DD 008: When Dogs Bite Their Owners - Why It Happens And How To Prevent it

DD 008: When Dogs Bite Their Owners – Why It Happens And How To Prevent It

Ever wondered why on earth a dog would bite their owner? Or maybe your question is even closer to home such as “why did my dog bite ME?”

Why did they do it? Was it random? Have they tasted blood? Is this the end? Can anyone help now? Is it too late?

When dogs bite it can all be extremely stressful for all involved. The good news is that there is a solution and it’s not rocket science.

When dogs bite their owners

Doggy Dan Podcast 008: When Dogs Bite Their Owners

That’s what this podcast is all about. By the end you will have a completely different understanding of what is going on. Your dog’s behavior will make so much more sense to you and you’ll see that they’re not being completely random. They are simply following the rules of being a dog.

Winning is easy

The great news is that there’s actually so much that we can do to help set them up to win. Then there’s far less chance of any accidents ever occurring again. There’s nothing worse than living in fear of your dog. Worried that they may bite you or a family member.

If you have young children and a dog then understanding what is going on is crucial if you are wanting to avoid the unthinkable from happening. Sadly when dogs do bite, everyone suffers. The person or child who was bitten suffers pain, your dogs life often takes a turn for the worse without them really understanding why and the relationship that you have with your dog takes a dive…

The crazy thing is that it does not have to be this way. In fact dogs biting owners is one of the easiest problems to solve, or even better, avoid!

A summary of what we cover off in the podcast

1. Firstly we look at the most common reasons that dogs bite owners:

  • Food, and the danger of not understanding it
  • Unhappy with your behavior. When you misbehave in your dog’s eyes!
  • Deflected aggression. Why getting involved when your dog is stressed can result in you getting bitten
  • Space invading. What it means when you invade your dog’s space

2. Secondly we take a look at how dogs behave in the wild regarding these topics as it helps us understand how they naturally behave.

3. Thirdly I explain why we need to avoid the lethal combination of mixing children, food and dogs together and why it so often results in accidents.

4. Fourthly we go through one life saving rule. It’s very simple and if it’s put into place your chances of not being bitten increase dramatically. I call this Part One of the solution.

5. And then lastly I explain how the real solution lies in understanding how to make your dog more tolerant. As with people, the more relaxed, calm and tolerant they are the less chance there is of them snapping.

So there you go, get stuck into it and enjoy the podcast.

For anyone who needs help with a biting dog…

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