogs


I’ve always been fascinated with how amazing nature is. It seems as though every day we discover new things about animals—things that previously may have seemed like the stuff of a science fiction novel or movie.

And as a dog trainer, I’ve certainly seen my fair share of interesting and sometimes even unexplainable behaviour.

One day, I truly believe that we will all come to recognise that both animals and humans are capable of using far more than the five senses (sight, smell, touch, sound and taste) that we know so well.

In fact, I believe there’s definitive proof that other senses exist. I know this from simply watching my dogs pick up on things like emotions, thoughts and pain.

So, if these other senses exist, why isn’t it obvious to us?

The answer I believe is, in part, very simple…

As humans, we find it very hard to believe that another animal can do something that we cannot…even when we see animals doing amazing things right in front of our eyes.

For example, we now know for a fact that…

  • Ants can detect tiny movements through up to 5 cm of soil.
  • A falcon bird can see a 10 cm object from 1.5 km away.
  • A scallop shell has up to 100 eyes around the edges of the shell to detect predators!

It’s quite amazing what animals can do. In fact, animals are far more capable than humans are in many ways.

And that means we shouldn’t limit our dogs’ abilities to only those things that we can do.

Above is a photo of Tamar on our front lawn. One day (when, as far as we were aware, she was fit and healthy), she stood looking up at the heavens for such a long time that I got my camera out and took a whole sequence of photos, including this one.

About two weeks later, she passed away from kidney failure. She is buried on the exact same spot this photo was taken.

Of course that is very likely coincidental; however, I have heard of several stories of dogs who knew that they were about to die and said goodbye to their owners before leaving this earth.

Now if you’re skeptical that animals have incredible capabilities, I don’t blame you. For the longest time, I wanted to dismiss the idea that dogs could feel and sense things we couldn’t.

The idea that dogs had other abilities that we didn’t understand and couldn’t explain…it didn’t fit with my belief system at the time.

That was until eventually the circumstantial evidence made me think differently, including a very strange interaction with my beautiful dog Peanut Butter.

So, today I want to share with you one story that is easy to dismiss as a strange coincidence, but that I believe is actually just the tip of the iceberg of what dogs are capable of and the other senses that they can use.

To explain the story of what happened with Peanut Butter, I’ve decided to create a video of exactly what happened.

Sit back, and enjoy!

The Dogs Sixth Sense

As a qualified math teacher, I love numbers—especially calculating probability. So, I nearly always attempt to work out the probability of something just happening by chance.

Yet, from my experience with Peanut Butter, I just haven’t been able to make the calculations add up.

It has become overwhelmingly clear to me that there is something else going on as I explain in this video.

We don’t have all the answers…and I certainly can’t explain to you what made Peanut Butter so anxious to get in my wife’s studio and sit with the lady she was working with. But I think that one day we may eventually find the answer.

We still have never visited a star…maybe one day we will. After all, there are billions of them in the sky.

And it’s so easy to forget how much else is out there!

So, if any of that has caught your imagination, and you’re interested, then let me know, and I can share more on this sort of topic.

After all, it’s only by sharing that we can find out if we are all experiencing similar things with our dogs so we can start to connect the dots!

And for those of you who are interested, you may like to check out the book Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home by Rupert Sheldrake—a fascinating read about the unexplained powers of animals.

Over the past decade as a dog trainer, I’ve had the privilege of hearing the most amazing stories of dogs who seemed to know the most impossible things.

Some of those things are now clearly down to the incredibly fine senses that a dog has, such as the dog who kept trying to tell his owner that the tiny mole on his forearm was cancerous two years before the machine at the hospital was able to come up with a positive reading.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Yet there are also many other abilities that I see in dogs that seem to go beyond the five senses that we know so well.

And I think we are only just starting to scratch the surface about what dogs know.

Have you witnessed your dog doing something amazing?

If so, I’d love to hear about it.

Let me know your thoughts, and please share your stories with me.

As you can see by the amazing number of stories shared below it really appears that this is something many people are aware of.

So if you’ve enjoyed reading please hit SHARE and bring some hope and joy to another dog lovers day.

Have a great day, and next time you feel your dogs trying to tell you something…remember it may be that they may “know” something that we do not!

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~Doggy Dan 🙂

Doggy Dan

Doggy Dan is the founder of The Online Dog Trainer, a wildly successful online training program for dog owners. His goal is to continue to share his unique approach to dog training with like-minded people who wish to make a difference in the world of dogs. His training methods focus on creating and building the connection between dogs and dog owners, and are shared and used around the world.

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  1. My Mum died a couple of years ago. Her husband had preceded her by 18 mths and their dog Millie, a king charles cavalier had been devoted to him. She only liked men (and my mum). She wouldn’t tolerate other females (found out the female breeder had abused her). The only time I could get near her was to take her for a walk, and she let me begrudgingly, as she knew Mum was too sick to take her. Anyway once Mum was in palliative care I sneaked Millie in to see her. We had been really concerned about rehoming her as she was 8 and of course didn’t like females. But after this visit she seemed to really understand that was it for mum. She stopped moping after that visit, then ‘moved on’ pretty quickly with a new owner… she just understood and think the visit cement this. Took her to the funeral too, it seemed to help her transition to a new owner.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story Tania, and I want to pass on my condolences for the loss of your Mother & Father. Dogs can be very aware, way more so than we give them credit for, and involving them in the grieving process can certainly help them understand what is happening. I’m really glad that Millie has gone on to find another family so call her own but she no doubt still remembers your Mother & Father! All the Best, Doggy Dan

  2. Hi Dan….
    I loved your story and all of your readers stories as well. I have a quick one to share. When I met boyfriend 5+ years ago, he had just gotten Oso, a Staffordshire pitbull/Mastiff mix puppy, almost 8 months old. When he introduced me to Oso, the pup was friendly but a little hesitant. I didn’t take it personal. I was a new human. So after time, he warmed up to me. So much that he would sit with me instead of my bed, he’d give only me kisses and turn his nose up at anyone else. It was so funny to watch my bf’s face when Oso would greet me and just barely acknowledge him. So Oso and I became buddies. Like peas and carrots. One day I was waking him down one of the main roads in the city I live in. It was still daylight out and everything seemed fine. All of the sudden Oso stops dead in his tracks. He won’t walk forward, won’t look to the left or right or at me as In telling him to get a move on. He’s just staring straight in front of him. So I’m looking to see what he sees and I see nothing. Except I see the hair on the back of his neck standing up and his tail between his legs. I know this isn’t right, not for my baby boy. Slowly now, Oso turns his head and looks behind me. He bares his teeth and growls. I turn just in time to see a man approaching us at a very very fast pace with a switchblade in his hand. That man ran across the street so fast when he noticed what big teeth Oso had! The scary part, I hadn’t even heard the man approaching me fast as a locomotive! So my baby saved my behind I believe. And we’ve been best friends since. He had me at hello

    1. Wow Nikkol….the hairs on the back of my neck stood up when I read your story! Oso is a very special dog and it’s clear you both have an amazing bond. Thanks for sharing, Doggy Dan

  3. Our female rottweiler shadow sensed my partners pregnancy, she had a false pregnancy and when we put 2 and 2 together her false pregnancy was approximately 1 week after conception! Our baby boy entered the world 2 months early, so my partner had to stay in hospital for about a week after birth. During the first 2 days of my partner not coming home shadow refused to eat, wouldn’t interact and she just played by the front door waiting and occasionally whimpering. I took her to the hospital to see my partner and almost instantly snapped out of it and got back to her usual self. Baby boy is 9 months old now and shadow loves him dearly. We now also have a 1 yo Male rottweiler who shadow has been very motherly to.

    1. Wow Seb, it sounds like your family all have a really wonderful bond with Shadow. She seems to have a very strong and caring maternal side. Thanks for sharing your story…all the best, Doggy Dan

  4. [email protected]
    We had a sweet Golden Retriever who was born with terrible hips but after surgery was able to live 7 years before dying with cancer. What I want to share is that when I would be standing at the kitchen counter with my back to Rowdy he started to nudge the back of my left thigh. At the time I assumed that he wanted my attention. On a routine visit with my doctor she saw a suspicious spot on the back of my left thigh. It was melanoma and after a couple times of cutting out tissue all cancer was successfully removed. Was Rowdy trying to tell me I had cancer? I believe the answer is yes.

    1. Hi Paula,
      I have heard many stories about dogs alerting their owners to various forms of cancer by deliberately nudging an area of their owners body. Dogs do have the ability to detect this type of thing, in fact there are dogs who are trained to detect all sorts of medical conditions….diabetes, epilepsy and cancers amongst them. Rowdy was certainly looking out for you and it’s clear you had a great bond! Thanks for sharing your story, Doggy Dan

  5. Our big dog Karma – never did figure out her breed – developed a fist-sized tumor on her stomach. Despite that, we still walked happily on the beach for probably a year. One day it double – almost tripled – in size. Her behavior changed from anything I’d seen before. She stayed at my side all day, going everywhere I went. She wouldn’t sit or lie down the entire day. Finally, about 6 PM, I called our vet, who said she could put her down tomorrow morning. I said no, this can’t wait. So she came by about an hour later. As soon as the vet walked through the door, Karma lay down on the tile floor for the first time all day. She knew what was happening, and she was ready.

    (BTW, the vet confirmed that had we waited until morning, it would have been very ugly for us – and for Karma.)

    1. What a great name for a dog Doug! I’m really sorry for your loss. It’s never easy witnessing the end days of our dog’s lives, and I’m a big advocate for always putting the dog’s comfort at the forefront. Thanks for sharing Karma’s story, best Doggy Dan

  6. Hi DD,

    My old girl Jessie (golden retriever) passed at 14 y/O, weeks earlier we had rescued our rottweiller Boris who was 16 weeks old. Jessie tolerated the new addition and knew her place as our number 1 dog, she had been with us since we were children and watched us grow into our teens.
    The thing is…. the day she passed … she had gone to each of us (me, my parents and my brothers) and almost as if insisted on nudging her head into our hands, following our every move ever smiling and present over the course of that afternoon… then at dinner time…. we couldn’t find her.
    After searching the house, we found she had taken herself outside into a part of the garden that she had obviously cleared in preparation…. there in that spot she laid down and went to sleep forever. I miss Jessie and i’m glad she said goodbye to me even though i was a dismissive teenager. Now as a grown adult i can fully appreciate the effort she went to that day to say goodbye to each of us individually on what she knew was to be her last day. I have never forgotten this, or Jessie. Dogs really are the best people xx

    1. What a beautiful post Kristin! Jessie sounds like an amazing dog and I have to totally agree with you…dogs really are the best people! Thanks for sharing, Doggy Dan

  7. Dan, So sorry to hear about Peanut. I understand your loss as about 4 years ago I lost my white Husky. 14 plus years, to cancer on her hip. She knew it was her time and we sat and talked about it for several days before her passing. She would sit and lick my crosses I wear around my neck and look into like she was saying “mommy take the pain away”. She turned out to be my soul mate that I adopted from a shelter when she was 5 months and she picked me as I almost left the shelter thinking I did not “need” a dog and she came to me (while I was on crutches at the time from knee surgery) and she put her head on my shoulder and leaned in hugging me…well we left the shelter together 30 minutes later and she was the best dog I have ever had. She taught me a lot like your Peanut. It is funny that Arella my 9 month Golden Retriever is developing some of the strange behaviors that my Husky had like the husky’s soul is living through Arella, even Maisie, my Cavalier sees the same behavior. Once they are in your life and heart, they never leave you. God Bless Peanut for her wisdom and love she shared while on this earth.

    1. Thank-you for your kind words. Your Husky was very lucky to have found such a wonderful home, and what a full life at 14 years! Some dogs have a way of finding us, when we least expect it or we think it’s not what we need in our life. These dogs are often the ones who teach us the most about life! Best, Doggy Dan

  8. All of these stories are truly amazing I have two short ones to share. 5 years ago my best friend/employer had a litter of Saint Bernards, I fell in love with mom and dad years ago and was dying for a puppy. The day they were born I was so excited to pick one out, I chose this cute female, but for some reason this other female had been my shadow, every visit she was never away from me so I decided that this was my . After 5 years Gypsy is still my dog but more my best friend, my protector, my baby sitter, my world. I suffer from dizzy spells among a few others and have had cancer 2 times each time I need any help or feel dizzy Gypsy is right there, even if she is outside she will come charging through the door straight to mom! The second story is my dad’s rottie Samantha, she saved his life and thousands of people gathered together to save her, the story is all yours to read and endure the life they shared on Facebook at “Manswer’s Place” where rottie friends hang.

    1. Hi Danielle, thanks for jumping on and sharing your stories.
      It can be really bizarre how some dogs seem to be the ones who ‘choose’ their owners and it sounds like Gypsy had you pegged from the moment she met you! I’ll be sure to check out the Facebook page to read all about Samantha and your Dad. Best, Doggy Dan

  9. The other night I read this whole thing about about dogs having Sixth Sense well that night a neighbor in my building died should really like PJ well when they were coming out later with her on the gurney PJ my shitz tu just started crying really crying I’m coming out the door with her and we would like a half a field away but somehow he knew I don’t understand it it was so weird he just cried and he didn’t cry low he cried loud.. do we think that he saw something did he just feel it I wish I knew

    1. Hi Maureen….there is so much we don’t know about dogs when it comes to the way they perceive the world, but what we do know is that they are capable of amazing things! There are countless stories online about dogs who seem to have a higher (sixth) sense when it comes to all sorts of things. The way you describe PJ behaving would certainly indicate that he was aware something was not quite right. Thanks for sharing your story….Doggy Dan

  10. I have to tell you this the morning my husband almost died (,they be were trying call me but of all mornings my phone was dead
    ) I was lying on the couch and all of a sudden my dog jumped one and put his paws around my neck and wouldn’t let go. A few minutes later I heard the messages from the nursing home to inform me my husband was not responding I finally got a hold of them and they informed me my husband had passed away but when they were trying to lift him up to put him in bed he started breathing be again. But was still unresponsive he stayed that way till he died the next week.

    1. Maureen, dogs really are amazing animals and we are lucky to have them in our lives. I just want to pass on my condolences at the passing of your husband and thank-you so much for sharing your story. Best, Doggy Dan

  11. I could tell many stories about the responses of my pets to emotions. But two are clear examples that may be clues into the bio-chemical-electrical physics behind these abilities that one day we will understand. One of our dogs, Bailey, we call The Nurse. He can detect pain with astounding accuracy. Of course if there is a scrape or any blood, he sniffs it out immediately. But even when there is no sign on the skin he can point to the exact spot that hurts and will lick it and look very worried. I believe this has to do with the change in nerve impulses and the corresponding electromagnetic field around them. Their noses must have sensitivity to these subtle energy field changes. He also sniffed a mole on my leg one day. It could have been because he saw a dark spot, but I have many moles. I promptly went to the dermatologist who removed that one and two others. The one he sniffed did have precancerous cells, but one of the others (on the back of my thigh where he wouldn’t have much opportunity to notice) was serious enough to require a second trip for removal of all margins.
    Our border collie, Daisy, is extremely sensitive to aura and emotions from a distance. An obvious example was one day when I was using my TENS unit on my shoulders for pain (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). Obviously this would have an effect on the electromagnetic field around us. I had put on the electrodes and was standing beside the bed while Daisy sat about four feet away watching calmly, curious about what I was doing. When I clicked it on, she jumped up wide-eyed and launched herself to hide behind the bed. She slowly came out and investigated and decided it was still me and that I was ok.

    1. Dogs really are amazing Alex, thanks for sharing your story about Bailey and Daisy! Best…Doggy Dan

  12. Years ago we had a miniature Dachshund that we bred because we wanted a litter of these beautiful puppies. A few days before she gave birth, we took her to the vet for a check up, and he said she probably was having several puppies. The day arrived and she gave birth, but only to one beautiful little girl who was unfortunately stillborn. I watched and cried while Heidi desperately tried to make her baby breathe. She took her snout in her mouth and blue into it. She took her paw & pressed her little chest. I finally took the baby to the bathroom and closed the door. Heidi lay by the door and cried & cried. I’d carry her to the bed & cuddle her and cry with her. We were in the process of moving when all this took place, and for weeks after we moved she followed me around and you could just tell that she was still mourning. I have never seen or heard of another dog trying to save a baby using mouth to mouth resuscitation. It still makes me so sad to think about that day. Anyone that says dogs are dumb & don’t have human emotions have never had the experiences I have had that prove that they are highly intelligent & have true human emotions.

    1. What a sad story Connee. Dogs have a great instinct to survive and no doubt Heidi did what came naturally in trying to bring her puppy around. Thanks for sharing….Doggy Dan

  13. My dog Samantha (Chow Chow/Great Pyrenees) is totally devoted to me and sleeps on the floor next to me always. She will not come to strangers, she will not allow strangers to pet her. Samantha did not know my parents but I took her with me during a visit. My parents were sleeping in separate rooms due to my Dad’s COPD. His ragged breathing scared my Mom so much that you couldn’t sleep in the same room. The third morning upon waking I could hear my Mom screaming, my father had passed away in his sleep. Samantha was staying close to my Mom, and my Mom fell to the floor hugging my dog. She told me that Samantha had tried to wake her in the night and when my Mom wouldn’t rise, Sam laid down next to her on the bed. Samantha has never chosen to sleep on the bed before or after that night. I am so grateful that Sam brought some comfort to my Mom during this difficult time. I knew Sam was a sensitive dog because when I am stressed or angry she will go to my room and lay next to the bed until I come for her. The quiet of my room and loving on Sam always calms me. She is a really amazing friend.

    1. Hi Jamie, Samantha sounds like a really great companion to have around. Dogs are really intuitive to their family’s emotional state but some dogs, like Samantha, take this to a whole new level. Thanks for sharing your story, Doggy Dan

  14. Hi Dan,
    Love your website, videos and have recommended you to my friends. I have your book on audio.
    I am sure dogs have a highly developed sixth sense. One of my Border Collie dogs Jimmy has an uncanny ability to sense if someone poses a threat to my safety and will growl to alert me of possible danger. We could be walking among many people and he will be like a lamb with 99% of men, women and children, but if someone appears hostile or aggressive and its always a bloke, he becomes protective of me.
    Many years ago I had a wonderful female Border Collie named Emma who was very protective of me and my young children, she would have given her life for my kids. At the time my children wanted to know which of my dogs was the fastest, so I climbed to a top of a hill about 200 m high with the dogs and the children were left at the bottom. The dogs were released and the children called the dogs down the hill to them. Just within 50 m of my children was a strange man heading towards them, Emma veered off from the children and went towards the man circling him and warning him to stay away from them. She made no attempt to bite him at all, just warned him by barking to stay away from her children. I raced down the hill and called Emma to me, but she never took her eyes off that man. She loved children and was a wonderful family dog, that everyone loved dearly.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your feedback…and recommendations! Dogs are fantastic at reading body language and picking up on details that we aren’t even aware of. It’s a very important survival instinct and it’s really impressive to see it in action. Your family have been blessed with some truly amazing dogs! All the best….Doggy Dan

  15. I had a hound mix named Annie, who passed away last July. She was very quiet, and always knew when I needed her to just be by me. After she died, my depression and anxiety became very bad, due to a number of stresses. In September I visited one of the local shelters, because at that point I knew that I needed another dog. That’s when I met Gersemi, a 7 month old Pit bull mix. She stuck her nose through the gate, and barked at me trying to make it abundantly clear she was coming home with me. I decided ‘Yup, that’s my dog,’ and a few days later we brought her home. The first time I had a panic attack she laid down with me on the floor and just sat there, like Annie did. Ever since, she’s been taking care of me and making sure that I am okay. She knows when I’ve had a bad day, or when I need to get up and move. She makes things quiet and serene. We still have some ways to go with training (for both of us!), but sometimes I feel like she knew exactly what I needed when I walked into that shelter that day.

    1. Hi Veronica,
      Let me start by passing on my condolences for the loss of Annie. It is never easy losing such a loved and valued family member. Annie sounds like she was an amazing dog and very attuned to you. It can be difficult to even think about taking on another dogs after losing a dog but there does come a time when you just feel ready. Gersemi has big shoes to fill but it sounds like she has fitted into your home perfectly. Thanks for posting your story! All the best…Doggy Dan

  16. We had a Standard Poodle Wrigley (died last year at 16), he was never neutered, he tended to be a runner, loved to roam the neighborhood and would come back. One day, I picked up son at school and pulled in the driveway to see our front door wide open. Shock, and there was Wrigley sitting like a guard in the door, didn’t budge till we came to him:)

    1. Hi Phyllis,
      Dogs can be very attuned to what is going on and they know when things are a bit out of the ordinary. This is a brilliant example of that. Thanks for sharing your story….All the Best, Doggy Dan

  17. Dan do I have a story for you. 1999 my 17 year old daughter had a Jack Russell named Eddie. She and Eddie had the best relationship I had ever seen, the dog just did whatever she wanted him to do. To make a very long story short, May 5 1999 my daughter was killed in a car accident and I was devastated and Eddie was also. He would stay in bed with me and would try to comfort me. As time went by Eddie would want in her room but I had it closed off so he would drag his bed right outside her door and cry to get in. After about a week of this I got tired of hearing the dog cry and cracked the door to let him in her room. As I was turning to leave I caught a glimpse of that dog sitting in the middle of her room tail wagging staring up into the air. So I stopped and peeked into the room to watch. Eddie would look up and slowly turn his head to the right then left as if he was watching some one or thing. It totally lifted my heart. Some people think I am crazy and that is ok with me I saw what I saw and I believe Eddie saw his best friend. Eddie stayed in that room until the day I lost him. It makes me happy to know they are together again and I know I will see them again

    1. Hi Sally,
      This is a very tragic story and can I just start by passing on my condolences for your loss. I cannot imagine what it is like to lose a child. It does sound like Eddie and your daughter had a very close bond and there is no doubt he would have felt her loss. I absolutely love this story, dog are amazing, thanks for sharing. All the Best….Doggy Dan

  18. My grandfather used to come home at different times every night and his dog would always be there for the right train. My 2 y o border collie does the same when my son goes out and comes back when he’s ready. I got up the other night with low blood sugar. My border collie stays in my son’s room he got out and followed me down stairs and stayed right by me . He didn’t want to go back to sleep in my son’s room

    1. Hi Anna,
      Thanks for sharing your story! Both dogs sound very in tune with their respective family…Best Doggy Dan

    1. Hi Maria,
      I’m not sure if you meant to leave a message on my blog or not? Maybe it was a typo! Best…Doggy Dan

    1. Thanks Allison, it’s a truly fascinating topic isn’t it? We’ve had a lot of support and feedback for this blog and it seems to have resonated with many dog owners. Best…Doggy Dan

  19. Yes, i totally agree with you. Similar Incident happen with me. One day Around 10 street dogs were looking at a tree at same point early in the morning so silently for hours. There was nothing on that tree. I don’t know what they were looking. But for sure they sense something.

    1. Wow, such a curiosity isn’t it! If only we did know the true extent of a dog’s senses. Fascinating, Dan

  20. I have a Shih Tzu named Tedi. We got him when he was three months old. Tedi would always lick my nose. Always! Anyway, when he was five years old I got diagnosed with stage III Breast Cancer. Once I had my surgery Tedi stopped licking my nose. We got another Shih Tzu one week prior to my surgery, Mila. I always called her my therapy dog, because she laid with me for weeks after I had my surgery and whenever I came home from having my chemotherapy and my radiation. At the time we got Mila, we had an old dog too. His name was Harley and he was sixteen years old. Mila would lay in his bed with him and cuddle him, lick his face clean and try to just be near him whenever possible. We no longer have Harley, but Mila will sometimes do something that Harley would’ve done. I tell my Husband that when Mila was so close to Harley in his last three months, she sucked in his soul so he could always be with us. Also, Mila would be a great search dog, if she were bigger. She finds the moles that invade our yard and sits where she hears or feels them.

    1. Hi Lisa, I’m sorry to hear you have had these issues with your health and hopefully you are well now. I have heard many stories about dogs alerting their owners to cancers and other illnesses and it really never ceases to amaze me what they are capable of. If only we really knew! It seems you do still have a little piece of Harley with you in Mila, and what a gift that is. Best…Doggy Dan

  21. It has taken me a few days to be able to write the story of my beautiful female Rottweiler Chloe. This dog was my soul dog and very very special. We were so close that it is unexplainable. Well a little while ago we noticed that her coat was changing from a glossy black to brown. When we took her into the Vet for her annual shots, we asked why. They stated it could be a few things, so a short while later we had three medical tests done. Blood work, inconclusive, Cushings disease, legative then an ultra-sound where cancer was detected on both of her adrenal glands. We were devistated. Being that Chloe and I were so close already, my husband and I notice (before we knew something was wrong with her and after) that she would continually stare at me. I’m not talking about a few minutes but 10 to 20 mins several times every day when we were watching TV etc. It was like she was trying to tell me something. I always knew what she wanted or needed but this was different. I had just retired and was hoping to have more time with her but she was gone three weeks after diagnosis January 30, 2017 at almost 11 years of age. I really felt in my heart that she was staring at me because she wanted to remember me and tell me it was okay. When I read the story of your dog staring off for hours it hit a cord and I lost it. I now know that Chloe knew it was her time soon. It still cry everyday for her and miss her terribly but she will always be in my heart.

    1. Hi Yolanda, thank-you so much for sharing your story. Dogs really are such amazing creatures and family members, they do leave such a big emptiness when they pass over. Chloe sounds like a wonderful dog and I can sense your loss and upset from your post. I have no doubt she lived a very full and happy life with you and you can rest easy knowing that she knew she was loved/adored right up until the very end. Best…Doggy Dan

    2. I recently had to have my 10yo German Shepherd put down due to cancer . She did that same staring thing you describe for several months before she was diagnosed. I knew she was trying to tell me something. Deep within I knew she was sick because it crossed my mind several times but I didn’t want to believe it.

  22. I am a dog trainer but, it was a cat that got me started. I was in a terrible motor cycle accident and was severely injured. I had brain damage and seizures and had to use a wheel chair because of a broken back. My cat,a cornish rex, could sense an impending seizure and she was never wrong. She would take her paw and pull at my clothing to let me know. I trained that cat to ride in a basket,atached to my wheelchair and took her every where I went.Years later, my eye sight began to decline, but not bad enough to need a guide dog, but I wanted a dog that could pull my wheelchair and pick up things I dropped and to keep me company. I purchased a white Siberian husky. All the Husky breeders I contacted, told me I would never make a service dog out of a husky. I took the challange and never looked back. Lily became a wonderful service dog. She could pull my wheelchair and never tired of it. She new so many things by name and would get them for me when I asked her. She could even find the TV remote when I couldn’t. She could pick up a dime off the floor and hand it to me. When my sight declined into blindness and I needed a guide dog, I just trained Lily for that job also. She was a great dog. Some how she knew that I could no longer see and kept me safe. One day we were on our way to a friends house ,when a car had a flat tire and almost hit us, but Lily some how knew that something was going to happen as she took me through a neighbors yard, on the grass, to avoid that car that got the flat. It came about 3 feet in front of us up on the side walk and downed a mail box. The neighbors came out and told me about the car and said don’t worry about the grass. Any dog that could do what Lily did was amazing. I was finally able to get a power chair so Lily no longer had to pull the old manual chair. I have trained 3 more guide dogs and am working on number 5 now. A Dutch Shepherd. But getting back on track here, My 3rd guide dog was a Belgian Tervuren. He was also a rescue. He was a great guide and also saved my life. We were on a corner,waiting for the light to change so we could cross. There was a semi truck also waiting to make a turn. Suddenly, Shaman got very nervous and started dancing around and then he backed up and I backed my wheel chair up and suddenly the semi truck turned and the back wheels of his trailor went over the curb at the very spot that Shaman and I had been moments before. People came rushing over to see if we were OK ,and told me what happened. Shaman always kept me safe and I swear that he has ESP when in traffic. My second guide dog was another Husky and Nala had a homming sense in her brain. I never got lost when I was out with Nala. One time I went to visit a friend in her new apartment. It took 2 buses to get there. I’m blind, so I can’t see the street signs and Nala was under the seat trying to avoid peoples’ feet so she was not watching either. Well I missed the last bus and had to roll it home. I did not know how to get home. I asked Nala to find home and she did. She guided me all the 7 miles home with out a hitch. Yes, I never got lost with Nala leading me. My current guide dog,Nici,another husky has kept me safe also. After a storm, there was a large branch down right in my path. Nici would not go that way. She wanted to go the long way aroung to our destination. I insisted that she go the way we always went. When we came to the tree with the downed branch,about an inch or so from my head, she stopped and refused to let me go any further. When I put my hand out, and felt the branch there, well I wondered how she knew it was down when we had not even left the yard yet,and she wanted to go in a different direction. The tree is not visable from my yard. You have to turn left twice before that tree is visible. I have faith that Sedona,my Dutch Shepherd that I raised from a 9 week old pup, my work in progress, will be just as intuative as all my other guide dogs. I have enjoyed training my own guide dogs over the years and all my dogs loved the work. I am glad that there were no guide dog schools that trained dogs for wheelchair users. It gave me the chance to train my own and have a very special bond with each one, and I got to experience something very special that I never thought dogs were able to do. I am totally convinced that dogs are very intuative, can reason and can problem solve on their own, and can even have ESP. I may have trained my dogs, but I learned more from them, than they learned from me. R.I.P. Lily and Nala. From Mardi and Shaman,guide dog, retired and Nici,guide dog and Sedona,guide dog in training.

    1. Hi Mardi,

      What a wonderful account of all the amazing dogs in your life! It takes a lot to train a guide dog and your skill at doing so is very evident in the bond you have created with all of your dogs. Service dogs are such amazing beings, setting aside their own self to assist their humans and keep them safe. Thank-you so much for sharing your story…All the Best, Doggy Dan

  23. Only last week end I attended this introductory workshop on animal assisted therapy conducted by the Animal Angels Foundation. There we were told about one of their inhouse therapy dogs who now lives with this special person who experiences severe back pain at random for hours to days and has to take immediate bed rest. This therapy dog taken to comfort this person during the pain is now able to like predict that this attack is going to happen, there by giving this special person a 2 min window to lie down and make some calls before going into excruciating pain.

    1. Wow…what I find so amazing is how the dogs very quickly understand what they are needed for, what they are supposed to do. Very often they just do it…they know and act accordingly. Thanks Vahbiz.

  24. I’m glad you mentioned Rupert Sheldrake’s books. I thought of it the minute you I read this title. As a math teacher, I’m sure you appreciate this scientist who gathered enough proven stories to demonstrate dogs and horses extrfa perceptive powers.

    Thanks for your helpful training tips. I have a super loving very energetic 3 month old pup, Molly Mocha. We still have a way to go before she’ll be ready to be a therapy dog. Too much caffeine in her name I guess!

    1. Hi Pam, yep I love Rupert’s approach…for me he is the Sherlock Holmes of science. He refuses to be restricted by what we currently know or understand. He looks at the bigger picture and says.. “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” Arthur Conan Doyle That I believe is how we need to be, open minded and aware that maybe we do not have all the answers!

  25. In my experience,dogs try to communicate about their death as well return.I had a German Shepherd,which died 2005,dec 5 th.She made me realize about her death exactly one year in advance.I have written about it in my personal blog.Now I have another dog whom I saw in my dream one year in advance .I do not know if it is reincarnation. This dog knows all the things those that we taught the first dog. If I try to teach her she first tries to impress me then brushes me aside saying I know these things,like colours,numbers etc.Read my blog ,please do not forget to leave a comment .As it is not for public,it is a personal blog meant for record

    1. Fascinating Maia, thanks for sharing… I shall go and look at your blog now 🙂 Cheers Dan

  26. When I am on my day off and have some work to do in my husband’s home office, my 2 year old dog would get in the room and put his paws on my lap and look up to me then a few minutes leaves the room. Sometimes in one afternoon, she would do this 3 to 4 times. I have asked my husband if Tina , the name of the dog does this to him, too when he is in the office but it seems Tina does not. I have this feeling that she might be just checking if I am still around. It does puzzle me since all the other dogs do not show this behavior. Thanks…

    1. Hi Arleen, yes I believe a lot of our dogs actions are them checking that we are okay, need anything? Are you okay if I head off for a bit? Thanks for sharing, Dan

  27. My young white golden retriever is a therapy dog. She goes into school each week and spends time with children who have problems – autism or whatever. One day she spent over an hour with a girl who was very distressed. At the end of it the girl had recovered and was chatting normally. What was interesting was that my dog was completely exhausted afterwards. Normally she plays ball and tug with a group of kids in the lunch hour but that day she was too tired to do anything but lie there and be cuddled and fed treats.

    1. Agh, yes some dogs (and people) are able to do the work of supporting without being drained themselves. If your dog is being drained then you want to really watch out that she is not being overworked as it is clearly exhausting for her. Some dogs are like a big sponge, able to soak up a lot of negative energy, others are more like a small sponge and fill up very quickly, we need to protect them, thanks for sharing Caroline, all the best Dan

  28. Just wanted to share a story with my dog Mandy, a 2 yr old Siberian. One day I was feeling very sad and depressed for multiple reasons. I was outside with our 3 dogs and felt an overwhelming sense of grief, despair, and sadness. I sat down on the ground in my back yard, just feeling terrible. Along came Mandy and sat down beside me. She did not try to play with me or do anything else but sit totally upright at attention next to me. She did not give me eye contact or any emotion, just looked off to the side, not facing me. It was as if she was applying the golden rule #3 to me. Now, she did this for 15 minutes! If you know Siberians, they cannot sit still for very long before they need to go run, play, get into mischief somehow. For her to stay at my side for 15 minutes is a miracle. I did start to talk to her and touch her after 10 minutes. I was telling her what a great dog she was. I truly believe that she knew I was severely troubled and came over to console me by being there. She is a very sensitive dog, the most of our 3 Siberians. She told me that everything was going to be alright by being calm. I will never forget this moment. The day my dog became my pack leader temporarily while I was not able to.

    1. Yep. They know for sure. They know stuff that most of us as humans have no comprehension of, are completely incapable of measuring without large electronic devices and thats what makes it so difficult for us to believe that they can actually do it…do things that we can’t. But I know they do. I know my dogs can tell my energy, and how I’m feeling, they behave very differently. My little dog Inca often seems to know before I do that I am becoming stressed. I also believe you are right about your dog stepping up to the mark when you needed them to. Dogs are like that, they know when you are down and will step up (or sometimes take advantage rather like people!) Thanks for sharing Russ

  29. I have a lovely eight month old Cavachon, called Benji. My two daughters bought him for me on the first anniversary of my husband’s death. My husband’s middle name was Benedict, which is where the name Benji comes from. After his death, my daughters and I had scattered my husband’s ashes in three places he had requested, one of which was a spot on a walk in Swaledale in the English Yorkshire Dales, where John had asked me to marry him many years ago. This year, we were on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales and went on the walk, with Benji – who loves a nice long country walk. When we got to the area where my husband’s ashes had been scattered, Benji just quietly walked up to the exact spot and sat down – no one had said anything to him! There is no marker there or anything, just our memories of the location. I was totally amazed; Benji had been running and walking for the entire walk, yet when we got to the area he went very quiet, walked up to the exact spot and sat there. Totally unbelievable, but comforting as well. Somehow, he knew that was a special spot and chose to sit there.

    1. Wow Pauline, thats fascinating…maybe one day we will know. Beautiful story.
      Its always easy to dismiss everything but once you start to realise that the dogs can sense things that we cannot it opens up your mind to the possibilities. Its so easy to think that we know it all as humans…however like I say – if the stars are grains of sand on the beach, (and there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand in the world) we have still not quite made it to the first grain of sand!” So imagine what we do not yet know. Have an awesome day!

  30. Having been in dogs for years, I have seen some amazing things they are capable of! Lately, i lost my beloved husband of 58 yrs, my old english sheepdog, Rosie, has been my constant companion, she has taken to sitting by my side while i am reading when all of a sudden, she jumps up and stares at the door going into the hallway, at first i found it a bit eerie but now im comforted by it, i so believe my hubby is “visiting” us..I say to her, is daddy here with us and she wiggles her bum! This happens a lot now and i do believe dogs have that sixth sense, they are so amazing, i would never of gotten through these past 8 mos. without her by my side! I love your theory on this and enjoy all your comments! Joyce B

    1. Yep…one day I shall share the strangest story about dogs and sensing the energy of ones that have past over.
      I totally believe that many of them have that ability. Of course some (many) dogs do seem to be far simpler… happy to eat sleep and do as little as possible! I guess thats what makes them so interesting! Thank You for sharing Joyce, I really appreciate it.

  31. I don’t have a personal story of one dog, but I do hear similar stories through my volunteer efforts with an organization called Retrieving Independence which breeds, socializes, trains, and places service dogs for individuals with disabilities. These dogs become so attuned to their “person” that they can sense many times something going on with the person long before anyone human can know. It is a phenomenal God-given strength these precious creatures bring to our lives! I am always amazed with the gifts God has given His creations! Thank you for sharing Peanut’s story. You are blessing these dogs–and us two-legged readers–by the love and understanding you give them. Thank you.

    1. Cool Betty, I know what you mean about dogs “knowing” something is going to happen. Its a bit like the story I commented in relating to somebodies post where the horses, seemed to “know” something was up with my wifes flight home. Mind you, Einstein always said that time is not as linear as we think. I am sure he is right. Have a great day.

  32. Several years ago I was diagnosed with MCTD an autoimmune disease.
    My Shih Tzu Lily knew something was seriously wrong before I did. She stuck to my side like glue. Some mornings when I woke up she would be sitting up looking at me with her paws across my abdomen. I realized later that this was her way of telling me that I was going to have a bad day. Lily did this for 6 years until she passed at 14.

    1. Wow. I have worked with many people who’s dogs “knew” that they were sick well before they did. One lady told me that their dog “knew” that she (the owner) was pregnant well before she did. The dog started behaving a strange way, doing something that she hadn’t done since she (the owner) was last pregnant. Amazing really what they can tell.

  33. This is a cat story. A few years ago, I had to put my 12 year old Springer down.My cat didn’t leave my side for three days after.He stuck to me like glue!

    1. Thats the first cat story on this site! Yep…those cats know so much! I have a cat…we went away for 5 weeks to the U.K, the people feeding him never saw him but said they believed he was alive because they came round for a cuddle and to top the food up and it kept disappearing. However they didn’t see him the whole time we were away. YET…. when we turned up the driveway we found him sat in the middle of the drive waiting for us! He knew 🙂

  34. My Japanese Mastiff and I volunteered with St. John Ambulance Therapy program. We used to visit residents of a nursing home and had done so for around 4 years. There was a lady by the name of Angel (it was a perfect name for this tiny 90lb lady) who would look forward to our visits. She fuss up my 125lb Mastiff and couldn’t wait for us to visit. She always would save a little piece of cheese or try to sneak the dog a sandwich. We visited her every week for years and we’d go in, get a cheese snack and some pats on the head and leave. One night, my dog put the breaks on and didn’t want to leave her side. I, for the life of me, couldn’t get her to leave Angel. My dog eventually hunkered down on the floor and flattened herself out to make moving her out of the room nearly impossible. I let the dog stay longer than usual and eventually I was able to get her to move on. As we walked down to the next resident, my dog looked back at the room and I just knew she knew something was up. We continued with our rounds and the next time we were in, Angel wasn’t in her room to visit. I had found out that she had passed a few hours after we had left her side. That’s why she wouldn’t leave her side.

    1. Oh boy. That’s amazing. I have no idea what they are picking up on, is it a heart beat, a scent, a magnetic field…a change in the voice…hmmmm. Any thoughts? Thank you for sharing Chris. I think its great that we can share and so more people realise that the things we “feel” and experience are not always just co-incidental and to be swept under the carpet. The more that we share the more that we become awakened to the fact that these animals are super sensitive and aware of our energy and how we are feeling. Best regards Doggy Dan

  35. I have to tell you about my daughter’s Chihuahua, Ivan. I have never liked the breed. They can be yappy and aggressive, however, Ivan is none of these. She is very timid and will not leave my daughter’s side.
    2 years ago we had the opportunity to care for her while my daughter was out of town on business. At the time, we had two Yorkies, (O)Thello, 17 1/2 yrs, and Sugar, 11yrs. Aside from being deaf and becoming blind, Thello had begun to experience seizures. One day I had been busy working in the garage and the back yard. Typically, I would check on Thello, being concerned about his health and anticipating he was coming to the end of his life. However, on this day, I had forgotten about him. I came into the house for refreshment and Ivan came running in, jumped on the back of the couch, which she knew better than to do, and whined at me. Being wrapped up in my thoughts about projects, I told her she shouldn’t be up there. She jumped down and ran down the hall whining, then came back and jumped on the couch again. She then headed back down the hall looking at me and whining. That’s when it hit me I hadn’t checked on Thello. When I followed her to my bedroom, I found my baby lying on the floor sopping wet and shivering. He had apparently experienced a seizure of great magnitude and couldn’t get up.
    We had to have him put to sleep that day and were very devastated over the events. Normally, Ivan would jump on my lap and be extremely demanding for attention. This day, when we returned without Thello, she jumped up, gave me one little kiss, then lay down on my lap and stayed there. She knew I was hurting and simply comforted me. She stole my heart that day.

    1. Wow…Need another tissue. Brings a little tear to my eye when I think of what sensitive little animals they are really, so often we just misunderstand them…Thanks for sharing and love to little Ivan. I must add that it is so easy to become “breedist” if you have a bad experience (or two) with a certain breed, especially if they are the first ones you meet. The first dogs of any breed can make a huge impression on us. I have found that all the breeds of dog are very similar in temperament (not energy) and character, the same as people and race…but thats another topic!

  36. love these stories. i have had several experiences where i feel dogs have mental telepathy. i put flea meds on my 4 dogs once month which they dislike. one day 2 of them were lying on the couch, with my back to them i opened a kitchen drawer and pulled out the sealed packets, turned around and they were running out of the room. they knew:)

    1. Oh yeh… I had been to the kitchen cupboard 10 times during the day and my dog Peanut (my food focussed girl who could sniff a crust of dry bread out in a thousand acre wood) had never moved from her bed. Then this one time I went to the cupboard and looked at some old crackers in the cupboard and thought…Yes “THOUGHT”, nothing more… I could give these to Peanut. Suddenly there she was looking up at me with her eyes saying “Yes, great idea, I’ll have them” BUT I still hadn’t even touched them. Its like the first 10 times she knew I had no INTENTION of feeding her but the last time she knew I did! Funny… Now I see it all the time, she seems to sense, to know when I am thinking of giving her some food! Thanks for sharing…Dan

  37. Hi Dan! I loved this story about Peanut and it reminded me of something that happened when I was living in South Africa with our neighbor’s dog. Someone had broken into my home one afternoon while I was there and I decided to climb over the wall into the neighbor’s garden to escape until the security service arrived. I knew they had a guard dog who was known for barking and growling quite viciously if anyone came near their gate, but I knew I’d rather take my chances with a dog than an intruder, so over the wall I went. The dog came tearing around the corner of their house as I dropped into the garden and stopped dead in his tracks about 2 meters from me. After a brief pause, he turned and started trotting toward the front door looking over his shoulder every few seconds as if to make sure I was behind him. He led me to the front door where I called out for help. Once I was inside he never left me. He either laid down on my feet or sat beside me the entire time I was there. His owners were amazed — they told me that they put him in a room anytime they have company over because he is aggressive with anyone not in their family. That beautiful dog knew that I was in danger that day and he was not going to leave me until he knew that I was safe. I’ve always liked dogs, but that day gave me a new appreciation and love for these amazing animals! Thank you for your work and for helping so many understand them better!

    1. Wow Gina, that would have been good to catch on camera! I could so picture it all in my mind…awesome. I have heard many stories like that where a dog will guess that a person needs help and help out even though its not usually in their nature. Great story, appreciate you sharing…Dan

  38. My daughter had a Lab named Lexi who was great friends with my daughter’s friend Jenni. Jenni was taking care of Lexi while my daughter and family was on vacation.

    Unbeknownst to my daughter, Jenni was pregnant and that night, she miscarried. She went to the hospital and when she got home, she sat in a chair in the living room. Jenni was not crying but was clearly very sad.

    Lexi came over and pressed her head into Jenni’s abdomen and stood there for almost half an hour. Jenni began to cry then and Lexi stood still and allowed her to sob over her.

    That was the only time to our knowledge that Lexi ever put her head into someone’s abdomen.

    1. Amazing. I feel dogs really honour the child in the womb, they know that the child is alive and living. Quite stunning story.
      Peanut has always known ladies who are pregnant…often from a long way away she would trot on over to say hello and I would know! Cheers Dan

  39. Well, I do believe that dogs might have a sixth sense. Though I don’t believe, that they can percieve ghosts or something like this, because I myself don’t believe in ghosts at all.
    Some humans have a sixth sense too. It has been proven various times that they could help for example investigations of the police with great success. But in most humans this either stunted or was never developped. And the majority of so called clairvoyents etc. don’t have a 6th sense, just a very strong money drive.

    Dogs fortunately don’t have that kind of drive. I was told from people whom I know very well, that their dog reacts excited because he knows/feels that the owner is coming home. In lots of cases I think we must remain very sceptical. As the dogs have a sense of hearing – I think 5 or more times better than a human – many cases can be explained because of this fact. Our dogs (4) run to the door, I can’t hear anything, but they can and they can distinguish the sound of my husband’s car perfectly. This is not 6th sense.

    I have also read Sheldrake’s book, which is full of incidents which cannot have to do anything with the better hearing. The hearing is cerainly not so well to be able to percieve, the owner enters a plane e.g. in Brazil with the intention to come home to NY. Something like this I believe cannot be explained in an other way, than with 6th sense.

    In Switzerland we have certain hospitals with long-term patients. Some have a few dogs just to give their patients a regular visitor, joy and relieve their lonelyness. They visit each patient for some time. But after some time the staff realized that those dogs developped a strong relationship with the patients. It then happened often, that the dogs predicted the nearing death of a patient, so often that it couldn’t be coincidence. They diagnosed it much earlier than the doctors via different unusual behaviours like not wanting to leave that patient any more, whining or making the nurses aware of it in other ways that something was wrong.

    Nevertheless I’m not sure if this is a 6th sense or not. Couldn’t it also be because dogs have an extremely better sense of smell than we and a dying person emits an odor, which we can’t percieve?

    I also believe in that example of you, Dan, when the dog felt he himself was going to die and wanted to say Good Bye. I once read of a Dachshund, who in the middle of the night ran to every member of the family to wake them up and wanted to be cuddled, thing which during years he never had done. Then he went back to his own bed and in the morning he was dead.

    Though I heard also from people who knew, their end was near. (Not because the doctor had told them). My sister for example didn’t want to eat any more, although the doctor said she should in order to recover. But she refused every food, she said her time was approaching and had now an aversion against food. One day later she was dead. So, sixth sense or a knowledge that we have programmed in us, only for most people stunted?

    1. Hi Christina, thanks for your thoughts…I really enjoyed reading your “skeptical but open approach” I agree with you I think a lot of the time it is a superior ability to smell, or like people who “know” they are going to die…Yet I too like you leave the door open to the fact that there also seems to be something else going on here. I too agree that humans have far more abilities but they have been slowly shut down over time, generation etc. Time to wake them up in us! In fact reading all these posts has reminded me of so many stories I would like to share! Appreciate everyone who has shown interest in this blog post.

  40. Hi, Dan. I did have smth like this with my Baby Bear. 4 years ago my already ex husband and I bought a 2.5 months old Baby Bear amazing Newfoundland baby boy. It was my first dog, and I couldnt understand him, couldnt feel him, if I feed him enough, if he is in pain, if he is sad, or anything else, I was calling our vet even with a small red dot I found on the body, or if his body tempreture got up on 0.01. So my BB and I we looked like a chaotical couple that time, after 1 month my husband and i got into our last final arguement. Baby Bear used to stay all the time in the kitchen under the table, as it was the only spot where there were no carpet and it was fresh for him to sleep there… so that night, Baby Bear was staying almost all night in the bedroom with me on my side, which is the furthest from the entrance. So, after few unsuccessful tries to create a scandal, my ex husband found the only possible way to piss me off, he took the knife from the kitchen ans said that if we got a “damaged” (with bad health) puppy, he’s gonna kill him. Even that it could be just a threat, but just god knows what this man had in his head, I dont remember how i flew to another side of the bedroom over the king size bed and hit the knife out. If Baby Bear would stay on his spot on the kitchen that night, I definitely wouldnt have enough time to protect him, but he knew smth is gonna happen and he stayed this night with me by my side. Same night right after this insident, I packed my and Baby Bear’s bags and we left… When i was taking last bag out, my ex husband was watching TV laying on the coach in the living room, and the TV was in front of him in like 2 meters… All the time while i was taking all boxes and bags out, BB was following me like a shadow, and when it came to the last bag.. Baby Bear was following me crossing the living room, already on the exit i sensed he stopped and turned back to see what happened, and saw Baby Bear sitting right in the middle between the TV and face of my ex husband…, he pooped, got up, and very slowely followed me.. I almost blew up of laugh when we went out. And to tell the truth since next day I have never had any more problems with my baby boy, I always new if he was hungry, thirsty, in pay or just sad, and he the same way saved my life so many times during these 4 years just knowing when i was down and needed him most. He always knew and knows everything before me. Today is exactly 4 years and 2 months old, and he is the best dog in the whole Universe

    1. Oh boy that made me laugh… Yep I think your dog knew you were leaving for sure! That is just so funny… Thanks for sharing. Love to BB!!! Dan

  41. Thanks for your story Dan. I had my first cavalier 15 years ago when I worked at a local Hospice. Before he was a year old and before I had a second dog I used to take Barney in to visit the patients which some of them loved. He would do his rounds loving everyone who wanted to meet him and then used to settle to wait for me …after several visits the nurses told me that he always sat by the bed of the next person to die. Not his usual boisterous self but just gently sitting there companionably. How did he know? I have no idea but I know he did it.

    1. Interesting read…the thing is that its possible ALL dogs know who is going to die soon but maybe its not that big a deal to most of them, so they don’t make anything of it. Others may see it as very significant and see it as something to point out and say goodbye. Lovely story, thanks Jean, have a great day 🙂 Dan

  42. Every living creature has an “aura” which most dogs can sense. Many humans can do this too, but they are either not aware of it or ignore it as it does not fit their belief system.
    Me and my dogs have a similar ability, so I am not surprised when they bark at a person for “no apparent reason” or turn away from a person that wants to make a fuss of them.
    Interestingly when dogs are allowed freely to act to their ability on sensing which other dogs or people they feel happy to be around, their “problem behaviour” of overreacting will disappear, especially when their human pack leader will sense the same.

    Since I turn away from dogs and people without a positive aura my dogs are totally relaxed when we walk around in public (although we sometimes take longer to get where we wanted to go as we keep turning around and going a different way).

    Thanks for sharing your stories. It shows how incredible our 4 legged friends are.

    (BTW Humans can learn to read auras, dogs just naturally do it).

    1. Yes…I believe you are right Stefan. I once had my aura taken by a guy who had a special large camera which could see your aura light emitting from your body. It was really interesting, the person taking the photos could “see” the aura of people, we were paying to have the photos taken and he refused to take the photo of one person in the group who was really struggling at that time. They are fine now but at that time they were very very low, I was worried about what their aura would look like. When I asked him why he did not want the business and the $10 to take the photo of the person he just said… (rather like the Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars) “This one does not need his photo taken today” I understood what he was saying… I never forgot that…he took everyone elses photos but not this persons. He really could see the aura I believe. BTY how do you learn to read the auras?
      I also believe you are 100% right that dogs will sense, see, feel the energy of a person often a long time before they reach them and then they will often react, avoid etc just like you say. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Stefan, Doggy Dan

    2. Dogs are used as companion assistance animals for people who suffer from epilepsy …apparently the aura changes prior to a seizure and they can sense/smell the change.
      My beautiful ridgeback Dyna started to have grand-mal seizures in the last year of her life and my beloved rotti Shar was able to warn me sometimes 2 hours in advance so I was prepared and was able to make sure that Dyna was with me in a safe environment when the seizure struck!

      1. Debbie this is a really wonderful story, thanks for sharing! Dogs really are amazing animals and family members. Best…Doggy Dan

  43. I have enjoyed the stories above. My son’s German Shepherd paid me a visit one day. My first thought when I saw him waiting at my gate to be let in was my son must be here. Further investigation proved that the dog had arrived solo. My son lives on the other side of our town and the dog had never walked here but had been driven many times. Would have loved to have watched him on his travels, negotiating routes, traffic etc.

    1. Excellent! How far across town was it? I once stopped at a zebra crossing because there was a German Shepherd dog crossing, the lady coming the other way stopped and the dog crossed. As he passed infront of my car he turned his head looked at me and caught my eye as if to say thanks/hello… I watched him as he did the same to the lady coming the other way. Then I realised what was so odd. There was no owner in site. Nobody. The lady and I both sat in our cars watching him walk off…it was very surreal, we looked across at each other in our cars and smiled…I was never the same! Gotta love dogs 🙂 Thanks for sharing Margaret.

  44. Great blog! And what a wonderful story about Peanut! This is a very clear example of what dogs are capable of. Too often we humans miss the subtle messages dogs are sending us, that’s a pity because sometimes they have a lot to tell us…
    I do have two rescue dogs from Crete. One of them, the oldest one appeared in my dream the night before I accidentally came across her photo on an internet site for rescue dogs. It was exactly the same dog I dreamed about! I wasn’t looking for a dog at all at that time because I had mental problems and I thought I would not be able to take care of her properly. But I felt such a strong bond growing between us the days that followed, despite our distance (I live in Holland), that I had to respond to it… She’s with me now for 5 years already. And guess what, she appeared to have an anxiety disorder, just like me… Believe it or not, we healed each other… 🙂 She helped me and I was able to help her. She’s the most precious dog I ‘ve ever had!
    A few years after her arrival I adopted a second dog from the same shelter in Crete. He has a completely different character; always happy, joyful, naughty and noisy 🙂 He cheers me up and knows exactly how to change my other dog’s mood when she has one of her little slumps. He makes our lives so cheerful!
    And he seems to be able to read my mind. He knows exactly when I decide to make a bike ride with him (which he loves!)… even when I am still sitting behind by PC and working and only think about going to do it. Deeply asleep or not, he jumps out of his bed and starts barking and whipping his tail!
    Dogs are amazing! I love your training method and I love it that you pay attention to this special ability dogs have!

    1. Brilliant Marieke, I understand totally what you are saying, I believe that dogs can heel us and visa versa, and I know exactly what you mean when you say that you only need to think about going for a walk! Thanks for sharing 🙂 P.S You actually reminded me of a very special incident which I had nearly forgotten which will (thanks to you sharing) now be retold sometime! Best wishes, Dan

  45. While I was working with many assistance dogs I had experienced a number a wonderful stories of with our Assistance Dogs. The assistance dogs worked for people with physical disabilities. One story that sticks with me re a dog with the sixth sense relates to a beautiful dog that I gave to a young man who was totally dependent on his parents and his dog to make life work for him. One night the dog who never went into this young mans parents bedroom entered and went to the side of the father and put her head gently on his chest. The father awoke and the dog indicated that she wanted him to follow her by giving a gentle bark and moving to the door and back to the bed and then back to the door. The father realised what was needed and immediately followed the dog back to the sons room where upon he discovered that his son had stopped breathing The father was able to move quickly and resuscitate the young man who was given life again all thanks to this magnificent dog who had such a wonderful bond with the young man with the disability. The dog had realised that help was needed then acted calmly and quietly to get help for his new master.This is one wonderful Assistance Dog.

  46. Bit of a different angle: Our beloved dog, Deiko, originally named angel by breeder, rescued at three years old, died mid march. after six wonderful years of love and adventures and morning cuddles We miss his physicalness enormously – he was 45kg of love. At dawn one morning last week I awoke enough to hear his normal “can I please get into your bed now’ whine. I looked over in the corner where my newly adopted dog was sleeping. So it was not her. I plumped back down to sleep and then heard it again. And then I felt him, in my half sleep, I could feel his wonderful warmth and softness. It was so joyful. I hope I manage to be in the receptive mode for him to visit again.

    1. Yep, I had an amazing co-incidence that I will share with you one day where I “saw a dog who wasn’t there but had been there a long time before” Stay tuned if you are interested! Thanks for sharing Jane.

  47. We had a big bad rottweiller living next door. My german shepherd would never go anywhere near him. One day out walking we met in the lane, and to everyone’s surprise they both stopped, sniffed and made friends. The rotty died the very next day. wow.

    1. Yep… I can believe it Avril. I am sure that they would have known and would have just been saying, hello goodbye, burying the hatchet and paying respects…the way it should be. Nice.

  48. My dog Max has recently taken to barking in the house, normally the living room when no one is there. We don’t know why. He doesn’t seem to be barking at anything in particular and mainly does it in the mornings. At this moment we are stumped and it makes me wonder whether he sees or feels something we don’t. Maybe he just wants someone to play with him but could it be something else? My 11 year old son sometimes tells me that he hears someone calling his name. He comes and asks whether I’ve called him but I haven’t. A little spooky perhaps but is Max sensing something too? Just wondering if someone has had a similar experience.

    1. Hi Sharon, its possible or even likely that they are sensing the same thing, sound, energy…it may be complete co-incidence of course. Interesting to know more about your dogs barking, is he facing the window or a door? Are you in the room with him?

  49. I have a beautiful 2 yr old black shepard who is my service dog. I use her for mobility. One evening I was fixing dinner and I felt one of my episodes coming on. And suddenly she came and pressed against me. I was just standing there but my dog could tell I needed her help. Funny thing is I usually let her do what she wants in the house and call her to me when i need her. But this time she just knew and came to me. I was truly awed. Another time there was a questionable man in a store while we shopped. My dog growled at him and kept looking back for him as she walked. I later found out the man,let’s just say…wasn’t very nice. How did my dog know?! And she’s Always friendly toward EVERYONE!
    Neat huh?!

    1. Oh yeh…Dogs know! Lots of things! I shall share my experience of Peanut my dog “knowing” about somebody being a really good person in one of my next blogs…its a classic 🙂

  50. I used to live in London and had a little Dewey Yorker 70 miles away. I would leave him with mother and stayed the weekdays at work, then catch a train to London on Friday evening. The train journey and time of my arrival back home varied up to few hours. Mother tells me Dewey would start getting excited with his usual jumping and barking a good half an hour before I arrive back home. getting happy and excited anytime from half an hour to few work in Brighton on the south coast of England.

    1. Yep… Rupert Sheldrakes book is all about this common behavior in dogs. Again I have one very interesting story about this topic that I was told and will share in my next blog about this sort of stuff!

  51. I have a Aussie/Keeshond mix who is totally devoted to me. I have Type II diabetes and do a lot of hiking. When my blood sugar gets low, I tell myself that I should probably stop and get something to eat. At the same time that I am thinking it, he comes right in front of me and stops, looking up at me. If I try to go to the left, he moves over. I then stop and take my pack off and get something to eat. He just lays down, looking at me, until I have finished. Then he is up an ready to finish the hike. I find it quite fascinating. My kids and husband don’t think that it is strange at all. We are very in-tuned with one another. My other 2 dogs don’t pick up anything. You have got to love your dogs.

    1. Brilliant. Get that on camera next time! I would love to see him in action !!! Thanks for sharing Sue. I could picture him so clear in my mind 🙂

  52. Our previous kelpie, Red Dog, would stop, stare and sometimes even bare his teeth at something??? across the road on his daily walk. It didn’t happen all the time, but I remember once, when it did, I urged him to cross the road and he just stood firmly rigid, baring his teeth and growling. When I mentioned it to some of the neighbors, guess what? They had sometimes had the same experience with their dog. Red Dog has gone now, but I remember our last parting before we left for a brief holiday in Japan – he turned and looked at us for a long time before going to his kennel. He died while we were away.

    1. Whoa…who knows… Yes it could have been a scent or something like that or a strange object like a plastic bag stuck in a tree however it could have been something else. I once worked doing a consult with a dog who refused to walk between two buildings at a school…We took him there on a leash, he walked well and then WHAM! breaks on, refused to move, right at the area it always happened. There was nothing particularly odd about the area, the two portable cabins where about 10 meters apart but you were sort of hidden from the school field and playground. I felt that maybe there was something about the area so I asked the two kids I was with who went to the school… “What goes on in this area during school time” and without batting an eyelid the response was clear and immediate.
      “This is where all the naughty kids hang out and do bad things!” – co-incidence? Maybe !!!

  53. I have had two experiences the first was with our alsation Zac. We were going on holiday in our motor home and decided to stay overnight with my sister as we were passing where she lived.we slept on the sofa bed in the living room and in the middle of the night Zac started barking I put the light and he was staring in the cornerror of the rigid still but quiet. This went on for a good five mins then his eyes went up the wall across the cealing and settled on the opposite corner.he again stood rigid and staring but quiet again for five mins. He would not settle down kept pacing from one corner of the room to the other. I decided to sleep with him in the motor home whereupon he immediately settled down and slept the rest of the night. The next morning he was very reticent to enter the house again. My sister always says it was a visit from my belated father who loved Zachary. The second was with a friends dobermann I was staying with them helping with some home improvements. Everytime poppy came near me she pushed her nose firmly against my belly button my friend suggested I visit the doctor. This went on for two weeks until I gave in to pressure. That morning of the appointment I woke up with a little pain and swelling round my belly button. The doctor diagnosed a hernia. Go figure

    1. Yep, its pretty clear that they know more about our health and well being than we do! Very interesting that such smart animals behave in such a way as Zac did…Thanks for sharing Robert.

  54. My rescued Border Collie cross Cattle Dog Rory was with me for only a week when he took off through the neighbor’s fence. Panicking I raced down there to find him chasing a fox away from my neighbor’s black hen. Once the fox was scared off he ran back to sit beside the stressed out chicken laying on the ground and waited for me to pick her up. He saved her life that day. She recovered and is living with me and my other hens with Rory on my acreage.

    1. Excellent. A real life hero. The fox must have thought of all the luck! I get a Border Collie that protects the chickens!

  55. I just submitted a story about my dog, but I forgot to tell you how much I love the story you shared about Peanut. Very heart-warming! Thank you for sharing it.

  56. First, may I say that I absolutely love you and your dog-training methods. I acquired a little Snoodle male about 2 years old. He is a very sweet little guy, but I really felt like he was more trouble than he was worth. He loved to run away, dart out the door, do things he knew he was not supposed to do. I had him about four months, when my Dad became very ill and went home from the hospital to die. He had never met my Buddy Carl, but we talked about him, and laughed about his antics every day. I took Buddy Carl with me on the 400 mile trip up to tell my Dad good bye. When we got there, instead of being his crazy self, Buddy Carl laid at my Dad’s feet and on his lap. My Dad fell in love with him in a day. I am quite sure that he knew my Dad was dying, and Buddy Carl gave him compassion, love and attention. Dad died three days later. I don’t know that this quite matches your story, or if it is what you are looking for, but I thought is was interesting, to say the least, at my dogs behavior toward my dying father.

    Thanks to you and your wonderful training methods, my little Buddy Carl no longer tries to run away and is the most loving, sweetest and funniest dog ever 🙂 I love him so much and he has truly been a God send in my life. Thank you, Doggy Dan, for your wonderful dog-training method.

  57. Lola, our rescue pitt, now and then barks quite purposefully as we all settle down to sleep at night. Clear, spaced barks, looking at me. No alarm, just barks. It alerts me that there is something not settled about the house–a door unlocked, a light on. One night when I didn’t heed her I discovered that a hose had been left on all night. Lola is much happier and more relaxed now that her place in our pack is clear, thanks to Doggie Dan’s training for humans and dogs.

    1. Hi Denise, that is so interesting, its also great that you could pick up on it and could tell that there was a reason for her barking…I guess she could maybe hear or feel the breeze or the sound of the water…amazing animals. Thanks for sharing and great to hear that your dogs are doing better. Dan

  58. My Rotti, Boodle, was put to sleep at my parents farm a year ago, as the farm was one of his favorite places and my whole family wanted to say goodbye. The farm dog, Kayne, had always ignored Boodle as she was working and he was often too boisterous for her. When Boodle died, Kayne went straight over to him, rested her head on him and didn’t move until Boodle was taken away to be cremated. Another weird part of this story is, since the day Boodle died, my dog Eva will not come for walks on the farm with me. She’s the most food motivated dog (Lab x) you’ll ever meet but nothing will get her to leave the perimeter of the house.

    1. Wow…yep its strange what must go through their minds when a dog dies…part of me feels they don’t notice because they don’t act the way I would expect (thinking like a human, that they should cry and mourn etc) however I understand that is not correct because they are a different animal with a different psychology. I have often thought, maybe they know where they are going, a better place maybe, maybe they can see that only the body has moved on etc…Who knows! My dogs all spent a decent amount of time looking at our dear dog Tamar in the grave as we buried her. They seemed to understand it was her time to move on. Jack (the biggest most dominant dog in the pack) took the longest time to say goodbye, it was very odd…watching him just lying on his belly, head looking down into the grave where Tamar was. I guess we will never know what the animals are thinking. Thanks so much for sharing your story Anna.

  59. My small white Havanese dog Luis was 14 when he began to show signs of decline. He was the first dog I had raised from a puppy and we were deeply bonded. One October day after Luis had just turned 15 and after he was diagnosed with cancer, I awoke from a late afternoon nap to his painful moaning and his sad eyes. He was telling me it was time to say goodbye and as difficult as it was, I had to respect his wishes. I have a large backyard in the Berkeley Hills and Luis and I had spent hundreds of hours on a backyard wooden swing watching the sun set. I sensed that before I took him to his vet, he wanted to sit out there, in his favorite spot and gently rock on the wooden swing. I carried him lovingly in my arms, tears running down my face as his slight little body struggled for breath and I told him how much I loved him and how much I would miss him. We sat down on the swing and as the sun moved in the sky, there was a great stillness that swept over the backyard. When I looked up, there were several deer perched by the fence staring directly at us and a dozen crows high up in the redwood and oak tree, looking down on us. It was as if they all knew their little white friend was leaving and they were paying tribute. Luis raised his head with his eyes wide open and I will swear to this very day, a smile came on his face. Then he licked my hand and I felt a great peace come over everything as I carried him back up the stairs to bring him to his forever sleep. I don’t remember much after that except our good friends were with us and everyone including Luis’ doctor cried a great deal. And then he left the earth and our lives with a tiny small shudder. Two days passed and when I opened my front door, I discovered a gift: a large illustrated children’s book about a dog who went to heaven. There were dozens of signatures and wonderful thoughts about this singular dog who had touched the lives of so many with his steadfast heart and his eternal courage. I will of course always remember Luis as the dog for whom the deer and the crows in the Berkeley Hills paid homage. And who gifted me with 15 years of unconditional love and joy.

    1. You brought a tear to my eye Joanna 🙂
      That little lick by the way is what I often call the thank you lick. Its the respectful, well done, good work, I love you lick. I can imagine how special that would have been for you.
      I totally believe that the “other animals” will often respond. The native americans are very familiar with this, that the animals are all connected together.
      Let me share a story! My wife Jenni visits Australia from New Zealand to train horses a couple of times a year.
      Last year she was about to return home and noticed a whole herd of horses charging around in a crazy fashion, something was wrong but Jenni had no idea what…it went on and on, the horses charging with no explanation. Jenni was stumped. The next day was my daughters 5th birthday
      and we awaited my wife’s return. Anyway, Jenni didn’t make it, she was not on the plane, they (Jenni and her organiser) had gotten the day of the flight wrong and had missed the plane and were not able to make Sage (my daughters birthday). When Jenni looked back she realised that at the exact time she was supposed to be leaving for the airport the horses had been charging around… FAST FORWARD 1 year. Jenni is back running the same horse clinic in Australia and its about 6 hours before she needs to leave for the airport to return home to New Zealand…and guess what.
      Same place, same horses, same thing, they start charging around! Jenni remembering what had happened last time and knowing it wasn’t chance decides to go and check the tickets to see if she has gotten the right day!
      So she goes to her room…only to find that they have left her bag, passport and tickets at the last clinic which is 4 hours away! Anyway…to cut a long story short. They drive down meet somebody half way and make the plane. BUT had the horses not been charging it would have been too late! Could be coincidence…but who knows – its a great story anyway 🙂
      Thank you so much for sharing Joanna.

  60. Years ago, we had taken our German Shepherd on vacation with us in the High Sierras. Just after we arrived one year, as we were busy unloading the gear, Heidi took off like greased lightning toward the swimming area. That was so unusual that we all followed – only to find her bringing a child to land who evidently had been in distress in the lake.

    1. Amazing…Such acute hearing. I hope the parents of the child were grateful and bought the dog treat 🙂 !

  61. The night I lost my roommate,I went to bed to find my beautiful brown standard poodle,Brie,had put her favorite toy on my pillow.After I setted in she jumped up on the bed and pressed herself as close to me as she could,prior to that night she always slept on the floor!She felt my pain and offered her love and favorite toy to comfort me. Four years later she is still sleeping with me.She is my heart dog.

    1. Too special Judy. Its easy to think that it is just co-incidence but if you watch the dogs closely you will see they are communicating and picking up on how we are acting all the time. Its just they can’t speak English, so they can’t say “I love You, I feel for you and I am sorry you’re down” but they can sense our energy I believe. Thanks for sharing.

  62. My little Australian Terrier Rusty always sat on the couch quiet and stayed near my old bordercollie Ben. Ben was a rescue dog and was intellectually challenged. He had arthirits and had pain. Rusty, didnt join in the fun with my other dogs, just stayed around Ben. Never went on the farm bike in the morning. Didnt make much fuss. We put Ben to sleep three weeks ago, Rusty was at his side. Since then Rusty has completely changed. He is waiting to go on the farm bike with the other dogs and be a ‘farm dog’ Barking all the way, is playing with the other two dogs, and generally involved with everything that is going on. Happy as. I could’nt work it out until the light went on, and I realized he had been Ben’s carer. His nurse, companion for six years. He never left his side. Rusty is the dearest little dog it’s so nice to see his new freedom.

  63. Not sure if you or any of your readers will trust what I’m going to say because I won’t be able to confirm it until it’s my time.
    I had a golden lab/sheppard cross while living in Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA. He grew to an astounding 21 years old before I really painfully needed to put him into that endless sleep. I had two brothers who my JOB (guy from the Bible, figured I needed patience with him and he also needed patience with me), needless to say my brothers loved him and he loved them right back. He also loved playing with about 15 children at the local school yard whenever he broke his chain ( all too common for this furry guy).
    My younger brother died from cancer a few years after I said my good byes to my JOB. I was notified via telephone while at work by a phone call from my Mom. I had planned to go and be with her and my brother when he went through more radiation and chemo therapy, but I got the phone call and caught the bus to go home and from there catch a flight to be with my Mom and Aunt to see to my brothers’ funeral service in Edmonton Alberta then fly his body home to Guelph, Ontario CANADA.
    I was in shock and had fits of weeping on my bus ride home. Felt like the world had ended.
    Then out of the blue (still brings tears to my eyes while trying to tell it here), out of the blue I had this image shot into my mind that the first ‘family’ member to approach my brother out of the mist was my JOB. I hadn’t thought of JOB for years, I was focused on my brother’s death and the pain. But THAT image fired all synapses at once and I was suddenly happy and relieved. So for whatever it’s worth, that’s my story of JOB reaching out from beyond that thin veil to sooth my pain.

    1. Hi Paul, I am sure your JOB will be there if thats what you believe. Its amazing how much our dogs mean to us and where we would be without them! Thanks for sharing, Dan

  64. My dog Kody, an Akita sensed something wrong with me as I had been seriously injured in a horse back riding accident. I spent three days in Acute Care in hospital and then released. Was unable to walk without aides for months. Anyways, during those three days in hospital she would not come out of her dog house, except by coaxing from my ex for a quick drink of water then back she went in dog house. When I got home she laid by my side on the floor next to the couch where I spent my days. Amazing. Kody was a one person dog and quite feral when I got her as a young pup, kennel raised and not handled much at all so very timid and insecure. She remained very guarded throughout her life time of 11 years but was definitely my dog, very protective and wonderful. Thanks, Doreen from West Kelowna, BC, Canada.

    1. Interesting…I love those dogs who chose you, those one person dogs! That connection is so special… Of course I also love all the other dogs too! Best wishes Dan

  65. My beautiful boy Toby a white Lab, was with me at home when a tradesman came to fix our TV antenna. Toby just loves people, loves everyone was very quiet and affectionate, rarely barked and had never showed any signs of aggression, but when this tradie turned up, within minutes he became extremely agitated and started barking, when i went outside to show the guy where the antenna was, Toby bolted out the door and I just caught him as he started to growl and bark at the man. He then tried to bite and attack him, he really wanted to tear this guy up, so I took him inside with me and locked the doors until the tradie finished and left at which point he calmed down to his normal self. There was definetely something about the guy he didn’t like, and i trusted his instinct.

  66. I have seen something similar to this one with my beautiful 18 Months Shiba Inu Puppy – Amidala. Unfortunately it wont be happy story…

    Amidala is extremely loving dog to family and very over protective when she thinks some one is threatening to her family or her yard. She wont attack but she will bark like crazy if some one enters our home or if she thinks we are in danger. To the point that once when I meet friend on a walk with Amidala and huge my friend she start barking.

    But other wise she beryl makes any sound even when she want to go to the garden she don’t make any sound she just sit down and look us in eyes and if we don’t notice her she try to get our attention by licking us. And rarely if she is desperate she squeak a little. Same on a walk she never bark on a walk except this one situation.

    So lets go to the story… We had in home my Grandmother that was very sick for long time and finely after months we convince her to move on to us and all the suddenly Amidala started to enter my Grandmother room and squeak apparently with out any reason (at list that what we think) couple days later we had to call ambulance for my Grandma… she was filling bad this happened many times and we didn’t realize that this time it is really bad but Amnidala did know this. When Paramedics arrive she didn’t bark at all the dog who bark on every one entering home she sit down in grandma room and squeak knowing that she need help. This newer happened before or after she bark on every one who she don’t know when entering home.

    My grandma passed away 4 days later in hospital and Amidala for next 2 weeks was entering her room and squeak. She did know better then us or any doctor. She did know my Grandma needed help and maybe if we didn’t ignore this odd behavior she would be still with us.

    1. Amazing… That is such a special story Pawel. Dogs just know…Thanks for sharing 🙂

  67. Hi, Dan. I did have smth like this with my Baby Bear. 4 years ago my already ex husband and I bought a 2.5 months old Baby Bear amazing Newfoundland baby boy. It was my first dog, and I could understand him, couldnt feel him, if I feed him enough, if he is in pain, if he is sad, or anything else, I was calling our vet even with a small red dot I found on the body, or if his body tempreture got up on 0.01. So my BB and I we looked like a chaotical couple that time, after 1 month my husband and i got into our last final arguement. Baby Bear used to stay all the time in the kitchen under the table, as it was the only spot where there were no carpet and it was fresh for him to sleep there… so that night, Baby Bear was staying almost all night in the bedroom with me on my side, which is the furthest from the entrance. So, after few unsuccessful tries to create a scandal, my ex husband found the only possible way to piss me off, he took the knife from the kitchen ans said that if we got a “damaged” (with bad health) puppy, he’s gonna kill him. Even that it could be just a threat, but just god knows what this man had in his head, I dont remember how i flew to another side of the bedroom over the king size bed and hit the knife out. If Baby Bear would stay on his spot on the kitchen that night, I definitely wouldnt have enough time to protect him, but he knew smth is gonna happen and he stayed this night with me by my side. Same night right after this insident, I packed my and Baby Bear’s bags and we left… When i was taking last bag out, my ex husband was watching TV laying on the coach in the living room, and the TV was in front of him in like 2 meters… All the time while i was taking all boxes and bags out, BB was following me like a shadow, and when it came to the last bag.. Baby Bear was following me crossing the living room, already on the exit i sensed he stopped and turned back to see what happened, and saw Baby Bear sitting right in the middle between the TV and face of my ex husband…, he pooped, got up, and very slowely followed me.. I almost blew up of laugh when we went out. And to tell the truth since next day I have never had any more problems with my baby boy, I always new if he was hungry, thirsty, in pay or just sad, and he the same way saved my life so many times during these 4 years just knowing when i was down and needed him most. He always knew and knows everything before me. Today is exactly 4 years and 2 months old, and he is the best dog in the whole Universe

    1. Wow, that is an amazing story! It’s pretty clear that BB is firmly devoted to you and that’s such a wonderful relationship to have with a dog. He is very lucky to have you in his life, and him in yours. Best…Doggy Dan

  68. Thank you. I have a 1 1/2 year old blue nose male pit bull. I am wanting to get him neutered ASAP, to help me with his young puppy out of this world energy and anxiety disorder that I believe he suffers from. Any tip for me would be highly appreciated. Thank you again. Gerald Robicheaux

    1. Hi Gerald, I would get him neutered and also start on my training program TheOnlineDogTrainer.com it is $1 trial for 3 days so you can check out the videos etc and then see if you want to stay on. Its a complete training program rather than a tip but I think that is what you need. Cheers Dan

  69. As a species, humans are incredibly arrogant. Of course they know far more than we do. We are here to do a job, so need to focus on that. As a homeopath, my boxer generally loves to come into the clinic. Those who welcome her always open up more than those who prefer her out of the room.

    1. Hi Madeleine, yep I agree…Lovely to hear about your boxer dog helping you 🙂

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