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"Do You Want To Become The Best Dog Owner You Can Possibly Be…?"

Would you like your dog (and WHOLE FAMILY) to grow up well balanced?

Don't Miss Out - Inside Doggy Dan's Book You'll Discover...

How to lead the way in your family without using fear or aggression

How to win your dog's (+ your child's) mind before any parenting can work

How to be clear and calm, firm yet fair in all your dealings with others

How to be confident and sensitive to those around you

How to notice the subtle messages our children and dogs are sending us

How to get everyone in your household to CHOOSE to listen to you!

How to be confident and sensitive to those around you

How to notice the subtle messages our children and dogs are sending us

How to get everyone in your household to CHOOSE to listen to you!

TV Interview With Doggy Dan About The New Book

“What The Dogs Taught Me About Being A Parent” – live on Breakfast Television.

"This book will change your life forever..."

Some Of The Rave Reviews Dan's Book Is Receiving...

If you're looking for a calm, clear, gentle method of raising your family, WITHOUT using fear or aggression, then look no further...

Doggy Dan’s book explains some of the key building blocks to being the best pack leader you possibly can, where your child, puppy or dog responds to you through choice of their own free will.

Find out how to always remain calm in the storm - Why minor events trigger major explosions and how to set yourself up to win every time (with the help of the 10-Point Escalating Scale Towards Aggression).

How to control your environment - When things go crazy, it's often too late - so how do we limit the number of factors that can set situations off? A lot of the time we just need to be in control the environment - so make sure you have all the tools for the job.

Nature vs Nurture - the showdown - What makes our dogs and children who they are? Is it their breed? The parenting they receive? Their DNA? Their history? Doggy Dan unpacks it all, and we learn that appearances can be deceptive...

What on earth is this 'energy' thing? - Young children and dogs are acutely aware of other people's energy. But as adults we lose much of this intuitive ability... the good news is that it is possible to get it back! Learn to use this energy positively to affect your emotions and others around you.

Stop adding fuel to the fire - Ask yourself: What energy do you bring to situations where things need to be calmed down? Learn the incredible 'Calm Freeze' for your dog, and the 'Boring Hug' for your child, which can defuse even the most volatile situations.

Realise your child is your mirror - And your dog too...so what are you focusing your child or dog on? Learn the power of visualisation to help you stop worrying about worst case scenarios and staying focussed on the best possible outcomes.

Discover the art of silence - Is it by chance that man's best friend can't talk? Realise the power of using actions but no words, and how keeping your voice can be your ace card.

Create a positive mindset - Attitude is everything, and when we review our beliefs we move into a space where we're prepared to create something magnificent out of every situation. This is how you become the best you.

You only get one chance at now - Dan makes us see that the most important time as a parent is NOW. Giving the best part of yourself to your child or dog when they're young moulds them into the grown ups they'll become later. Start now!

Top tips on being a parent - 31 Top Tips on how to be a great parent and enjoy your life to the fullest. Quick, simple truths that are the fundamental laws of living. A quick glance and these will have you instantly striving to be your best.

And So Much More...

“All Around The World, Dan’s Teaching Is Working Miracles...Creating Calm, Loving Families”


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Over 20 Years of Dog Training Experience

I’m Doggy Dan (or Dan Abdelnoor if you wanna get really formal), and I’m the founder of The Online Dog Trainer. 

Owners all over the world come to me for help with dogs of all breeds and ages – safe to say I’ve solved almost every behavioral issue under the sun!

I can’t quite believe it, but I’ve helped more than 57,000 owners create a happy, healthy relationship with their dog through my courses, and helped more than 100,000 subscribers through my blog. 

The opportunity to help dog owners live a better life by getting rid of the stress and anxiety caused by a troublesome pup is something I feel so fortunate to be a part of. 

Years of study led me to this realisation...

I’ve shared my experiences with parents and dog owners alike in my book ‘What the Dogs Taught Me About Being a Parent’ and in publications like ‘Women’s Weekly’. 

I’ve even helped a celebrity or two to improve their dog’s behavior (yes, that was me on The Real Housewives of Auckland!)

I get what it must be like as a dog owner right now…there are so many dog training methods out there it can be hard to know which to choose. 

When I was just starting out I dived right in – I studied books, DVDs and VHS tapes (that’s right, I’ve been doing this a while!), but nobody really seemed to have a clear understanding of why some dogs had so many behavior problems. 

Each trainer had a different idea and approach, but they all had one thing in common…

…they were all treating the symptoms rather than the root cause!

It was my lightbulb moment.

So I wondered…what if I could give dog owners easy to implement principles based on WHY their dogs were behaving in that way, rather than just treating individual symptoms… could that be the answer?

When I started to think like this, everything clicked into place…

I spent years trialling this approach, and refining it over thousands of interactions with dogs and their owners… and now I’m bringing it to you!

I’m a firm believer that every dog has the power to change, that’s why I’m giving you all the tools, techniques, knowledge and support you need to transform your dog’s behavior.