Discover The Quick And Easy Way To An Obedient Dog WITHOUT Spending Hours Of Training And Thousands Of Dollars!

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This FREE video training will reveal to you my method that has your dog CHOOSING to obey you, every time!

You’ll discover…

Why most Dog Training methods only set you up to FAIL!

Why using food bribes and clickers to train your dog won't work long term

That trying to use shock-collars or force, fear or aggression, is outdated and just plain sad!

When you apply my method, you don't have to spend hours 'training' your dog - your dog will simply CHOOSE to obey you and follow your commands

What You'll Discover In This Training:

VIDEO #1: Meet Doggy Dan and discover his powerful method that 88,000 dog owners love

VIDEO #2: Why traditional training methods are outdated and won’t work long term

VIDEO #3: How to apply dog psychology (not human) to win your dog’s mind first

VIDEO #4: Even the toughest dog problems can be solved quickly when you know how

With the 'Easy Way To An Obedient Dog' method, over 88,000 happy dog owners are far less stressed and have created a more loving relationship with their dog...

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* Please note that not all results are the same. Levels of success will depend on how consistent you are with using Dan’s method.

Over 20 Years of Dog Training Experience

I’m Doggy Dan (or Dan Abdelnoor if you wanna get really formal), and I’m the founder of The Online Dog Trainer. 

Owners all over the world come to me for help with dogs of all breeds and ages – safe to say I’ve solved almost every behavioral issue under the sun!

I can’t quite believe it, but I’ve helped more than 88,000 owners create a happy, healthy relationship with their dog through my courses, and helped more than 1,800,000 subscribers through my blog. 

The opportunity to help dog owners live a better life by getting rid of the stress and anxiety caused by a troublesome pup is something I feel so fortunate to be a part of. 

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