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Doggy Dan’s Top 10 Favorite Dog Movies

Hi there…

Usually I like to share about dog training, but today I want to do something different and fun.


Get excited, because tonight, it’s movie night!

As a guy who loves dogs, you can bet that I’ve watched a fair share of dog movies in my life. And while I love them all, there are a few that have stood out of the crowd.

I thought it would be neat to share my favorites so you can check them out. Perhaps a few that are on my list are your favorites as well.

They’re not your usual Walt Disney dog movies, but are geared more for seasoned dog owners and lovers! The best part…whilst some of them are fictional, most are actually true stories.

Without further ado, check out my favorite dog movies (complete with suggested audience!) and give them a watch!


Favorite Dog Movie #1 — Eight Below


Eight Below is a true story about one man’s love of his sled dogs and his commitment to saving them after they get stranded in a snow storm in Antarctica.

Suggested Audience: Perfect for those of you who love a bit of drama and suspense!


Favorite Dog Movie #2 — Hachi


Hachi is one of the most emotional true stories of a dog named Hachi– one of the most loyal dogs in the world. I don’t want to give away too many details as it will ruin the movie for you, but his loyalty was so well observed, there is a now a statue of him in Japan.

Suggested Audience: For those of you who love to be reminded of how amazing dogs are. Have the tissue box ready.


Favorite Dog Movie #3 — Dean Spanley


Dean Spanley is a totally fictional movie, and it starts off slow; however, once the excitement of the film starts, the story grips you. Without spoiling anything, I can tell you that it’s a classic “anything is possible” movie that involves an amazing dog.

I also have to add in here that I actually worked with a lady and it feels like the exact same thing has happened to her as occurs in this movie.

Suggested Audience: Great for those of you who love to dream and who want to believe there is more to this life than just bricks and mortar.


Favorite Dog Movie #4 — Marley and Me


Marley and Me is a fun, light-hearted look into the struggle that can come with training a dog. Despite all the challenges, the main character in this movie is able to find a positive side to the chaos that sometimes comes with owning a dog.

Suggested Audience: For those of you who want to feel better about yourselves as competent dog owners.


Favorite Dog Movie #5 — Old Yeller


So, this is the one movie on this list that I haven’t actually seen, but it’s such a classic–and it’s on my list to watch–so I just couldn’t exclude it.

Suggested Audience: For those of you who want to go back in time and watch an old classic.


Favorite Dog Movie #6 — Homeward Bound


I have to be honest here…my wife, upon hearing that I was putting this top 10 list together, insisted that this should be in there. And who am I to argue? It truly is a great movie about a dog (and a few other pets’) desire to get home to the humans they love.

Suggested Audience:Those who love a nice movie with a happy ending!


Favorite Dog Movie #7 — Red Dog


Red Dog is a classic story that really summarises the love that dogs can have for humans, travel and adventure. It’s based on the true story of an Australian dog who it is believed travelled across the ocean by ship.

Suggested Audience:For those of the exploring, free-ranging, and travelling types who love to be free. Have the tissues ready.


Favorite Dog Movie #8 — Black Wolf


Okay, so this movie is more about wolves than it is about dogs, but it’s a real-life story/documentary that showcases the incredible connection between wolves and dogs.

The movie starts out with these words that always make me smile…

“There is a code among wolves…honor the hierarchy, maintain order, obey the rules.” Throughout the whole movie I can see how, whilst wolves are different from dogs, many of the things that are important to the wolves are still important to our little dogs!

Suggested Audience: For budding dog psychologists who want to understand a dog’s true instincts.


Favorite Dog Movie #9 — The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon


Warning… I watched this movie when I was very young, so please do forgive me if it’s not as amazing as I remember it to be! It’s a classic story from 1903 about Buck, a dog who was kidnapped from his home in California and taken to the Yukon where he is mistreated until a prospector discovers him.

Suggested Audience:Something easy going and a little bit older! Not for film critics.


Favorite Dog Movie #10 — BomBon: El Perro


This movie is for the more artistic type who wants to watch something a bit different. It has subtitles as it is an Argentinian movie.

I think it’s great because it highlights how we judge dogs by their breed. The movie took me by surprise, and although I watched it a long time ago, I really enjoyed it!

Suggested Audience: Dog-loving film critics and movie buffs.


There you have it…my favorite dog movies of all time!

I’m sure that there are loads more movies out there that I have either forgotten about or never seen. I love a good dog movie, so if there are any that you think I would really like, please let me know in the comments below!

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