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DD 015: How to train your dog to come every time

In this FREE podcast we take a look at one of the most basic of all commands. Something that’s surely so natural for a dog… but sadly for many people it isn’t.

How to train your dog to come every time with Doggy Dan

So simple in theory

The recall, as I like to call it, is all about getting your dog to return to your side. And in theory it’s so simple. You call your dog and they come running towards you wagging their tail. Yet in reality so many people struggle with this. Unfortunately it results in dogs being walked only on by leash their entire lives, or worse still, they aren’t walked at all for fear of them never coming back.

The Frustration

You’ve probably seen it dozens of times. A frustrated dog owner slowly asking, then calling, then shouting for their dog to come as the dog carries on running around in circles having the time of their life. It can be amusing to watch but so annoying when its happening to you. Sometimes it can be far more subtle… your dog stands just out of reach, refusing to come, or running around just out of your grasp. It can all be so frustrating.

Is recall really that hard?

So is recall a tricky exercise to master? Something that only a few owners will be able to achieve at any high level? Or is there something that we’re missing?

The truth is recall is one of the most natural commands for almost any dog, and so simple to train when you know how. In this podcast I explain why it’s such a natural action for dogs and why it actually works WITH their nature.

6 Keys to a successful recall

Then I’ll walk you through 6 of the most powerful ways to turn your recall around, and get your dog running back to you every time you call them. We cover off…

  1. The Contract: This is where it all starts to go wrong. When you call your dog what do they think is going to happen? Most likely your dog is thinking “OK so they want to put me on the leash.”
  2. Rewards: Most people have either stopped rewarding their dog completely or are using rewards but not in a smart way. Understanding how to use the three types of rewards is key.
  3. Control of your environment: What do you do when your dog doesn’t come when called? And how to prevent it in the first place.
  4. Your body language: We take a look at how your body language, movement, stance and voice can all determine whether your dog comes or not when called.
  5. Pack Leader: Dogs will listen and follow the commands of pack leaders far more than those they see as below them in the pack.
  6. Frequency: The overuse of recall is one of the biggest reasons it fails. Knowing when and how often to call your dog is key.

More recall training resources

Often putting in place just a few of the suggestions in the podcast can turn around your recall. Sometimes in a very short time. For those of you who are looking to perfect your technique, take it to another level or have a particularly tricky dog, I also explain where you can get a heap more information including another audio from myself with loads more tips on this topic.

For my complete dog training program that includes the training info you need to perfect the recall command and get your dog to listen when it matters most, check out The Dog Calming Code.

What’s your recall like?

Tell me in the comments section below just how frustrating your recall is right now… I’d love to know, and offer some help!

Have a great training day, and as always, love your dog ☺

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