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Dog Appreciation: 5 Things to Thank Your Dog For This Thanksgiving


As Thanksgiving approaches in the USA, it’s time to reflect on the things we are thankful for—and that definitely includes our pups! In fact, regardless of whether you celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s always important to think about the many blessings our dogs provide us on a daily basis. What are you most thankful for about your […]

Celebrating National DogWeek: A Tribute to 10 Incredible Canine Companions


“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” ― Agnes Sligh Turnbull This quote from Agnes Turnbull couldn’t be more true. When a special dog comes into your life, something magical happens and you forge a bond with your pup that can never be broken—even long after your beloved pup leaves this earth. From […]

National Service Dog Month: Decoding the Difference Between Service Dogs and ESAs

For hundreds of years, dogs have been trained to support humans in a variety of work tasks. It’s amazing to think that our canine counterparts can be trained to… Work in the police force/military. Hunt/protect farm animals/herd. Alert security to drugs/bombs in airports, stadiums, etc. Assist people with special needs. Detect medical emergencies like seizures. […]

Doggy Dan’s Dog Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season has officially arrived! And while it’s often a joyous and fun season for us humans, it can also be a stressful and dangerous time of year for our canine companions. This year, I wanted to ensure that both you and your dog are able to enjoy the holidays. So, I’ve decided to […]

Is it Cruel to Dress Up Your Dog for Halloween?

Halloween is just around the corner, and pet shops are full of adorable doggy costumes. From the traditional hot dog costume to monsters, superheroes, and everything in between, it’s hard to resist picking up an outfit for your dog to wear. You might get a kick out of taking pics (and posting them) of your […]