Is Your Dog Difficult to manage On Leash And Pulling You Around On Daily Walks?

Turn Woeful Walks into Wonderful Wanderings in Just Minutes With The ‘Pull No More’ Leash Training Program

Regain Control on Walks…

Maintain a Loose Leash From Start to Finish…

Develop a Deeper Connection With Your Dog…

Get ground-breaking, tangible leash-training guidance from Doggy Dan.. so you never have to be dragged along on a walk again!

Does Your Dog…

Pull on the leash while you go on walks?

Get overly excited before you even get out of the house?

Act reactive or even aggressive toward other dogs or people on leash?

Claim control of your walks? Deciding where you will go, what they will sniff, and how fast you will get there?

If you are experiencing ANY of these challenges, this Pull No More’ Leash Training Program is your best solution to regaining control in these scenarios in a loving, non-forceful way… Often within just MINUTES of applying the techniques!


Crazy, hyper dog behavior when getting ready for the walk

Injuries to your shoulder or arms

Embarrassment around the neighborhood

Being walked BY your dog!

You don’t need to send your dog to obedience workshops…

Instead your dog has to understand that you’re the leader inside & outside of the house. The obedience will come naturally with this understanding that YOU are in charge.

Walks with your dog shouldn’t be a power struggle!

When your dog thinks they’re in charge, you will NEVER have a loose leash. Because, simply put, pulling on the leash is a sign of your dog taking control of the situation that they have no business controlling.

Stop using sticky treats and torturous collars…

Many people think the solution is in training the dog to WALK properly using treats as bribery and harmful collars and devices… when in reality, this is ALL wrong…

It's about establishing yourself as the leader!

The ‘Pull No More’ Leash Training Program teaches you everything you need to know to reclaim your status as “leader of the pack” so that all misbehaviors, not JUST leash-pulling, are banished with this simple shift in status.

Your dog isn’t pulling on the leash because they are a bad dog… They are pulling because they think they are the leader…

Over 88,000 happy dog owners…

These lessons have been taught by Doggy Dan to over 88,000 happy dog owners, and they can help you regain control and clear up ANY misunderstanding between you and your dog. So you can both enjoy your walks together without the band aid “solutions” that most training programs provide!

“Win Over Your Dog’s Mind, and the Body Will Follow.”

Establish Yourself as Your Dog’s Trusted Leader With The Pull No More’ Leash Training Program and Watch Your Walks (And Overall Relationship With Your Dog) Change Forever!

What’s Included:

Leash Training Modules With Doggy Dan: Guided lessons from The Online Dog Trainer, Doggy Dan, on how to manage your dog inside the home to create a better experience outside of the home.

Walk Lessons from The Perfect Puppy Program: Watch Doggy Dan exemplify the importance of having your pup walk beside you both on AND off leash. Learn how to perform and perfect the “heel” command with or without a leash, even with puppies!

Video Diary Lessons From Project Moses: Follow along on Moses’ journey to better leash control to gain insight, get examples, and see real life case studies for how to apply everything you have learned!

Stop, Start & Change Direction: Key dog-walking related content pulled from the popular Everyday Tools & Techniques course. This module encourages a calm, cool and collected dog in public settings and gives you methods to reset your dog’s mindset in high stress environments.

Leash Focused Training From All Dog Problems Solved: Covering key lessons from dog walking, pulling on the leash, and aggression solutions, this provides problem-oriented solutions to your biggest on-leash concerns!

And last but not LEASHED...

BONUS: Get my TOP actionable worksheets to apply everything you learn in the ‘Pull No More’ Leash Training Program to your dog’s unique situation!

This BONUS Bundle Includes:

The 7 BIG Mistakes People Make When Walking Their Dog…(And the solution to resolving each one)

Doggy Dan’s 12-Point Walking Checklist… so you can set your walks up for success from beginning to end with ‘step-by-step’ guidance along the way.

AND we’ve added in an ADDITIONAL surprise bonus offer included in this bundle!

Additional Benefits You Can Expect With
The ‘Pull No More’ Leash Training Program…

Better recall and obedience to your commands

No jumping and/or barking at people who come into your space

Better understanding of physical boundaries reducing the risk of your dog running away

An overall calmer dog

This is ALL possible with this training because it is rooted in establishing a trusted connection between you and your dog.

Being the leader and providing security for your dog allows for correction across all problem areas your dog may be facing.

Get the dog your friends wished they had!

Regular Price: $397 Today Only $297USD!

(no recurring fees!)
Instant Access! Even if it's 2am – Guaranteed!

The 30 Day
‘Money-Bark’ Guarantee (see what we did there?)

If at any point within one month of purchase you’re not happy with your progress, you’re covered by our ‘30 Day Money-Back Guarantee’.

That means that if you want to cancel, we’ll refund your purchase in full, no questions asked.

Hi, I'm Doggy Dan

I was once a police officer, an engineer and a sales manager…

Until later in life I discovered my deep passion for working with dogs.

I went through every single dog training course I could find, and I realized there wasn’t a holistic, gentle approach that was being taught to get to the root cause of bad doggy behaviour.

I was only seeing bribery, force, and band-aid solutions at the heart of all dog training.

It was after I learned how to “think like a dog” for myself, that I found the most effective dog training method on earth (and you’re about to learn it yourself in just a few minutes)…

Because dogs think like dogs… However, most humans treat dogs like humans!

And this simply doesn’t work 🙂 Now, over the past 10+ years I've personally worked with thousands of dogs and puppy owners…

I’ve been around the block with owners who thought they somehow grabbed the most stubborn pup of the lot...

Yet almost every single time, it was just one simple behavioral mistake causing these dog owners to feel helpless... and feel as if their dog was just non-responsive to all dog training known to man...

Having trained dogs of all types and breeds, with EVERY type of problem, there are now thousands of happy dog owners all over the world – everyday – using my training methods with excellent results.

I’m excited to share these simple techniques with you so you, too, can see the difference that a gentle approach to training is all it takes to stop leash pulling and start enjoying walks with your dog again, for good!

I cannot wait for you and your dog to be another one of my success stories!

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You may have seen from the comments posted by our happy customers that some are getting results in as little as 20 minutes! I know this is not always the case, but you really can expect to see amazing results in just a few days. 

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