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West Highland Terrier puppy socializing with larger dogs

West Highland Terrier puppy meets larger dogs

In this video you’ll meet Horlicks, a West Highland Terrier puppy. Sh’e been introduced to my two girls, who are the first large dogs she’s ever met.

 Calm energy is the key to puppy socialization

Inca is very calm and relaxed, and that’s the invitation for the West Highland puppy, Horlicks, to come and play. If little Horlicks was barking loudly and making a lot of noise or trying to jump on my dog, she wouldn’t behave in this way, and there would be no more playtime.

Watch the body language

You’ll notice my dog taking a big sigh. This is a sign that she’s relaxed and that’s the invite for her now to come and play. Lying on her side is another sign of body language that says there’s no threat, and the invitation is extended. And of ocurse, her tail’s wagging because she’s happy and enjoying the attention.

In my scorecard, they scored pretty much a 10 out of 10 for puppy socialization. Well done, Hollicks!.

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