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How to stop a Bichon Frise barking

How to stop a dog barking

Now, the issue with this little barking Bichon Frise here was that when anybody tried to leave the house, he’d get absolutely crazy – barking like mad and jumping up and down. In this video, I’ll show you exactly how to stop a Bichon Frise barking all the time.

Use a simple lead

The issue revolves around being able to control the dog, and to control him in his environment. This is done by putting a simple lead on him. You’ll see what a difference it makes – when he’s not out of control, you can control him.

On the first attempt he’s still barking pretty full-on. So, what I’m doing is practicing  – almost going through the door, in and out, in and out. When he barks, this allows me to take lead and just say: hey! Without the lead on you, really just of lose a lot of control.

The more I repeat the in-out action, you can see the Bichon Frise getting calmer and calmer. He’s getting better and better at taking my lead. But, very importantly, you can see I’m not shouting at him. I’m not touching him. I’m just taking control of him and pointing at him and directing my fingers saying: hey, that behaviour is unacceptable.

He really starts to calm down and get it. And, this is where it’s important to point out that if you didn’t have that lead on him, he would be running around – because he’s a smart, logical little dog, he’d know that you couldn’t catch him. He gets himself into such a state making all that noise and becomes totally uncontrollable. But, as you can see with the lead on, he’s much calmer.

It’s partly true that old habits die hard – he’s so used to barking that he has to have a couple of barks. But again, if I didn’t have this simple lead on him, this little Bichon Frise would be barking, running up and down these stairs like he did before, going mad. But, when you can take control of the environment and stop it, he nips it in the bud pretty quickly. And, you just repeat repeat repeat repeat.

And then, when he’s behaving the you want, take the lead off. See how it goes. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your dog will change, but you may still need to practice to really imprint this behavior.

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