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Free Dog Training Online? You Bet!

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UPDATE: All good things come to an end, I’m afraid. The Free Trial is no longer available, but for just $1 you get exactly the same access for 3 days (plus some extra bonuses!)

Amazing dog training no longer costs the earth

Have you ever wished there was a website for training your new puppy or stopping your dog from some unwanted behavior?

For years as a professional dog trainer I did too!

Thinking of the millions of people world wide who were struggling to make sense of their new puppy or difficult dog, desperate and confused with everything they were being told, left me upset. I knew I had the knowledge to help…

I used to wonder why somebody didn’t put together a complete video based website for everyone to use, learn, enjoy and share at a cost that anyone could afford. It would be full of live consultations, tutorials, video examples and everything that people want to see and know all in one place. A collection of solutions and simple explanations to what’s going on and how to stop it.

A dream becomes reality…

I’m Doggy Dan, and for the last 5 years a small team and myself have been doing just that. We have been creating “The Online Dog Trainer”, a video website with over 250 videos of myself working with dogs and puppies.

My gift to you

On the 1st July 2014 we launched the 3 day FREE trial of the website. Now you can actually get proper, FREE dog training online, from a real professional dog trainer.

That’s right… if you’re reading this then you can have a look at the site for FREE!

==> Just click here <==

What’s inside the site?

Inside the site is a vast library of material. It’s mainly videos (approximately 250, but more being added consistently), and also written notes and audios. All the material is my own, and most of it has been filmed live on my dog consultations so you can see what really goes on.

There is tonnes of footage of me raising puppies from 8 weeks of age right through to me working with very confident dogs weighing in at 70kg, and everything in between!

Value for money

The FREE trial is exactly that. All you need to do is tell us where to send your password and then take a look around the site for 3 days for free. At the end of your trial if you don’t want to sign up for longer then no worries… you’ll have enjoyed the site, the material and gained heaps of knowledge for FREE – and I’m happy with that.

If you love the site as many people do and can see the benefit of putting the program in place, then the subscription is $37/month for access. You can stay on for just 1 month or longer, it’s your choice. Whatever you do, it may well be the best money you ever spend on your dog or puppy.

And of course, you can cancel at any time, there are no strings attached.

My own story

Putting this site together has taken many years for the team, it’s cost us a small fortune and required more love, attention and labor than I’d have dreamt possible at the start.

Many people tell me that the site’s simply the best dog training they have found on the internet, and I want as many people to benefit from it and enjoy it as possible.

In fact most people who put the training program in place report that it has been far more useful than the dog trainer that they’ve paid a pile of cash for to come and visit them in person. In terms of value for money you wont beat it!

My motivation to help dogs

My motivation in all of this has always been to help the dogs. If it wasn’t that I was absolutely determined to share my knowledge for the benefit of everyone I would have undoubtedly given up a long time ago!

Providing an amazing solution that works for people like you has been my goal. It’s an honour to share the knowledge that other people and dogs have shared with me.

You can do it!

Now its up to YOU…

Today is the day that YOU take charge of your dog training, and lift the dark cloud that’s hanging over your home.

(See how I’ve trained over 37,000 dogs here!)

It means YOU now have the power at your fingertips to change not just your dog’s life but also yours. It’s no longer a case of wishing that there was something you could do, or that you had well respected dog trainer living nearby.

Think of it… By the end of today we may both be working together to turn your situation around and you could have the biggest smile on your face!

And remember, I’m still with you all the way. Inside the site, for our full members, is an active Forum where I answer all your questions.

Enjoy the site and I shall see you on the inside!

Have a great training day!

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Doggy Dan

Doggy Dan is the founder of The Online Dog Trainer, a wildly successful online training program for dog owners. His goal is to continue to share his unique approach to dog training with like-minded people who wish to make a difference in the world of dogs. His training methods focus on creating and building the connection between dogs and dog owners, and are shared and used around the world.

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