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DD 012: What they don’t tell you in puppy training classes

If you have a new puppy or you’re struggling with an older puppy, run puppy training classes or you just love dogs, then you’ll love this podcast. It’s all about a refreshing new approach to puppy training.

What you don't learn at puppy training classes

Taking a stand

Now a little word of warning… I’ve decided to make a splash and be just a tad controversial, so please be open-minded as you listen.

Hey, they say that in life you either fit into the current mold and go with the flow, or do something different and make a change. And I decided a long time ago that I could certainly improve the world of dog and puppy training.

So this recording should shake up the ‘puppy-school’ industry a little (who knows… maybe a lot!).

However, before we get stuck in, when it comes to raising a puppy you can’t get enough good advice… so if you want my 10 top tips to puppy training then just click the button below:

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 Why Puppy School needs to change

As soon as I finished the podcast, two things happened that really made me smile. Firstly, I received a phone call from a lady enquiring about my puppy training consultations. She needed some way of controlling her new puppy and explained how she’d already attended 4 puppy classes for $120, however it hadn’t been very helpful.

Well as you can imagine, I was intrigued. “What did you learn?” I asked her very innocently.

There was a long pause, I could almost hear her thinking, then she replied (rather unsure)… “Well, they taught us about the importance of vaccinations, worming and flea treatments… Oh and we learnt how to do a sit.”

I secretly smiled to myself. I’d heard this so many times before. Then within a couple of minutes I received an email from another lady. Here are her exact words.

“Hi Dan,
We have two small dogs that we adopted from the pound 4 years ago (we think they are Powder Puffs crossed with Maltese). We’ve had problems from the start that puppy training school didn’t help with.”

I stopped and thought “So this lady has endured 4 years of problems that should have been addressed when they were puppies. What are they teaching at these so-called puppy schools? More to the point, what aren’t they teaching?”

So this issue is something I feel strongly about, and why I’ve taken a certain stance on it.

As you can imagine, I was really pleased that I’d just completed this podcast; finally here’s something useful you can actually learn in your puppy training.

So what’s covered off?

Well without going into it too much, I’ve broken the podcast down into 4 topics:

Topic 1 – The problem with most puppy classes
Topic 2 – The “Secret to having an amazing puppy” training that should be taught but never is
Topic 3 – The importance of socializing and options
Topic 4 – A complete puppy training program that’s available to everyone

Get started now

Ok… so if you want to save heaps of money, stress and time then turn up the volume and get ready to find out how to get your puppy off to the perfect start.

The alternative is to check out my training program called The Dog Calming Code. In this program, I’ll show you how to get your puppy to calm down and listen to you when it matters most!

Have a great training day, and as always, love your dog ☺

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