Socialization video while training german shepherd puppies

German shepherd puppy socialising with 2 older dogs

This is a very cute clip of a German Shepherd puppy socializing with my two much larger, older dogs. Peanut and Inca are 6 years and 3 years old respectively. It is amazing how tolerant and calm, well balanced happy dogs are. It is great for young puppies to meet friendly larger dogs and realize that they do not need to fear them.

Isn't it funny when the little pup starts to bite Inca's tail?

Puppy socialisation is all about your puppy learning how to respond and communicate with other dogs. There is a whole language to learn about every area of life where dogs will communicate through verbal and body language, and energy. Nobody can teach a puppy how hard they can bite when playing as well as another puppy or dog and that is important to get right before she grows her big teeth and has a jaw like a vice!

When to start socializing:

Get socialization started as soon as possible. It should be under way at around 10 – 14 weeks of age. After this it becomes far harder as your puppy will not be used to other strange animals. Hopefully your puppy will have been with her siblings from birth and so shall have already learnt many rules of the dog world. It is often tricky to get your puppy vaccinated yet also socialise her before she grows up, thus the need to get onto it fast! So speak to your Vet about how soon you can meet other dogs at the park and when the next puppy socialization class is. Get going, you only have a few weeks!

Like all training it never really ends however at 6 months old you will know if your puppy loves dogs or is not too sure still! Again this can change, just keep giving her the same message and making it a great experience.

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Enjoy! Cheers,

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    1. Hi! Good breeding is one aspect but the most important factor in determining a dog’s behaviour is it’s personality. No matter what the breed, or quality of the breeding, personality, and most importantly the information you give that puppy, are the key focuses in raising calm and well-behaved puppies. Best…Doggy Dan

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