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DD 013: How to stop puppy biting and mouthing

Mouthing in nature

In nature it’s so natural for puppies to mouth their siblings. They understand exactly what’s acceptable and what’s not. When they’re living with us however we often struggle to come to terms with what is okay and what’s not. I sometimes find myself working with people whose homes have been turned into fish bowls where their puppy is like a piranha fish trying to bite anything that moves!

How to stop puppies biting and mouthing

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In this free podcast I cover off 3 key topics on How to stop puppy biting and mouthing.

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1. How Biting & Mouthing works in nature

Here we take a look at how it all works in nature and why we are making things hard for ourselves with some very old school training methods. If you have a young puppy then you may well discover that you have been told to set your puppy up to fail without even realising it.

2. Summary of the solution

The thing about stopping puppies biting and mouthing is that it’s actually very simple when you know how. There is no need for screaming and shouting and certainly no need for tapping or smacking your puppy. In fact these things will often only make things worth. A calm approach with a simple yet effective consequence if they continue is all you need.

3. Why things go wrong

Here I cover off some of the most common reasons why things go wrong and explain exactly what to do to turn it around, including the missing piece of the jigsaw… The one thing that every puppy owner needs to do to put an end, quickly and easily, to all that biting and mouthing.

Understand the real battle that’s taking place

As well as covering off all the practical steps we need to take, we also take a more in depth look at why we’re really running into trouble. For example we look at how a mother dog works patiently with her pups, putting up with so much hassle, however when she draws the line in the sand and says that’s enough, the pups will respect her and stop. So the question has to be asked “Why do our puppies fight back so hard?”, and the answer may surprise you!

Q & A and more help if you need it

At the end of the podcast I answer a selection of your questions and show you where you get a whole load more information on stopping this and many other issues if you want more help. Of course this puppy problem is completely covered off in my video training website, theonlinedogtrainer.com.

If you’re struggling with puppy mouthing and biting or have an older puppy or dog and are in trouble then help is here, enjoy the podcast!

If you’re looking for a more concrete solution that will help you sooner rather than later, I invite you to check out how I’ve trained over 37,000 with a kind, gentle approach.

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Have a great training day, and as always, love your dog ☺

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