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Dominant dog play

Dominant dog play

Dominance and submissive behaviour

Many people see dominance as a bad thing with dogs which is a shame as it is simply another way of saying that they naturally like to be in charge.

Being dominant is the opposite of being submissive which again is neither good nor bad. Being naturally submissive tends to mean that a dog will be more keen to follow than to be in charge. People are no different. It’s just that we are a little bit more subtle about how we go about it! Not all of us want to be the manager of a large multi-national company with big decisions to make and many people to manage. However there are still lots of people who do.

In the video above called “Dominant dog play” I have caught on camera two lovely dogs named Sadie and Zoe who demonstrate the beauty of dominant and submissive behaviour during play. They live together and have had a lot of time to practice – to watch it is poetry in motion. Zoe, the Red Heeler is 12 years old and Sadie the Staffy Cross is 14 months old.

In this short dog training video I managed to capture the following dog behaviours and body language:

The activity or body language Reason or meaning in dog
The play bow – Come play with me
Head over the back of the neck – I am in charge
Roll on the back – You are in charge
Spinning 360 degrees – Come play, I am so very happy
Sadie jumping towards Zoe’s face – Trying to get Zoe to react
Teeth baring – To protect the gums during play
Attention barking – Trying to get Zoe to play
Nose punching – Trying to get Zoe to play
A complete body shake – Relaxing
Growling and a telling off – Don’t do that again

Watching dogs is one of the great ways of learning about them, and in this video it is very clear who is in charge and who is the young upstart. Both dogs are very happy in their different roles, which is why it’s lovely to watch.

Dominant dog play

Understanding Dogs

Understanding how dogs view the world is vitally important as so much of their behaviour stems from some very simple concepts, such as who is in charge. And if you’re experiencing behavioural problems with your dog, chances are it has to do with the hierarchy of who’s the leader in your home. Almost 95% of the dog consults I do are with owners who’re experiencing their dog being the Leader of the Pack, and they’re not aware of it.

As soon as you establish yourself as the Pack Leader, your dog’s behaviour will change before your very eyes. They suddenly hand the responsibilities of being in charge over to you, and are happy to follow. I have created 5 Golden Rules to becoming the Pack Leader, which when put in place consistently, often instantly solve most behavioural problems with your dog.

Enjoy the dominant dog play video and if you need help to stop any unwanted dog behaviours check out my program, The Dog Calming Code to see how I’ve trained over 37,000 dogs! Or, if you have a puppy, get started with my Puppy Coach training program!


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