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6 reasons why you should neuter your dog

Doggy Dan says neuter your dog

Moses, my 6-month old puppy, recently spent a couple of hours at the vets being de-sexed. It wasn’t a difficult decision at all, here’s why.

The hormone testosterone that’s generated by the entire male (that is the word given for male dogs who are not de-sexed) is what drives the male dog to reproduce. When this act or function of reproduction is not possible due to the fact that they are not free to roam and find a female who is available, the levels can easily build up to unnaturally high levels.

As humans we can end up creating difficult environments for our dogs without realising it – we place our dogs in situations they are unable to solve on their own. These high hormone levels build up, and without a way to bring them down the excessive testosterone produces behavioural changes that are often based around frustration and aggression.

6 good reasons to neuter your dog

Here are some of the most common issues owners face when they don’t neuter.

1. Dog aggression

Entire male dogs will generally end up in more trouble, especially with other male dogs. If two male dogs meet who are both entire then there is an even higher chance of trouble. It’s interesting that human boxers who wish to become more aggressive will often abstain for a period of time before a fight in order to build up their testosterone levels.

2. Marking

Dogs who are not neutered tend to mark inside and outside the house far more than dogs who are neutered. So if your dog is peeing on everything he can cock his leg on, neutering may very well help.

3. Females on heat

If there is a female in heat in the neighbourhood then he will be gone. Gone, as in out of your property to find her and make a date.

4. Unwanted attention

If your dog is entire then some dogs (not all but certainly more than you would want) will target yours in an attack. I have met many people who have stated quite clearly that their dog will not tolerate entire males. This is regardless of how your own dog behaves. Even if they are not attacked they can attract far more attention from other dogs than if they were neutered.

5. Access into Doggy Day Cares

You can attend doggy day cares and kennels with a neutered dog. Many such facilities will simply not allow dogs who are entire. I fully understand why, having seen the carnage that they cause for the very reasons I have listed above!

 6. Stopping unwanted puppies

Neutering your dog is a small part that you can play to stop the huge number of unwanted dogs that are brought into this world.

Please neuter your dog


So why run the risk of any of these issues associated with NOT neutering? The operation itself is cheap, straight-forward and over-and-done with within a few hours. Moses was right as rain the very next day and is still growing into a magnificent dog.

Generally speaking I would suggest that you get your dog neutered before 8-months of age as this is when things can really start to go wrong. Of course if you have an entire male dog and have never experienced any of these issues then congratulations, well done, and hats off to you. I am not saying that any of the above is guaranteed to happen, it’s simply more likely to. So why risk it?

Oh, and one other thing… if you are a responsible dog breeder then keeping your dog entire certainly makes a lot of sense 🙂

Please do the right thing…


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