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DoggyDan Podcast 02: Toilet training puppies and dogs

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My free Doggy Dan Podcast Show No.2 is available now. This blog will give you an overview of what is included in the podcast: Toilet Training Puppies and Dogs. If you are not needing help with toilet training then don’t worry… the podcast that you are waiting for is coming along very soon (although I’m sure you will find this one very, very interesting…).

Toilet potty training for puppies and dogs

Traditional toilet training

Toilet training is a funny thing in that there are two completely different issues to understand. Firstly there are those puppies (and sometimes dogs) who simply need some help in the area of being reminded where we would like them to go pee pee and poo poo, (this is what we commonly know as toilet training). Read more about it and watch the videos on this free Video Course here: Puppy Potty Training. This issue is usually quite straightforward to solve, however there is often a lot of patience involved. But it has very little, if anything, to do with being the pack leader.

Toilet training as a behavioural issue

Dogs are pack animals and when a dog believes that they are the pack leader a whole host of issues can arise surrounding the area of toileting. Often a dog will have been toileting very happily for several years when suddenly you return to a very large poo in the middle of the carpet and it is completely out of character. This is what I would call a behavioural issue surrounding mixed messages about being the pack leader.

Here is a list of just a few of the signs that suggests that your dog is in need of something other than more basic toilet training:

  1. Toileting in the house when you leave (even if it is for a short period)
  2. Marking your possessions such as shoes, bed, the children’s clothes
  3. Urinating outside then coming inside and finishing off
  4. Finding poo or wee right in the middle of the room, almost like your dog is trying to tell you something

When you get these sorts of issues, no amount of training is going to sort things out. Rather you need to understand where your dog is coming from and why they are doing what they are doing. It’s about understanding what your dog is thinking and why. Then the solution will become obvious.

Inside the podcastComment-on-iTunes-Button

I have included lots of tips and help and advice about training puppies. Here are just a few of the topics I have touched on…

  • Crate training
  • Setting your puppy up to succeed
  • Breaking old habits
  • The feeding and watering routine
  • The power of rewarding
  • What to do if your puppy makes a mistake

I think what I have to say will fascinate you even if you don’t have a dog or puppy with these issues. So enjoy the podcast and love your dog.

And remember, for those of you after immediate help with your puppy training, check out my Puppy Coach training program here!

Good luck! Comment below and let me know how you get on.


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