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Puppy training videos – Project Moses

This is Moses, he’s an 8 week old Heading Dog (Huntaway x Border Collie) cross Labrador that I picked up from the SPCA on Tuesday 29th January 2013.  So he is a real little mix of breeds. He plays a large part in what I have named Project Moses, a video diary of the training of a young puppy from 8 weeks old by a professional dog trainer (myself).

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We already have hours of footage (I shall only be using the highlights!) and he’s only been in our home less than 2 days. So as you can imagine we are literally catching everything on film. I shall then cut these clips into short videos that can be used for learning how to raise and train your puppy. Many of these videos will be freely available here on my blog, on my YouTube channel and on my Facebook page, and many more will be on my membership video website (read more about it here). My dream is to provide everyone with a place to go to find the answers they are looking for: how to train the perfect dog and stop all unwanted behaviours! 

I’ve had so much fun putting everything in place and watching it work. It has not been without a few hiccups along the way but I shall include all of that so that you can see how the mistakes all become part of the journey and the learning.

Movies like this…

Last night little Moses was crying when I turned the light out and left him in his little crate alongside my two big dogs. After 5 minutes of ear piercing howling (he sounded like a 50kg wolf) I decided that the situation was perfect for me to record. I picked up my camera and calmly walked down the corridor, opened the door, and turned on the light. His howling stopped immediately and I slowly moved around the room, staying away, but filming him without actually looking at him. I said nothing and remained very calm. After 60 seconds I turned off the light and left the room. He did not make another peep until I went in to see him at 5.30am.

Yes that little trick is something that always makes me smile. It goes something like this “Yes I can hear you, Yes I am alive and well, Yes I can see that you are also alive and well and No I am not going to give you any attention for screaming or barking so go to sleep.” It may not work every time but it worked a treat last night.

Doggy Dan and new puppy Moses at the start of Project Moses

Here’s to Project Moses

He is a great little boy, I hope you enjoy watching him as he grows up as much as I enjoy training him 🙂

To follow his progress subscribe to my blog / YouTube channel / Facebook page, so you’ll get to see some of the new movies of him. To watch ALL the videos, in a daily/weekly sequence join the today.

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Enjoy the journey!


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