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Hi! I’m Doggy Dan—owner and head coach at The Online Dog Trainer and the Dog Trainer Academy.

Since 2010, I have developed a huge online vault of dog training material—featuring loads of courses and over 300 training videos!

My mission is to spread the word of my kind and gentle training methods that are affordable and accessible to anyone in the world.

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So far, over 77,000 dog owners have had amazing results using the TODT training, and we have hundreds of certified dog trainers who’ve graduated from the DTA. Now you can also promote and earn money from their success — by joining our…

D♡GGY DAN Affiliate Program!

Our D♡GGY DAN Affiliate Program pays you commission on the sales you generate from our Woocommerce affiliate platform—this page is all about this platform. Woocom is our new shopping cart system, and it's super smart, allowing for easy upsells, cross-sells, order bumps, gift cards, coupons, and all kinds of promotions that we will share with you (like Black Friday, and Christmas!). You can sign up for our (Woocom) D♡GGY DAN Affiliate Program HERE.

We are also on the ClickBank affiliate platform (since 2010!), and have the same products and commissions listed on their platform. We don't mind which you use…to find out more about the ClickBank Affiliate Program go HERE.

So how does it work?

  1. You sign up to join our D♡GGY DAN Affiliate Program HERE.
  2. You get your own unique purchase link to share with others—and if they click on it and buy, you will get up to 70%* of that sale.
  3. You can promote your special link on your website, post it on your social profiles, share with family and friends, send via email…however you like.
  4. Once a month we pay out your commissions to your PayPal account.
*commissions vary per product

What do we offer?

  • Up to 70% commission on all purchases of digital courses plus any recurring payments via your own affiliate links.
  • After it’s clicked, your affiliate link (cookie) will stay alive for 60-days in which any sale that’s generated is credited to you.
  • Your personal dashboard will give you quick access to your affiliate performance, showing things like total clicks, earnings per click, conversions and commissions. On the dashboard, you can even create your own custom links to our courses.
  • Monthly commission payouts to your PayPal account, regular as clockwork.

What do you need

  1. You’ll need a working PayPal account to receive payouts.
  2. Click this link to sign-up as a D♡GGY DAN Affiliate 
  3. Get ready to help your friends, family and audiences find the best dog training courses in the world!

I believe we can help a lot of people and dogs together!

How it could work for you…

We have different courses for all stages of your dog’s life as well as for different problem behaviors…but to show you an example of a typical customer journey, let’s say a new prospect might first be directed to our Dog Calming Code™ landing page.

The Dog Calming Code™ is one of our most popular courses at $27. And many buyers also decide to get the “Dog Calming Code Audiobook” order bump at $7.

Let’s say the commission for those two products is set to 70%*, this means that you have now made $23.80 from one purchase – not bad, huh?

But it gets better …

Once you bring in a new student – we take over!

Many of our courses are specific to only one dog problem, but we all know that most dogs don’t just have one issue… so we make sure that ALL our courses are available for an upgrade to a higher plan.

There’s a strong chance they could upgrade their plan to our Complete Pack of courses, at $197.

And since they do that within 60 days of clicking your link…you get another 70%* commission for that!

Boom – you make $161.70 from just one student.

From sharing one link. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Let’s look at how you can spread the word about your links…

Ways to promote our courses

To your organic traffic

Do you have a dog website where you share information and affiliate content?

Adding our links to your articles will bring traffic to our page—and you get a sweet 70%* of every online training course they purchase!

Some of our organic traffic affiliates hit 4-digit earnings as little as 3 months after joining our program and using links strategically.

On your social media

Do you have an Instagram account? Maybe you have one just for your dog? 

Are you active on Facebook?

Sharing our courses on social media is a great way to motivate others to train and get your 70%* commission on every program you sell.

In emails/as direct links

Do you have an email list that would enjoy hearing about our classes?

Are some of your friends interested in joining an online class after they watched your progress with your own dog?

Send a link via email and get 70%* of their course purchase price!

Use our affiliate resources

Once you join our program, we can provide you with all the tools you need, like banners, email templates, images etc. so you can promote the courses as effectively as possible.

We’re always here to answer your questions and give you pointers on the best ways to spread the word about The Online Dog Trainer and the Dog Trainer Academy.

Help us help other dog owners—and get rewarded!

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