Transform Your Dog Into A Happy Member Of Your Family, And Live The Calm, Stress-Free Life You’ve Always Wanted

Discover the step-by-step program that quickly turns any dog into a well-behaved, loveable companion, without spending hours training them, buying specialist equipment, or spending a fortune (even if you think you’ve got a ‘troubled’ dog).

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When You Brought Your Dog Home For The First Time, You Probably Thought About All The Fun You Were Going To Have…

There aren’t many things better than cuddling up to your dog on the sofa and seeing their adorable eyes gazing up at you. Or looking outside while you’re doing the housework to see your children and your dog playing together in the yard. Or taking them on their first walk to the park and laughing together as you teach them to ‘fetch’.

It’s moments like that, that just warm your heart and you thought that’s exactly what your furry friend would offer. But things aren’t always as perfect as you imagine…

And by now, you’ve probably realised that having a dog in the family isn’t all peaches and cream...

The angelic puppy that could do no wrong has grown up and turned from gorgeous cutie pie to naughty mischief maker. Perhaps they’re lunging at other dogs, barking at all hours of the day (and night!), and fast getting on your last nerve.

Has your dog ever done any of the following?

Been aggressive on one of your walks - biting, pulling on the lead, getting overexcited or barking excessively - and you felt absolutely mortified in front of your other dog-owner friends.

Jumped all over you the moment you walk through the door, or even worse, your guests? Apologising for the seventh time that day was embarrassing and you could see how uncomfortable everyone was.

Barked non-stop for what seems like hours for no reason at all? Your neighbours tried to be tolerant but there’s a limit to everyone’s patience and you could really do without all that tension.

Refused to come back to you after you’d let them off their lead in public and ran amok causing problems for all the other dogs - and you didn’t have a clue how to get them to fall into line.

If any of those resonated with you, I’m guessing you’re not 100% happy with your dog’s behavior or you want to do everything in your power to make sure it doesn’t get out of control in the future…

And even worse... You might be starting to wonder if you got a ‘dud’...

Your friend’s dog seems to behave… So have you just got a bad dog? Or are they doing something you’re not? Why doesn’t your pooch behave like theirs does?

In my experience, as someone looking for behavior training for your dog, you’re either…

New to being a dog owner and you’ve heard how bad it can get if you don’t establish good habits and behavior right away (btw, it’s amazing that you’re planning ahead, not everybody does.)
You’ve had your dog for a while now. Things might be so bad that you’re telling yourself that you messed up and brought home a dog that can’t be controlled.

You know that if their behavior gets much worse, then it’s going to have some serious knock-on effects to you and your family – and you really don’t need that sort of stress right now.

You might be really panicking and you’re struggling to see a way out that doesn’t end in anxiety or heartbreak if you don’t have the right behavior training program to help you.

Does any of this sound worryingly familiar?

Your dog is showing aggression and you’re not sure what’s causing it or how to deal with it effectively. Their unpredictable behavior is getting scary and you struggle to calm them down.

You have a wrestling match on your hands with a leash-aggressive dog who barks crazily, doesn’t listen or even charges other dogs.

Your sofa, chair, shoes, cushions and patio furniture look like they were used as props in a 90s Slasher movie.

Your dog is overly protective of you, your partner and family towards other dogs, often lunging forward, growling or barking excessively.

Your dog’s recall is average in a low distraction situation, and awful when there are other dogs or humans around.

You have to put them in a crate because they’re so excitable. It can take hours to calm them down again.

You’re reluctant to leave them on their own because their separation anxiety makes them cry, whimper or howl for hours .

Your dog is wary, fearful or aggressive around humans and other dogs, and they nip or back away when anyone tries to pet them.

And I bet your dog’s behavior isn’t the only thing on your plate… Perhaps you’re working long hours in a demanding and stressful job…

Or you’re trying to manage the household, do the shopping, organise everyone and generally just keeping your family healthy and happy…

With all that going on, I bet you feel like you don’t have the time and energy to put into training your dog.

And you may have taken one of these steps to change their bad behavior already...

You’ve tried other ‘methods’ including prong collars, clicker training and ultrasonic buzzers, but they just dealt with the symptoms, not the underlying cause of their bad behavior

You’ve read so many blogs and books and they’re all telling you to do something different. Knowing who to trust and what will work for your dog is difficult

You’re walking your dog at night or taking a different route just to avoid the stress of interacting with other dogs or people

You’ve tried local dog training but with mixed results. Yes you got some tips and it was great for your dog to have the chance to socialize, but there haven’t been any long-term changes in their behavior

Somewhere, somehow and for some reason something went wrong along the way and you’ve tried everything you can think of to fix it… 

Well… Almost everything.

Somewhere, somehow and for some reason something went wrong along the way and you’ve tried everything you can think of to fix it… 

Well… Almost everything.

What if there was a way to raise a dog who follows your commands, no matter what was going on around them...

A way that doesn’t make you anxious when it’s time for ‘walkies’ or embarrassed when your friends and family come round…

I know right now, you can’t see how you can get from the dog sitting in front of you (ok, more realistically running about the house like a loon…) to the obedient, friendly dog of your dreams.

But what if there is a way…

To get out there and live your own life, without worrying that your furniture will look like it’s been through an industrial blender when you return.

To take them for a walk in the park without feeling like you’ve strapped a leash to a ticking time-bomb.

A way that can help you to…

Calm your dog in seconds

Learn how to relax your dog so they’ll listen to you and obey your commands, no matter whether they’re about to be fed, at the park with other dogs or when someone rings your doorbell.


 …no matter the dog or the breed, Implement effective strategies to stop disruptive and even violent behavior in its tracks, no matter whether it’s pulling on the leash or dog-on-dog aggression.

Understand what’s causing the problem

Discover the root causes of your dog’s behavior rather than just focusing on quick-fix solutions that only address the symptoms

Transform your relationship

Move from a position of stress and anxiety to one of happiness and relaxation and finally be able to enjoy every aspect of dog ownership.

Achieve Results in Minutes Not Weeks

Learn techniques you can implement immediately to achieve instant changes in your dogs behavior, without weeks of intensive training.

Establish healthy behavior early on

Train your puppy when it’s in a formative stage to create the good behavior patterns that you’ll expect from them when they grow up.

Live a happy, stress-free life

Make plans for all the things that you haven’t dared to even think about – weekend trips, staying over with family and friends, and taking your dogs to new places – it’s all within reach!

If you’re looking for a way to change your dog’s behavior for the long-term, gain a deeper understanding of what’s actually going on in their head and have fun reconnecting with your dog… then keep reading because you’re going to LOVE this.

Right now, you have the opportunity to transform your dog’s behavior for the better and create the bond that you’ve always wanted…

Welcome to
The Online Dog Trainer
‘Complete Pack’​

“A healthy relationship starts with a strong foundation. Before you can change your dog’s behavior, you have to understand it.”  

Through an understanding of dog psychology, behavioral techniques and actionable exercises, we’ll help you transform your dog’s behavior.

Discover 6 step-by-step, learn-as-you-watch courses, helpfully organised into easily-accessible topics, and based on more than 20 years of dog training experience.

Join More than 57,000+ (happy) dog owners who have already gone through this training to transform their dog’s behavior. 

This comprehensive training program gives you everything you need to resolve behavioral issues and lay the strong foundation you need to live a happy, stress-free life with your beautiful dog.

Transform your understanding, and their behavior

Here’s the thing…to change your dog’s behavior, you have to understand WHY they act that way. The methods I teach you in The Online Dog Trainer ‘Complete Pack’ are based on two simple (but crucial) principles…

Behavior Training is About More Than Just Asserting Yourself...

Here’s what you need to understand – animals don’t think the same way as humans do. That may sound simple, but the vast majority of difficult behaviours come from owners treating their dogs as they would a small, fluffy child.

But dogs don’t think that way. When you look around you see a family, but they see a pack. And in packs, dogs are constantly looking for clues to understand where they sit in the hierarchy. That’s where the phrase ‘top dog’ comes from.

The trouble starts when a dog is unsure of their position or thinks they’re the pack leader. That’s a stressful situation for them – they feel a sense of responsibility which makes them anxious, and that’s why many aggressive behaviors emerge.

Raising a Well-Behaved Dog Has To Be Based on The 5 Golden Rules Of Dog Ownership (Trust Me, They Change Everything…)

This is so important, so listen close… calming your dog is the key to EVERYTHING. And what will calm your dog down? Knowing that you, their owner, are the indisputable pack leader. That means they don’t have to worry about where their food comes from, and they don’t have to worry about protecting the rest of their pack (that’s you and your family btw).

After years of experience in training dogs and a deep knowledge of dog psychology we’ve created ‘The 5 Golden Rules’ – also known as the Dog Calming Code™ – and this is your key to controlling your dog’s behavior.

These rules give you everything you need to know to step into the role of pack leader and create an environment where your dog looks to you for how they should behave. 

Discover why ‘who eats first’ plays such a critical role in establishing hierarchy (hint: it’s just one of the 5 rules we’ll talk about that dogs just cannot ignore because they’re genetically-programmed to respond, every time!)

Let’s just say, if you want to know…

…how to calm your dog down within seconds, even from the heights of over-excitement

…how to tame their aggression, so you finally live that stress-free existence and walk them without fear or anxiety

…how to act as the pack leader and create an environment where your dog listens to you, even in over-stimulating situations

…then you NEED to know ‘The 5 Golden Rules’.

Learn how to combine these two principles and implement ‘The 5 Golden Rules’ with clearly structured ‘learning pathways’, step-by-step instructions, illuminating examples and practical exercises in my comprehensive course…

Learn how to combine these two principles and implement ‘The 5 Golden Rules’ with clearly structured ‘learning pathways’, step-by-step instructions, illuminating examples and practical exercises in my comprehensive course…

Start your low-risk, 3-day trial today
for the chihuahua-sized price of just $1, and…

Stop Going Barking Mad...

Transform Your Dog’s Behavior for Good With the Online Dog Trainer “Complete Pack”

When it comes to dog training, it’s no good just getting pieces of the puzzle or you’ll never be able to transform their behavior. What you really need is a comprehensive training program that covers ALL aspects of dog behavior.

Here’s what you get when you sign-up:


22 Videos (Plus Audios, Articles and PDF Downloads)

The foundation that will build healthy habits and get your dog to listen to you in all situations (even if that sounds far-fetched right now). We’ll give you a comprehensive understanding of ‘The 5 Golden Rules’ – easy to implement emotional control exercises that will transform how your dog responds to you. 

Why is this module called the Calming Code?Each one of these exercises is designed to help your dog remain calm no matter what. It doesn’t matter whether there are other dogs in a noisy park or strangers around, they’ll still respond. 

This part of the training will help you win over your dog’s mind. Without this, you’ll never be able to overcome all your dog problems.

Everyday Tools & Techniques - Regain Control in Seconds

18 Videos (Plus Articles and PDF Downloads)

The tools every dog owner needs to have in their back pocket. Get all the techniques that I use in my job as a professional dog trainer each and every day with his clients. I’ll describe how to use:

The Short Line

The Energy Meter

The Stick Trick

The Long Line

The Calm Freeze

And many more...

…so you’ll never have an encounter you don’t feel completely in control of. These techniques help you to gain the upper hand within seconds… and what’s more, they also work with more mature dogs!

Puppy Training -
How to Lay Solid Foundations

31 Videos (Plus Articles and PDF Downloads)


I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about training a pup, including how to begin socialising, and how to approach toilet training, mouthing, biting and command training.

After implementing this, your puppy will bring sheer joy to you and your family, and you’ll be happy in the knowledge that your pup is on the right track to grow up to be a well-mannered mature dog with no behavioral issues.

Project Moses -
How to Raise the Perfect Puppy

68 Videos


Ever felt like you needed to spend more time watching someone else train a puppy so you could see exactly how it’s done? This extensive Video Diary follows me training my gorgeous puppy, Moses, from 8 weeks old all the way through to 1 year of age.

Watch as I show you how to implement The 5 Golden Rules and explain everything you need to know to raise your puppy well.

Dog Problems -
Common Issues and How to Fix Them

56 Videos (Plus Articles and PDF Downloads)


We’ll cover the entire range of behavioral issues and provide you with easy solutions to problems from pulling on the leash to dog-on-dog aggression. 

This also includes a whole section dedicated to understanding and stamping out aggression, as well as Dan’s personal resources to combat other issues, such as barking, not coming when called and lots more…

Dog Training -
Advanced Understanding and Connection

41 Videos (Plus Articles and PDF Downloads)


When you’ve established solid behavioral foundations through the previous sections, you can really begin to understand your dog and how to connect with them.

Once you have a greater awareness and appreciation of the underlying reasons behind why they do what they do, you’ll be able to turn your dog into a happy, respectful and well-mannered member of the family.

Ready For A Deal so Good, It’ll Even Have Your Tail Wagging?

The Online Dog Trainer “Complete Pack” contains 100s of crystal-clear videos, in-depth articles and helpful pdfs to guide you through the learning experience quickly and efficiently, with zero wasted effort.

And you can get access to this comprehensive, easy-to-access training program for a special trial price of just $1!

Your Online Dog Trainer
‘Complete Pack’ Membership Includes:

200+ Video Lessons, Fully Captioned with Subtitles

PDFs, Articles and Audio Resources 6 Comprehensive Courses

Instant 24/7 Access Through Your Laptop, Phone or Tablet

Exclusive Members Only Area

Direct support - Q&A and messaging anytime

Optional Mobile App for more Flexibility

Weekly Video Updates

Access to Dan’s Full Download Library

Here’s Why Over 57,000 Dog Owners Love Us…

Before working with us, many owners felt like they were a few weeks from taking drastic actions, like rehoming their dog because it had become unmanageable… destroying furniture, showing aggression to dogs and people, and almost impossible to control.

Imagine going from stress, anxiety and friction, to a state of calm and happiness...

You’ll finally have a dog that not only listens to what you say, but also behaves well and recalls and responds exactly when you need them to. 

No more aggression, crying, fearfulness and unpredictable behavior.

No more headaches, tension, frustration and embarrassment. 

For some people, the results they’ve achieved after implementing the advice contained within our Online Dog Trainer “Complete Pack” have been nothing short of life-changing.

Just imagine how much better you’ll feel once you’ve gone through our program and you’ve overcome all their behavioral issues!

Because I want to share our message and expertise with people all over the world, there’s a low-cost, almost risk-free trial price of just $1 (way less than the cost of a chew toy)

It’s such a small price to pay for a happy family. 

You know what they say about creating a happy life… 

Happy wife dog = Happy life 


And I’m also Including these 3 Bonuses…

And I’m also Including these 3 Bonuses…


The Exclusive Online Dog Trainer Community

Normal value – $149.00

Connect with me directly and ask me and my team all your dog-related questions. If you want to film a video of your dog behaving poorly, I’ll help you analyse what’s going on, show you the solution and give you advice on how to implement it with your dog. 

Post in our forum or just read what other dog owners have to say. There are a lot of valuable ideas, tips and tricks to be found.


Weekly Video

Normal value – $69.00

I regularly film live consultations with my face-to-face clients, so I’ve combined them with other training videos to show you how to implement the ‘5 golden rules’ with dogs that have a wide range of behavioral issues. 


Access to the Download Library 

Normal value – $69.00

Access my entire library of videos, pdfs and articles to play any time you want to refer to it, including owner favourites like ‘Doggy Dan’s Puppy Talk Series’ with episodes such as ‘7 Secrets to Puppy Training’ and ‘9 Advanced Vocal Commands’.  

Do Other Training Programs Give you ‘Paws for Thought’?

Many of our current members came to us after having limited success with other trainers.

Their advice was tricky to apply, focused on the symptom and not the cause, and often wasn’t worth the cost… some charge up to $500 per session without results!

My training allows me to help owners all over the world transform their dog’s behavior in an affordable way (just $1 for a 3-day trial!) 

I’ve structured my courses, and in particular the ‘5 Golden Rules’, so that you don’t have to be a master of dog psychology to be able to use them straight away… and yet, they’re based on a deep understanding of pack leadership so they go straight to the root of your dog’s behavior.

Here’s a direct head-to-head comparison between my program and other offerings…

Other Dog Training












A Price that’s Better Than a Belly-Scratch...

Let’s take a look at how the options compare…

Group Dog Training - $30-50 per session

1-on-1 Private Training - $45-120 per session

Obedience Training School Intensive - $500-$1,250 per week

The Online Dog Trainer “Complete Pack” just $1 for a 3 day trial, and then $37 p/m afterwards.

Bit of a no brainer right?

That’s why I’m giving you a 3 day Trial for just $1!

You’ll have the opportunity to access every single resource I offer to make sure that you’re able to follow our method and use our site without any reservations whatsoever.

I’m so confident that this is the right training program for you that I’m giving you access to all six comprehensive courses for just $1.

If it’s not for you, just cancel any time with no fuss and no reasons needed.

Choose your $1 Trial Plan



3 day trial for
$1 then $37
per month after
Cancel anytime

3 day trial for $1 then $37 per month after Cancel anytime

Monthly Full Access to The Online Dog Trainer “Complete Pack”

6 Comprehensive Courses

Over 200 Videos On-demand from Dog Training Expert, Doggy Dan

Easy-to-use Mobile App

Supportive and Active Community

Team of Experts On-Hand to Answer All Your Questions

Instant Forum Access*


* Bonuses available after Trial
All prices indicated in USD



3 day trial for
$1 then $147
for 6 months access
(save $16.50/month)

3 day trial for $1 then $147 for 6 months access (save $16.50/month)
All items from the Monthly included

6 Months Full Access to The Online Dog Trainer “Complete Pack”

6 Comprehensive Courses

Over 200 Videos On-demand from Dog Training Expert, Doggy Dan

Easy-to-use Mobile App

Supportive and Active Community

Team of Experts On-Hand to Answer All Your Questions

Instant Forum Access*


* Bonuses available after Trial
All prices indicated in USD



3 day trial for
$1 then $198
for 12 months access (save $20.50/month)

3 day trial for $1 then $198 for 12 months access (save $20.50/month)
All items from the Monthly included

12 Months Full Access to The Online Dog Trainer “Complete Pack”

6 Comprehensive Courses

Over 200 Videos On-demand from Dog Training Expert, Doggy Dan

Easy-to-use Mobile App

Supportive and Active Community

Team of Experts On-Hand to Answer All Your Questions

Instant Forum Access*


* Bonuses available after Trial
All prices indicated in USD

The 60 Day
‘Money-Bark’ Guarantee (see what we did there?)

If at any point in the first two months after your trial ends you’re not happy with your membership, you’re covered by our ‘60 Day Money Back Guarantee’.

That means that if you want to cancel, I’ll refund your purchase in full, no questions asked. 

Just Some of The Happy Dog and Puppy Owners Who Have Had Their Dogs (and Lives) Transformed.

*She was an AGGRESSIVE NIGHTMARE! You saved us:

*So EASY to leave our new  puppy  home alone:

*They’re best mates after only THREE DAYS:
*Love it…The whole family thinks I’m a HERO.

Over 20 Years of Dog Training Experience

I’m Doggy Dan (or Dan Abdelnoor if you wanna get really formal), and I’m the founder of The Online Dog Trainer. 

Owners all over the world come to me for help with dogs of all breeds and ages – safe to say I’ve solved almost every behavioral issue under the sun!

I can’t quite believe it, but I’ve helped more than 57,000 owners create a happy, healthy relationship with their dog through my courses, and helped more than 100,000 subscribers through my blog. 

The opportunity to help dog owners live a better life by getting rid of the stress and anxiety caused by a troublesome pup is something I feel so fortunate to be a part of. 

Years of study led me to this realisation...

I’ve shared my experiences with parents and dog owners alike in my book ‘What the Dogs Taught Me About Being a Parent’ and in publications like ‘Women’s Weekly’. 

I’ve even helped a celebrity or two to improve their dog’s behavior (yes, that was me on The Real Housewives of Auckland!)

I get what it must be like as a dog owner right now…there are so many dog training methods out there it can be hard to know which to choose. 

When I was just starting out I dived right in – I studied books, DVDs and VHS tapes (that’s right, I’ve been doing this a while!), but nobody really seemed to have a clear understanding of why some dogs had so many behavior problems. 

Each trainer had a different idea and approach, but they all had one thing in common…

…they were all treating the symptoms rather than the root cause!

It was my lightbulb moment.

So I wondered…what if I could give dog owners easy to implement principles based on WHY their dogs were behaving in that way, rather than just treating individual symptoms… could that be the answer?

When I started to think like this, everything clicked into place…

I spent years trialling this approach, and refining it over thousands of interactions with dogs and their owners… and now I’m bringing it to you!

I’m a firm believer that every dog has the power to change, that’s why I’m giving you all the tools, techniques, knowledge and support you need to transform your dog’s behavior. 

Better Behavior is Just a Click Away!

I can’t wait for you to access The Online Dog Trainer ‘Complete Pack’ and join us inside our wonderful community of dog lovers…and here’s why.

Raising a dog is supposed to be an incredible experience, full of memories that you’ll treasure forever. Honestly, some of the happiest times of my life have been with my dogs, and I want it to be that way for every single dog owner.

It’s awful for me to see owners like you suffer with anxiety and stress, because I know it doesn’t have to be that way… I also know the pain it causes long-term if these issues aren’t fixed.

But the point is, they can be fixed. And YOU can be the one to fix them. 

You just need a bit of help and guidance and the tools to do it…. 

…and that’s what I’m here for! I’ve been training dogs for over 20 years, so believe me when I say, whatever you’re struggling with, I’ve seen it before and I’ve helped both dog and owner overcome it.

Please, please, please don’t suffer unnecessarily anymore – together we CAN transform your dog’s behavior. No more aggression, no more furniture-gnawing, no more embarrassment. These techniques work so quickly that you’ll wish you’d learned about them months (if not years!) ago.

This program is exactly what you need to correct your dog’s behavior and turn them into the loving member of the family they should be.

I can’t wait to see you in the Members Area in a few weeks, posting about how much better your relationship is with your dog. 

See you there!