5 Step-By-Step Exercises To Totally Calm Your Puppy And Make Them Highly Responsive to YOU…Even When All Hell Is Breaking Loose!

PLUS...A Complete Puppy Program So You Know Exactly What To Do At Every Stage Of Their Development

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Are You A Puppy Owner Struggling With Issues Like:

  • Jumping up (and scratching family, friends and strangers)?
  • Barking and crying keeping you up at night?
  • Potty accidents?
  • Pulling on the leash every single walk?
  • Constant mouthing and biting?
  • Never coming when called…?
  • Digging, stealing, won't listen and general naughtiness?

If So You're Not Alone...

Finding your puppy hard to train?

Maybe they're starting to become over-excited, flipping out, lacking focus, or stressed when it really matters?

The good news is you're not alone! And there’s a simple solution which is NOT MORE TRAINING!

Whether your puppy is 8 weeks old or still only a year old, this early formative period is the crucial time to start training your puppy how to control their emotions, and become a well-behaved member of the family.

Thats why I’ve put together these 5 emotion control exercises, that develop "puppy life skills", such as how to stay calm, focussed, and how to listen to you and make the best decisions – even when they're totally distracted.

These 5 games (or golden rules) will give you the foundation to overcome any puppy behavioural issues and set you up for success from the start.

And there really is no time like today to get started… before your puppy starts learning the wrong behaviors...

Of course if you have the perfect puppy already, then congratulations – by putting these emotion control exercises in place today you’ll prevent dramas occurring in the future...

And that’s why I want to share with you exactly how to TRAIN YOUR PUPPY THE RIGHT WAY...

Even if you have a full time job and very little time to spare...

Hi, I'm Doggy Dan

And over the past 10 years I've worked with thousands of dog and puppy owners...

And I’ve been around the block with owners who thought they somehow grabbed the most stubborn pup of the lot...

Yet almost every single time, it was just one simple behavioral mistake causing these puppy owners to feel helpless...

And feel as if their puppy was just non-responsive to all dog training known to man...

Having trained dogs of all types and breeds, with EVERY type of problem, there are now thousands of happy puppy owners all over the world – everyday –  using my training methods with excellent results.

“What I’m About To Reveal To You Is An EASY & PROVEN SOLUTION To Help You Overcome ALL Of The Toughest And Most Stubborn Puppy Issues You're Facing Right Now…”

The Perfect Puppy Program -  Proven To ‘Flip The Switch’ On Even The Most Stubborn Pups

After years of working with thousands of people, helping them train their puppies, I knew there had to be a better way to reach out to even more frustrated puppy owners just like yourself.

I wanted a way to help more people in a more efficient way so they could not only learn my methods, but do so with EASE and COMFORT.

Plus I wanted to give puppy owners a chance to implement these methods and techniques on their own, but allow them to do it on their own time schedule...

“That’s when I knew I wanted to put all my highly effective dog training techniques I use with everyday clients during live consultations into video format to help puppy owners just like you..."

“Puppy Training Help Available 24/7 - Now On All Your Devices!”

The Online Dog Trainer is web-based, and the site is fully responsive to your laptop, tablet and smartphone.

This means you’ll get an EXPERT dog trainer at your finger tips, to help you and walk you through the EXACT step-by-step instructions I use for both high paying and even celebrity clients!

Happy Dog Owners

This is why OVER 47,000 PUPPY OWNERS have been simply raving about the success of this training with their own dogs and getting amazing results.

And now’s your chance to finally get access to this amazing information for yourself...

“The Perfect Puppy Program Is Easy & Fun And Works For ALL BREEDS!”

Unlike many dog training programs that either cost a fortune or offer you information that doesn’t really give you the results you want, The Perfect Puppy Program inside The Online Dog Trainer website will give you PROVEN methods that you can learn, step-by-step, for successful dog training.

You can watch the instructional videos online, at any time, and the best part is it’s easy and fun to learn. Plus, this training will work for ALL BREEDS of pups.

No more hunting around for specific solutions that fit your dog. It also works for puppies of all sizes, shapes, and ages and covers everything you need to know “under one roof”.

“Hey, I’m Not Just All Talk… These Puppy Owners Really Walked The Walk”

She was a NIGHTMARE! You saved us:

They're best mates after just 3 DAYS:

We EASILY leave her home alone now:

The whole family thinks I'm a HERO:

Why Not Take A Sneak Peek Inside The Members Only Area and Let Me Give You a Quick Tour…

The Complete Pack of Dog Training Courses

The Online Dog Trainer "Complete Pack" is our flagship program, which for over a decade has delivered incredible results. 

It's the culmination of 20 years of dog training knowledge, packed into 6 comprehensive courses, all in one place for you to access.

​The Complete Pack is designed to take you and your puppy, or dog, through any stage of their life and resolve any behavioural issues. Here's a summary of the courses:

Detailed Breakdown Of The 6 Course You’ll Discover Inside The Complete Pack Member’s Area…

Section #1. The Dog Calming Code

The Big, Big Secret To Dog Training

  • This is the foundation that will transform the relationship that you have with your dog. I'll explain in detail the five simple emotional control exercises that you put in place to quickly transform how your dog responds to you.
  • These exercises are what are going to help your dog remain calm no matter what. Without them you'll never win over a dog's mind, and you won't be able to get the training to stick successfully.
  • 22 Videos (Plus Audios, Articles and PDF Downloads)

Section #2. Everyday Tools & Techniques

The Tools Every Puppy Owner Needs

  • See not only what techniques I use, but also how easy they are when you know their effectiveness.
  • I'll show you The Short Line, the Energy Meter, the Stick Trick, the Long Line, the Calm Freeze, and many more... everything I use in my job, each and every day with my clients. With these tools, you'll never come across a puppy situation that you won't feel 100% in control of.
  • 18 Videos (Plus Articles and PDF Downloads)

Section #3. Puppy Training

What You HAVE TO KNOW About Your Puppy

  • This complete section includes general health, getting started, socializing, behavioral issues such as toilet training, mouthing, biting and command training.
  • How to make sure your puppy becomes a pleasure to you and your family.
  • 31 Videos (Plus Articles and PDF Downloads)

Section #4. Project Moses

How To Raise The PERFECT Puppy

  • A revolutionary way of training your puppy. Follow the Video Diary of an 8 week old puppy through to 1 year. Watch me as I train Moses and share the secrets of success as he grows into an absolutely fantastic dog...
  • Everything you need to know first hand about raising your puppy is here.
  • 68 Videos

Section #5. Dog Problems

Whatever Your Problem Is, Consider It SOLVED!

  • The full range of dog behavioral issues is completely covered off. Easy solutions to urgent problems - from pulling on the leash to dog-on-dog aggression.
  • Not only do you get access to the whole section on aggression, but you also get access to my library of how to stop all sorts of other issues such as pulling on the leash, barking, not coming when called and lots more!
  • 56 Videos (Plus Articles and PDF Downloads)

Section #6. Dog Training

Complete Understanding + Advanced Training

  • This is where you really start to understand what your dog is and how to connect. Apply these tips and you'll see how easy it is to turn your dog into a happy, respectful and well-mannered member of the family.
  • 41 Videos (Plus Articles and PDF Downloads)

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So now you can try out the entire members area for yourself without having to make a huge investment (unlike most membership websites). The choice is yours.

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My rate for a 3-hour dog consultation with a client is $440, and for some dog trainers with even LESS experience than I have, charge nearly $500!

But now you can not only pay a mere fraction of this cost, but you’ll also get full access to ALL the information you need, in easy step-by-step video instructions plus so much more in ONE members area. I believe that training your puppy should be both EASY and AFFORDABLE…and with the Perfect Puppy Program inside The Online Dog Trainer, now I’ve made it possible just for you.

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Just imagine finally having that loveable dog that not only listens to what you say, but also behaves when you need them to. This means no more headaches, no more frustration, and no more embarrassment for you.

Come join us for a 3 day trial for only $1.

Cancel any time.  No contracts.  No hidden fees.

100’s of Video Lessons  •  Weekly Updates  •  Community  •   Individual Answers To Your Questions

First three days are just US$1.  After that US$37 a month.  Worth a try?

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I absolutely had to make this a no brainer…

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**FREE BONUS #1** Exclusive Forum Community Access

(This Is Where We Get Personal)

  • Yes, this is where you get to actually connect with me in person. Ask me and my team questions, show me videos of your dog’s problem, and we’ll analyse your situation, prescribe a solution, and help you implement it.
  • Or just socialise with the members and get to know other like-minded dog lovers from all over the world. Our members are also sharing valuable ideas, tips and tricks on all dog issues.
  • Value: $149.00 - Yours FREE

**FREE BONUS #2** Complete Puppy Problems Section

(How To Put All Those Puppy Fires Out!)

  • Just in case you have an extra naughty pup - I've got you covered!
  • I'll show you exactly how to tackle Toileting issues, Mouthing & Biting, Aggression, Pulling on the Leash, Excessive Barking, Separation Anxiety, Digging, Chewing and much, much more.
  • 12 Videos (Plus Audio)
  • Value: $69.00 - Yours FREE

“And I’m so certain this will work for you I'm even putting my own money on the line…”

To make this offer even better for you, I’m providing you with a 100% RISK-FREE, 60 DAY “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If for any reason you’re not happy with your investment, then I’m not happy. You’re free to cancel your membership at anytime you want, and I’ll happily refund your purchase in full (within the 60 day period).  It's that simple!

A Few Words From More Happy Puppy Owners...

He just OBEYS us now!

12 issues and you solved them all!

I feel like I'm back in control now:

She doesn't jump anymore - AMAZING!

Chris Teer11 Week Old
Golden Doodle Puppy

Dan knows EXACTLY what works with puppies:

I started training with Doggy Dan's videos several weeks before bringing home our 7 week old puppy. When Abby arrived, I felt well equipped to tackle raising a puppy. By then I had watched every video and really focused on the Project Moses training. I was amazed with the results with my very young girl. Dan knows exactly what works to change a dog’s bad behavior.

Ellen MingBucklands Beach
(Real Estate Agent)

Within 20 minutes we were taking back control:

When I first saw your site I thought, oh yeah, how long is this gentle approach going to take? But within 20 minutes of applying your method we were taking control of Sammy. Overnight he changed radically; he's much happier and the jumping, barking, peeing etc has all calmed down. I was always annoyed, but now I'm in total control and he's a real member of our family. Thank you Dan.

Mike McRobertsTV3 News
Television Journalist

Dan, You Kept Our Family Together!

Doggy Dan’s tips and instructions on handling our Schnoodle puppy Manu have been absolutely invaluable. His simple and easy going presentation makes it a great experience for the whole family. I’m thrilled at how much more we’ve learnt about her needs and what a loving and obedient dog Manu has turned into. Our family wouldn’t be the same without her.

Sean McCormackSPCA of Taiwan, Co Founder and Executive Director

I Had My Reservations But I was Very Pleasantly Surprised!

I had my reservations about what I could possibly learn from Doggy Dan’s video website, as I have many years of experience working with hundreds of dogs and I have already read and watched everything I could get my hands on, however I was very pleasantly surprised to learn several new techniques within the first few videos and was able to put them to good use immediately, so I can heartily recommend Doggy Dan’s video website to anybody who is looking to learn safe, humane, simple, but effective techniques for both training and rehabilitating dogs.

Teresa GrowLos Angeles

Amazing! You're The Real Deal!

We weren’t so sure, but finally signed up and are on day two of the 5 golden rules. Amazing! Our sweet 2 year old has been to obedience training, but it was over a year ago and now he is in adolescence and still working out some kinks. These rules are all we need to get our pup to where he needs to be. The stopping the barking with a thank you is a magic bullet! And after 2 meals of rule #1 he is back to eating his entire meal! He knew what we meant immediately. Thanks so much! You are the real deal!

Come join us for a 3 day trial for only $1.

Cancel any time.  No contracts.  No hidden fees.

100’s of Video Lessons  •  Weekly Updates  •  Community  •   Individual Answers To Your Questions

First three days are just US$1.  After that US$37 a month.  Worth a try?

OR... Skip the trial and sign up for 6 Months: $147 (save $12.50/mo)

“I Simply Can’t Wait For You To Join Us!”

I’m excited for you to not only join our wonderful members area inside The Online Dog Trainer, but I’m even more excited to finally help you solve all of your own dog issues and problems for good. I know you’ll really resonate with my kind, gentle and loving method of dog training and be blown away by all the great information.

Thanks again for visiting and I’ll look forward to seeing you inside the members area!

~ Doggy Dan, The Online Dog Trainer

“You Have Questions? I Have Answers..”

How Much Does It Cost?

What Guarantees Do I Have If It Doesn’t Work?

What Exactly Do I Get Inside?

What Happens Next?

How Long Does It Take To Work?