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How to stop your dog from chewing the leash

How to stop your dog from chewing the leash

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In this video you’ll meet Ruby. She’s an 8-month old little Spoodle and she’s a gorgeous little girl.

However, when she went for a walk, she was causing her owner a whole host of problems.

The issue

As you can see, as soon as the lead came out, even in the back garden, little Ruby would go pretty crazy. Pulling and yanking and mouthing and chewing the lead. She is a small dog but she could still pull pretty strong and was very tenacious. She didn’t give up, even on long walk, she’d keep pulling all the way down the road and across the street. She’d be dragging you here, dragging you there.

And she just wouldn’t stop. Pull, pull, pull. Chew, chew, chew. It was a nightmare.

The solution

Let me show you a simple way of correcting this behavior. As always, the key to everything was gaining Ruby’s trust and respect. And, I did that through implementing and putting in place the Five Golden Rules.

Now here’s the little trick that helped me establish more respect on the walk.

One very simple way of getting her to change her behavior was to put a little chain through her collar, so that the first part of her leash is now a chain. But, she still had a soft little fabric collar on. Now, Ruby was still free to jump up and chew the chain if she wanted to. It was totally her choice. There was no shouting or pulling on the lead from me. We just let her change her behavior of her own free will.

At  the start she had a look, thinking “I’ll try and jump up and get the lead.” She had one good jump but couldn’t reach it and then said, “Fine.” It’ was as quick as that. Now, she’s a changed dog. She’s doesn’t bother chewing the chain anymore. She just walks nice and sensibly.


As you can see, very soon she was walking perfectly by my side. Happy to walk behind me, very loose lead and she wasn’t chewing it. And,even on the way back home, still a very loose leash  – and remember this is outside – we’re not in the garden anymore. There are far more distractions, but she was perfect.

And once she’d changed her behavior, we could revert back to the old lead. No chain required. It was a temporary training tool.

By putting in place the Five Golden Rules of the pack leader, I gained Ruby’s immediate respect. She knew she could trust me and she’d follow me. So, walking nicely on the lead by my side made perfect sense to her.

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