Is Pet Insurance Worth It: Ten Things To Consider BEFORE You Purchase

Is pet insurance worth it?

Hey fellow dog owner, I understand it’s easy to be at a crossroads regarding pet insurance. Thousands of caring and protective pet owners have asked me that very question.

Pet insurance worth it for dog owners

I’m finally sharing what I tell dog owners who ask for pet insurance advice in this blog. With pet insurance marketed as a need and a must, should every pet owner get it?

Read on for the answer.

Key Takeaways

  1. Pet insurance is optional, but there are big factors that make it a must.
  2. Your budget plays a great role in making the decision whether or not you get pet insurance for your dogs.
  3. Large and pedigree dogs need pet insurance because they are more prone to emergencies and expensive general care costs.


Table of Contents

  1. Pet Insurance Worth It or Not? Here’s My Story
  2. Three Factors That Make Pet Insurance Worth It
  3. Two Factors That Make Pet Insurance Optional
  4. Should I Really Get Pet Insurance for Large and Pedigree Dogs?
  5. Is Pet Insurance Worth It? Ten Things to REALLY Consider Before Getting One
  6. Is Pet Insurance Worth It? The Answer Depends On What You Need

Pet Insurance – Worth It or Not? Here’s My Story

I love my dogs and every dog that comes to us is family. Because I’m also a protective pet owner, I opted for pet insurance for $500 a year for two dogs. The insurance spanned ten years and cost roughly $5,000.

Yet, after paying for the hefty dog insurance cost, I don’t think I have been able to make a claim that made me feel like I have made the most out of the insurance.

If anyone comes to me asking, “Should I get pet insurance for my dog?” I give this general answer: it really depends on so many factors.

I won’t immediately say, “Yes, get it!” because not all pet owners can shell out $250 a year for pet insurance.

I won’t also say, “No, don’t bother!” because pet insurance benefits are also good.

So many factors and considerations come into play in deciding if pet insurance is worth it, and I’m sharing them all with you in this blog.


Three Factors That Make Pet Insurance Worth It

How do you know if your pet needs pet insurance?

Should you get one just because your vet tells you to do so? Other pet owners telling you it’s a must? Because popular influencers are all about pet insurance?

pet insurance worth it for protection

Getting pet insurance is a major decision that should be based on WHAT YOU REALLY NEED. To help you make the decision whether or not to get dog insurance, consider these three important factors.

Factor #1: Your Financial Capacity for Emergencies

You can never tell when your dog might need a $5,000 treatment or operation. If you can’t afford to spend $5,000 just for a single emergency, consider getting pet insurance.

Having pet insurance for emergencies allows you to give proper care for your pet whenever they need it.

Factor #2: Your Peace of Mind Makes Pet Insurance Worth It

You can purchase insurance policies that cover various types of medical treatments and procedures, including emergency care, surgery, and medication.

is pet insurance worth it

If having a ready resource for emergencies give you assurance and peace of mind, pet insurance is worth it.

By having pet insurance, you can feel secure knowing that they will not have to make difficult decisions about your pet’s needs based on financial constraints. Pet insurance is worth it because it eliminates stress and worry of unexpected veterinary bills, which can be expensive and difficult to manage.

Factor #3: The Breed and Size of Your Dogs

It's hard not to feel the weight of the expenses when caring for a big or pedigreed dog. The costs can add up quickly leaving you feeling anxious and uncertain. But don't worry, you're not alone. Studies have shown that these dogs are more prone to health issues, making it even more important to prioritize their care.


I know it's tough to hear, but if you have a larger or pedigreed dog, chances are you'll be spending more than the average pet owner. That's why pet insurance is a no-brainer because for bigger dogs, pet insurance is worth it. It's like a safety net, protecting you and your furry companion from any unexpected health issues that may arise.

pet insurance worth it larger dogs

Investing in pet insurance can bring a sense of comfort and relief because it gives you a cushion to fall back on in case of any tragic events. It's all about providing the best possible care for your beloved pet while reducing the financial burden and stress that comes with it.

Two Factors That Make Pet Insurance Optional

While pet insurance can provide financial protection and peace of mind for pet owners, it is ultimately a personal decision based on individual circumstances and preferences. It is not mandatory and pet owners can choose to self-insure or pay for veterinary expenses out of pocket.

get pet insurance worth it

Here are three factors that can help you cross—without guilt!—pet insurance off your list of pet care must-haves.

Factor #1: You Have the Budget

If you have access to a substantial amount of money, such as $5,000, $10,000, or even $20,000 — and you don’t mind spending it on pet care alone — you can choose to opt out of pet insurance.

If you feel confident that you can cover the cost of unexpected veterinary bills by using savings or borrowing against their mortgage, pet insurance can be optional.


Factor #2: Your Dog is Low-maintenance

Low maintenance dogs, such as those who require minimal grooming or have few breed-specific health issues, may not require pet insurance. These dogs are generally less likely to develop chronic health problems, require frequent visits to the veterinarian, or need costly medical procedures.

Now here's a little caveat from Doggy Dan: while pet insurance may not be necessary for low-maintenance dogs, having a financial plan in place for unexpected veterinary expenses is still essential to ensure that you are prepared for any eventuality.

Should I Really Get Pet Insurance for Large and Pedigree Dogs?

Large and pedigree dogs may be more prone to certain health conditions than other dogs, so getting pet insurance is an advantage. These breeds may be more likely to develop conditions such as hip dysplasia, cancer, and heart disease, which can require expensive medical treatment.

In addition, larger dogs are also more susceptible to injuries, such as ligament tears, that may require surgical intervention.

Given the potential costs associated with these health issues, pet insurance can provide valuable financial protection for large and pedigree dog owners.

With the right coverage, pet insurance can help cover the cost of expensive medical treatments, surgeries, and medications. By investing in pet insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dogs are prepared for any unexpected veterinary expenses that may arise.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It? Ten Things to REALLY Consider Before Getting One

#1: Coverage of Your Pet Insurance

Consider what types of incidents and procedures are covered by the insurance policy, such as accidents, illnesses, and routine care.

#2: Exclusions

Be aware of any exclusions or limitations in the policy, such as pre-existing conditions or certain breeds that may not be covered.

#3: Deductibles

Determine the amount of deductible you are comfortable with, which is the amount you pay before the insurance kicks in.

#4: Premiums

Compare premiums from different insurance providers to find a policy that fits your budget. Luckily, you can find pet insurance policies with flexible premiums.


#5: Reimbursement Rates

Understand how reimbursement rates work and the percentage of the vet bill that will be covered by the policy so you’ll know what to expect.

#6: Waiting Periods

Find out if there are any waiting periods before coverage begins, and how long they last. Knowing this allows you to plan ahead and make sure that you have coverage in place when you need it.

#7: Maximum Payouts

Be aware of any maximum payouts or caps on coverage that may be included in the policy. You'll want to make sure that the policy provides sufficient coverage for your pet's potential medical needs, as well as any conditions that your pet may be prone to based on their breed or age.

It's also important to note that some pet insurance policies have a maximum payout per year, while others have a maximum payout per condition.

Understanding the details of the policy and the maximum payout limits can help you make an informed decision about which policy is right for you and your pet.

#8: Customer Service

Research the quality of customer service provided by the insurance provide before getting pet insurance. Don’t forget to read reviews from other pet owners.


#9 Provider Network

You can say that pet insurance is worth it is when you can use it for the services of the vet of your choice. Consider whether the insurance provider has a large network of veterinarians and specialists in your area.

#10 Pet's Age and Health

Take into account the age and health of your pet, as well as their breed and any previous health issues, to determine if pet insurance is worth it or necessary. This factor can also help you choose the best insurance coverage.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It? The Answer Depends On What You Need

“Should I buy pet insurance?” The answer to this question depends entirely on you.

Pet insurance is optional, and not getting one doesn’t mean you are a bad dog owner and you don’t care enough for your pets.

In the end, it all boils down to what you feel about these questions:

  • Are pet insurance costs too much for you?
  • Is getting pet insurance worth it for your peace of mind?
  • Do you want to be able to give your dog the care that they need, when they need it?
  • Is your budget enough to pay for emergency expenses out of your pocket?
  • Is your dog prone to illnesses? Do they require more pet care expenses?

Having pet insurance is good; there’s no doubt about that. However, when it’s currently out of your budget, or if you feel like the $250/year insurance cost is quite a reach, getting it for another time doesn’t make you any less of a loving pet owner.

I always believe pet owners have a strong gut instinct when it comes to raising dogs, so trust it.

Is pet insurance worth it? The answer depends on you because you know what’s best for you and your pet.

May the best choice win!

~ Doggy Dan 😄

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